This Cathedral was built by a former president of the Republic of Ivory Coast, a stooge of the French Colonial Terrorists in Colonial French Africa. The French are some of the laziest people in the world still collecting welfare benefits from more than fourteen African nations.

Europe’s warring class, ruling class, are professional voyeurs. So they teach their masses and mentor their stooges in the colonies, the Metha, to become constant voyeurs. Nothing escapes the European sight without the need to constantly consume it at will. Music, food, sports and even copulation (what they will later call pornography). Once it has been observed and experienced, it must be served to the European elite at their beck and call.

In the United States where the remnants of Europe’s warring classes still reign unchecked, voyeurism is at a height. What’s unique about European voyeurism here is that it is also overtly violent. The more violent the better. So goes the Yankees. It is as if, since chattel slavery, the American warring/ruling classes need a constant supply of blood from their subjects. Take football; take boxing; take all sports. The more gruesome the better.

The masses of Europeans in the US and in Europe, and their stooges in the colonies—since they are the only ones with time and tickets—would flock to these events. The rest of the people suffer away, they toil away their lives in the constant supply of time and tickets from their blood and sweat to the voyeurs.

Even among the elite in Ghana, voyeurism has reached a height. Time and money (tickets) are only worth spending on voyeurism. The New Ghanaian Elite, stooges of the British Empire, the more-educated-than-his-ancestors, insist on building with the time and blood of their subjects, boxing arenas, football stadiums, gymnasiums, swimming pools and cathedrals. Structures of no inherent value, except to feed the voyeuristic appetites of the depraved.

Blood calls for more blood, voyeurism feeds on the blood of its subjects. Voyeurs need time and they need money (tickets). Voyeurs also need subjects who must not only supply the time and tickets to the elite, but who must also partake in the voyeurism. The subjects must play on the stage set for them by the voyeurs. The masses have their blood poured twice; the masses must supply the time and the tickets (the money); and above all the masses must supply the talent. What voyeurs consume is the tangible time and blood of their subjects, and the intangible talents of the masses.

A soccer game here; a gruesome horror movie there; an octagon blood-dripping gut-wrenching fight there; and the news of serial killers, rapists, murderers, on late night television. The European elite, and their African stooges, surround themselves with violence, for violence sake. They themselves have no talent. They feed on other people’s talents, other people’s cultures. The European warring classes, now spread across the globe, voraciously feed on cultures that took millennia to build and hew. An ancient wrestling game must become more violent if it must be televised to the rest of the warring classes. There’s no fun in peace. Violence is better.

Voyeurs only harvest, they never sow what they rip. The voyeurs feed only on violence through violence. Their very voyeurism demands it. Elitism in Africa, and in particular Ghana—the one supplied by Europe’s warring classes to Africa—feeds only on violence. The president of Ghana is gallivanting the planet looking for people’s time and blood, and talents to build a cathedral so that other European voyeurs; so that other European-cast voyeurs (the Metha), can flock in one day and enjoy the time, drink the blood and satiate their sights with the talents of the masses of Ghanaians in a prayerful church. That is but one example of the height of voyeurism in Ghana: violence.

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~ Success is a horrible teacher. It seduces the ignorant into thinking that he can’t lose. It seduces the intellectual into thinking that he must win. Success corrupts; Only usefulness exalts. ~ WP. Narmer Amenuti (which names translate: Dances With Lions), was born by The River, deep within the heartlands of Ghana, in Ntoaboma. He is a public intellectual from the Sankoré School of Critical Theory, where he trained and was awarded the highest degree of Warrior Philosopher at the Temple of Narmer. As a Culture Critic and a Guan Rhythmmaker, he is a dilettante, a dissident and a gadfly, and he eschews promotional intellectualism. He maintains strict anonymity and invites intellectuals and lay people alike to honest debate. He reads every comment. If you enjoyed this essay and would like to support more content like this one, please pour the Ancestors some Libation in support of my next essay, or you can go bold, very bold and invoke them. Here's my CashApp: $TheRealNarmer


  1. Voyeurs are found in every race, continent, nation and peoples.

    Our history is full of stories of voyeurs.

    Reading your piece made me feel like I was reading the story of what some Ghanaian chiefdoms have become — manic voyeurism.

    Voyeurism thrives where the people allow it. The people actually look forward to joining the voyeur club as their ultimate accomplishment in life.

    What shall be shall be. We each choose our choices. We live and let live.

  2. Indeed, Tolu Omolara OMoyele. There are vampiric voyeurs and those among the people willing to deliver a show of violence: the consuming mass; they consume everything from entrepreneurial ideas to ancestries. These consumers will willingfully attend to the show and even offer their blood. After confusing Nyame with a grecian Zeus(Deus), it won’t be a surprise at all if they come up to the idea to celebrate Mawu in a temple destined for an european pagan cult.
    Far beyond the pseudo elites we’ve gotten in there, the problem with modern Africa is the people with those frozen mentalities of theirs.
    I mean, who is more likely to derive a sense of self-worth from parading around such building? The people.


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