Sunday, December 6, 2020

Killing Bill Cosby

My great grandmother, Asantewaa, once whispered this short story: A young man once had a toothache. He looked in the mirror, mouth wide open, and...

What Obama Did Not Say: State of the Union vs. The State of the...

KEMBUJE -- In typical fashion, the US president, Barack Obama, spoke eloquently, in his last State of the Union (SOTU) address to the US...

Revolution and Violence: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

ACCRA -- African countries who have not been affected by mass political and social unrest like to believe they are peaceful and nonviolent. They...

Visual Debilitating Vestiges of Colonialism and Racism in Africa

The price we pay. I digressed. But before anyone has tried to reincarnate, the following clowns in Africa may need to wake up! They must be asleep. There's no rhyme or reason why grown human beings would ever wear artificial white men's thick pale embroidered hair in the hot African Sun!

Albinism And Whiteness – The Origin Of The Caucasian

Introduction Albinism is a rare, non-contagious, genetically inherited condition occurring in both genders regardless of ethnicity, in all countries of the world. Both the father...

EU Thugs in Libya And Their Imperiousness

The Enlightenment Thugs also known as the European Union or EU for short recently announced a preposterous policy in regards to Libya. They proposed...

If Jeffery Epstein Were Black and not Jewish.

Since the sexual predator, Jeffery Epstein, died, the women's stories aren't as important. Suddenly the stories have disappeared from the mass media...

Pogba vs. Mourinho (Moaning-hoe)

When the African athlete is great, the European scrutiny is at its height. The European wants the African to conform for him in order...

Studies Showing Harms of Marijuana Use Actually Meant For Heavy Television-Watching

Studies released from various scholarly outlets that showed the damaging effects of marijuana use were actually results from a study on television-watching habits.

Is Obama Bewitched or Is He an IDIOT?

Is this the same man who made a case for himself for being "WOKE" in 2008? Is this the same Obama...