Sunday, February 17, 2019

Denial Of White Violence Against Black Americans

Though whites have the liberty to write whatever they feel about the murder of Michael Brown, blacks should at least be cognizant of the fact that when liberals talk about Michael Brown, they generally do not make it a race relations issue.

Female Circumcision – Understanding the Irrationality and the Misconception

BANJUL, Gambia -- Like most societies, the Gambia has strong traditions, which are often interpreted from the point of view of either Islam or...

Education By the E-book in Kenya

Kenya's Bridge International Academy employs a standardized teaching model that requires instructors to read lessons from E-books. How the use of technology will impact the classroom is a growing concern in this digital age.

Interracial Relationships: The Delusion of a Post-Racial World

I often hear the phrase, “I don’t see color, I only see people,” or “love is colorless,” or “you can’t help who you love,” or...

Technology Trumps Reading—A Troubling Defeat

Ultimately, true education instills a discipline upon us that commands us to toil when we are tired, to persevere until the job is done; and for those of us who have reached the summit of scholastic achievement, to conceive of a job that, though it is yet to exist, necessitates doing.

The Poor Here And There

Colonization, whether by internal or external forces, has dehumanizing effects on the poor. It strips them of their ability to embody the essence of what it means to be human.

Arabs and The Prophet Muhammad in an Era of White Supremacist Ideology

Few people concern themselves with the race of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah as they do with Jesus, a Hebrew who many regard as...

Homosexuality and the False Debate

My conclusions are simple, both sides in this debate - a false debate - have failed to acknowledge the real issues involved.

The Limits of US Power In The World

This whole conflict is simple. The only end game is another cold war. Who benefits? Those who are needed: the US Military and its Industrial Complex. It is desperately cynical, all the more so because it is transparently obvious. The Western media are right along with it.

Panama Papers – How Global Tax Evasion Ensnares Africa’s Power Elite

ACCRA -- It sounded like a scene from a spy thriller reminiscent of the high stakes game of shadows during the Cold War. Its...