Which is worse? The Chinese Virus or the European Feudal Lords?

When the US Federal Government printed 2 Trillion new Dollars in a supposed effort to save their economies, the naive jubilated. What really is at stake here? You should ask!

Let’s recall that on May 9th, 2016, the then presumptive Republican presidential candidate, Trump, said on CNN, about how to deal with the federal debt: “You print the money.”

Why is “printing money” civilizationally wrong and morally bankrupt? More, why is “printing money” stupid? And why should you worry when someone else prints money in your name?

There’s a more virulent strain of the Chinese virus that has actually been eating away your labor long before Hubei-Wuhan inflicted the Chinese virus on you. It is the European warring, feudal classes! Or the European warlords. Whichever phrase you fancy.

The warring feudal lords of Europe have long “threatened human existence and destroyed all human possibilities other than that of becoming serfs to their money masters.”

“The feudal-banking classes of Euro-Amerikkka, which usurps the benefits of labor by making future claims on the value of labor in the form of interest (by printing new money today) has sprung to action.

Within no time Euro-Amerikkkan banking lays claim to all the value of labor utilized in the entire imperial economy (i.e. up to and including Africa’s economy) and becomes the overlord and usurper of economic rents accruing from the economies of Africa. And in the case of US banks, they lord over the entire world economy!” (Paraphrased quote from Commenter Mkuki, via Kenya).

There’s a more virulent virus lurking in the shadows of the Wuhan pandemic, and it is more devastating than the Chinese virus. It is the rent-seeking, warring feudal lords of Euro-Amerikkka happily printing money as if they were fetching water from a bottomless well.

Watch out!

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  1. People must understand that the 2 trillion is money those euro Americans are looking to Africa, South America, Central America, and the Middle East to profit. They now need more oil, more resources, and more labor than before otherwise that paper is backed by absolutely nothing. So yes watch out, Zaddy is looking at you Mehta to pay up for his debts and bottomless greed.


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