NTOABOMA—You think you’ve advanced until you take another look in the mirror. You realize that you now live in the twenty-first century, some 1,000 years since your cave dwellings, but inside your head you have inherited mainly from your mother, a medieval brain. There’s no escaping this fact of historical biology.

For those of us who have been blessed by God, Allah, Mawu, Nyame, Shango and co. and have managed to have inherited a more refined brain from our mothers (since some of us have descended from 12,000 years of civilizational history), the twenty-first century looks no different than 1,000 years ago of what we saw on our travels up North!

Let us look at some real facts, shall we?

A majority of Americans support the power of the president to kill non-Americans with drones, while a significantly smaller percentage supports the president’s power to kill American citizens with drones abroad and at home (the first person, a Black man yet again, was droned in Texas accused for allegedly shooting cops). In simple terms, many Americans support acts of murder based on the citizenship or race of the victim.

More, Americans support acts of murder so long as the New York Times reports that you committed a crime you probably didn’t commit (but the rest of us will never know the truth since you’re already dead). The mythology is simple: label the target—as a communist, a militant, a panther, a felon, a cop killer, a Black man, a foreigner, a terrorist, a mass murderer—and the rest of ordinary America, like Bible believing disciples of Khazaria, accept his murder.

This ritual of feeding corpses to the Holy Anglo-American Hegemonic Cult of Khazaria this way looks different from the club-wielding body-gatherer for human sacrifices-to-the-Gods (left in picture) when the bodies are fed directly to the president’s flying robots. His famed drones. And yet to about a quarter of the American public, it doesn’t look different after all.

The president, in the ordinary American’s own view, should have the power to kill him, or at least the power to kill anyone (including American citizens) so contaminated as to be standing outside the United States of America—a frightening and primitive realm that many Americans have never visited and feel no need to ever visit.

This religious belief system of killing “others” or killing your own children for standing on the other side of the fence for no survival reasons perpetuates itself not through looking in the mirror and accepting the painful truth about reality and the imaginary nature of the fence. No. Rather, the positions that this Anglo-American Khazarian belief system takes with regards to existing facts are through its ability to select which facts one becomes aware of and which facts remain unknown—propaganda.

The American disciples of Khazaria who look upon drone warfare with great expectations and admiration imagine for their mythical events of human sacrifice, in contrast to a club-wielding savage who lived about a thousand years ago, a greater innocence; they fathom a purer victimhood; they paint a higher contrast of good and evil; and drawn on this morality as a basis for a total necessity of defensive war making.

Never mind that it is illegal to attack another human being, even your own kind, in another country that is not your own under the UN Charter and under the Kellogg Briand Pact (and arguably under the Hague Convention of 1899). And in this sense, as with Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia and the many others before and yet to come, even the pale-faced UN had specifically rejected war.

Never mind that launching a war is actually illegal, despite the immorality therein, no matter what weapons may be in the nation attacked and no matter what crimes that nation has committed. Launching a total assault on civilians, especially the civilians of another country, to supposedly shock and awe them is criminal even in the understanding of lawyers who ignore the illegality of war.

The problem is that the rest of the world, especially the one in Africa is led by the naive A.H.I (Anencephalus Homunculus Intellectuals) bureaucrats who are the talking representative “elites” of The Evangelical State of Anglo-America, aka TESA (these fools who can’t differentiate between a cocoa pod and a pawpaw), and who are fooled by the dual labels of “freedom” and “democracy” to the extent that God or Allah cannot expect to deliver it without help—without Asar.

The A.H.Is treat the Khazarian Ideologies of The Evangelical State of Anglo-America (KIOTESA) as “knowledge—”with its houses of “worship” inside the Ivy League—when in fact it’s just an intolerant political system, which promotes (or allows) violence and refuses the tenets of morality it obtained from the Temples of Timbuktu—those that have allowed it to read, write and attempt an understanding of writing. Unlike Timbuktu’s elites, however, kiotesans, as in those AHIs who follow the dictates of KIOTESA, refuse to accept the very notion of minorities: infidels, or what they like to call the goyim, pollute their landscape.

So, they march onwards, out from the White House—where kiotesans gather—scheming wars with their collaborators, forging documents, soliciting desired claims rejected by their own experts, relying on once-credible witnesses, feeding fake evidence to complicit so-called journalists, and torturing desired statement out of victims they’d kidnapped. When Diane Sawyer asked Bush why he had made the claims he had about Iraq’s supposed weapons of mass destruction, he replied: “What’s the difference?”

Drone wars and proxy wars and secretive wars will continue to be launched without being preceded by public campaigns of lying. Or even worse: wars will be launched with honest proclamations that somebody’s oil is actually yours or some population needs to be cleared off the land—and the world won’t resist or succeed in stopping these crimes. Why?

In Ghana for example, we are a colony of TESA, with many kiotesan clerks as our overseers, who report directly to the High Priest of Khazaria, who lives in the White House. If you are found guilty of sinning or falling short of the glory of the Gods, a drone will be marshaled in time for just you (well, not exactly, whoever is with you is considered collateral damage, as part of the sacrifice), to finish you off for good; or as they like to amuse themselves, to send you home to Hell.

Only they don’t realize that killing is a powerful thing: it is remembered as crucifixion in the rest of the world that has not given in to kiotesan beliefs. The more bombs TESA drops, the more Asars arise from the dust and ascend into Heaven, not descend into Hell, forever illuminating the consciousness and conscience of good men.


  1. Fascinating! Though-provoking! Unnerving. Stupefying. All describe with considerable humility the nature of the truth – now called conspiracies. But somebody gotta say it and say it well.

  2. “The Man from Mars who saw how men suffered in the last [world] war and how frantically they are preparing for the next [world] war, which they know will be worse, would come to the conclusion that he was looking at the denizens of a lunatic asylum.”

    ~ Norman Thomas, 1935.

  3. One cannot help being reminded here of Hillary Clinton’s comments to Goldman Sachs bankers. Clinton claimed to have told the Chinese that the United States could claim ownership of the entire Pacific as a result of having “liberated it.” She went on to claim to have told them that “We discovered Japan for heaven’s sake.” And: “We have proof of having bought [Hawaii].”

  4. The belief among the populations of The Evangelical State of Anglo-American and its Empire and their colonies, such as those in Ghana, that there was a good war some 75 years ago is a large part of what moves the U.S. public to dish out the funding and the African public to accept the military bases, by and large, to tolerate dumping a trillion dollars a year into preparing in case there’s a good war next year, even in the face of so many dozens of wars during the past 71 years on which there’s general consensus that they were not good.

    Without rich, well-established myths about World War II, current propaganda to build military bases in Africa (USAFRICOM), propaganda about Russia or Syria or Iraq or China would sound as crazy to most Americans as it sounds to me. And of course the funding generated by the Good War legend leads to more bad wars, rather than preventing them.

  5. World War II could not have happened without World War I, without the stupid manner of starting World War I and the even stupider manner of ending World War I which led numerous wise people to predict World War II on the spot, or without Wall Street’s funding of Nazi Germany for decades (as preferable to communists), or without the arms race and numerous bad decisions that do not need to be repeated in the future.

    For the U.S., the war was not humanitarian and was not even marketed as such until after it was over. There was no poster asking you to help Uncle Sam save the “Jews.” A ship of “Jewish” refugees from Germany was chased away from Miami by the Coast Guard. The U.S. and other nations refused to accept “Jewish” refugees, and the majority of the U.S. public supported that position. Peace groups that questioned Prime Minister Winston Churchill and his foreign secretary about shipping “Jews” out of Germany to save them were told that, while Hitler might very well agree to the plan, it would be too much trouble and require too many ships. The U.S. engaged in no diplomatic or military effort to save the victims in the Nazi concentration camps.

    Anne Frank was denied a U.S. visa. Really!!!

    Although this point has nothing to do with a serious historian’s case for WWII as a Just War, it is so central to U.S. mythology that I’ll include here a key passage from Nicholson Baker:

    “Anthony Eden, Britain’s foreign secretary, who’d been tasked by Churchill with handling queries about refugees, dealt coldly with one of many important delegations, saying that any diplomatic effort to obtain the release of the Jews from Hitler was ‘fantastically impossible.’ On a trip to the United States, Eden candidly told Cordell Hull, the secretary of state, that the real difficulty with asking Hitler for the Jews was that ‘Hitler might well take us up on any such offer, and there simply are not enough ships and means of transportation in the world to handle them.’ Churchill agreed. ‘Even were we to obtain permission to withdraw all the Jews,’ he wrote in reply to one pleading letter, ‘transport alone presents a problem which will be difficult of solution.’ Not enough shipping and transport? Two years earlier, the British had evacuated nearly 340,000 men from the beaches of Dunkirk in just nine days. The U.S. Air Force had many thousands of new planes. During even a brief armistice, the Allies could have airlifted and transported refugees in very large numbers out of the German sphere.”

    The “good” side of the war simply did not give a damn about what would become the central example of the badness of the “bad” side of the war. But the mythologies abound!


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