Wednesday, May 24, 2017

West African Reactions On The Invasion of The Gambia

The Invasion of The Gambia, code-named Operation Restore Democracy, is an ongoing military conflict between several West African countries and some parts of the...

Ebola Neglected Because It Started In Africa – Kofi Annan

Wealthy countries were exceedingly slow to contribute their quota towards containing the Ebola epidemic as it began in three West African States, former United...

Our Comeuppance: How Aljazeera Saw Akufo-Addo’s Speech

ACCRA—We got our well-deserved comeuppance, didn’t we? And as usual, the BBC and Aljazeera are making a ‘dissention of a doit’, making a sarcastic...

Between Saving the Economy and Winning Elections – Joyce Banda

By Jimmy Kainja: Jimmy Kainja’s is a longstanding social & political analyst of Malawi & sub-Saharan Africa. You can follow his personal blog at Spirit of muntu and on twitter @jkainja.

The Crisis in the Ukraine and the Geopolitical Lessons for Africa

Democracy without economic independence is a sham – it cannot and should not be tolerated in Africa. The experiences of the Ukraine shows that international norms are feckless words on paper, as the West has demonstrated in recognizing time over time, the overthrow of democratically elected governments across the globe, particularly in Africa.

Africa’s Emerging Global Geopolitical Role In Year 2017

The year 2016 ended with major geopolitical convulsions characteristic of the birth pangs of a New World Order. We are just in the first...

Germans Seem to Feel Closer Ties with Russia

More important, the picture shows why many Germans today are ambivalent about what's happening in Ukraine. Asked why he had it on his wall in the German parliament? Jan van Aken replied with a chagrin that it was taken on his birthday, 1 May, and then he added more seriously that it tells a story. The Russians were liberators, he said. They rescued Berlin and Germany from the Nazis.

A World Caught Between Two Extremes – President Kagame

President Paul Kagame has called for respect and tolerance for human diversity in light of continued terrorist attacks around the world. The renowned President...

‘All Die Be Die’ – Reinforcing A Cycle Of Fear

Ghanaians can be accused of many a weakness. We may be too friendly, too hospitable and, maybe, a wee too laid-back for our own good. However, nobody, nobody can ever accuse our people of wearing the doomed cloak of stupidity. And that is why we remain a beacon of hope and inspiration to the rest of Africa.

My Manhood and the Mis-Education of the Governor of the Bank of Ghana

“I would prefer to be the least important person in a United Africa, than the most important person in a divided Africa.” (Sekou Toure...