Nowadays, you should really worry, worry, and then worry some more. I will tell you why; bear with me for a second.

Brazil just elected the devil into office. So it is true: Brazilians have accepted that the devil you know is better than the strange angel. And so what, you say? Like I said, bear with a brother.

Jair Bolsonaro won about 55 percent of the popular vote against the establishment candidate in Brazil. He won some Black votes. There! The people have spoken against the establishment. What is the establishment? Is that the left (liberals) or the right (conservatives)? The answer is both. Neoliberalism and neoconservatism are two sides of the same coin. Both are vulture capitalists screwing over the people in Amerikkka, and extending that screwing to distant lands in Afrika, South Amerika, and almost every other country. The globalists!

So, who is Bolsonaro? The short answer is that he is the devil. The detail is that he is a right-wing authoritarian: fuck the poor, fuck Africans (Blacks), fuck anyone who is not white and male. To say he is the Donald Trump of the Tropics does not do him justice. In fact, Donald Trump will be correct to consider himself the Bolsonaro of the Snow. Which means that Bolsonaro is the worst kind of Donald Trump. Bolsonaro will spit on Donald Trump’s grave one day (if he lives past Trump), and that, I believe won’t even capture his disdain for Trump for being just a baby right-wing authoritarian.

Why would some Black Brazilians, plus some Brazilian women, plus some gay Brazilians, plus some more others vote against their own interests? The same question was asked of Trump voters. That assumes there are interests on the other side they could have voted for in the first place. There wasn’t. And the reason that there weren’t any interests on the other side was simply because the establishment (the elites) in the West and in Brazil have come to hate and despise Blacks, the poor and anyone else who doesn’t look in the least like them.

In return, the people hate the elite right back! The Cultural Revolution (elites vs. the people) cuts both ways. Sometimes the end result, as in China, takes three decades, sometimes overnight, as in the USA and Brazil. Whatever, if the western environment, including Brazil’s, is entering as dire a situation as some experts project it to be, the outcome is already destined: Absolute anarchy splattered with war, pandemics, and whatever. Trump sends troops to turn away stranded migrants on the border. Bolsonaro will shoot them.

As a person from Ntoaboma, who wants to live and die in the soils of Ntoaboma, all this is unlikely to fully impact on me directly. For many of you reading this dribble, worry and worry a lot. You might not make it, at least not with any degree of civilized comfort I can enjoy in my little hut in Ntoaboma.
The thing is this: Many of you don’t believe in Communism or Marxism-Leninism… but you don’t believe in capitalism any more either. You know that with capitalism you are stuck at the bottom but you are still told that you are actually not trapped in the bottom!

Your salvation? You cannot hate and despise the people you purport to save. To save you must first love.

The LEFT has done a good job of labeling themselves the morally upright! And when others find out that they are not that morally upright themselves, that the LEFT engages in the same nastiness as the neocons, the facade is invaded. What lies beneath smells of ancient Pharisaism. Hypocrisy is worse than lying through the teeth. It appears so.

Clinton too grabbed pxxsies, except in the case of Trump he was caught on tape actually saying it. Clinton baked Mass Incarceration into the so-called salvation of the Welfare State. Obama too killed people: In fact he droned his own citizens without trial. Hillary does not don the clothes of Killery for no reason: She killed people, real people. The summation of what is preached as humanitarians, philanthropists, upright men and women, on the LEFT, at least in the USA, results in the Pharisaism that the people now allege and point to.

The RIGHT has just learned the trick, in the absence of the saving grace of a Christ! They too will engage in the Saduceeism that will eventually tank them. The RIGHT claim they wear CHALEWORTE, like the people, but they too laugh at people in CHALEWORTE in the same way that the left does. One day their tricks will be found out too, but for now, they win because in the absence of a Christ, the people had no choice away from the Pharisees that are on the LEFT. The people have walked into the arms of the Devil they know on the RIGHT, despising the newly exposed strange angels on the LEFT, not understanding that neither is actually indeed the Christ! But what choice do the people actually have?

The field is open for a new philosophy that puts people first and economic predictions afterward. The people of Brazil, and every other country, do need a change, they do need a society where their work is valued, and a place that does not tax you to be alive, a place that can sustain you, where you won’t all be turned into robots, or replaced by robots and exterminated by killer drones and other robots. It is time for people to accept again that sheer philosophy has value, and we are nearly bankrupt of it at present.

It is time to accept the philosophies of Ntoaboma. It is time to accept Ma’at. Or else, worry, worry, and worry some more. It is not enough to accept the convenient paradigm that the devil you know is better than the strange angel. You may be correct, to an extent. But you are dead wrong on that fool’s choice. There’s another way! Your choice.


  1. I’m a black man from Brazil and i like so much this text! My dream is know my mother Africa! I hope so in soon.


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