The Starliner
The Starliner, the great American Invention.

USA’s Boeing debuted its Starliner spacecraft recently. What happened on its first attempt away from the Russian platform that the US often borrows in order to launch its equipment into space? The Starliner completely missed the path to the International Space Station, and of course missed its target. It has flown into the bottomless abyss of the universe, forever lost to the all encompassing ether.

The Starliner crew capsule was the USA’s first, Boeing’s first, and the company’s last hurdle before flying astronauts for NASA next year. Imagine that! The USA wants to test the cosmic waters by themselves without Russian help, and that would have been Rosie the mannequin, which was decked out in Boeing’s custom blue spacesuit and a red polka dot bandanna modeled after the World War II riveter.

If the orbital demo had gone well, the first Starliner crew would have been rocketing to the space station by next summer. But of course, western science once again failed. Big time! (You still insist they went to the Moon?)

Boeing and its western media outlets put it this way: The “Starliner spacecraft suffered technical problems that prevented it from taking the right path to the International Space Station.”

You see how they want to fool the reader? Taking a different path to the target is not the same as missing the target, technical problems or not. As if the mere mention of “technical problems,” makes the excuse more palatable, easier to digest? What other problems could there ever be in a mechanical devise? Spiritual problems? What other problems could prevent a man-made craft from reaching its target? Psychological problems? Financial problems? Emotional problems?

But in the western media, the statement about “technical problems” is meant to baffle the reader, discombobulate the issues in the reader’s mind, and ultimately to beat about the bush so that the reader is unaware that western science has failed once again in its attempt to reach space without Russian help.

America’s biggest problem is Racism. This is why it cannot compete with the Russians or the Chinese in the long term! In a country where almost half of its inventions (patents) at the turn of the twentieth century were owned by African Americans it is confounding to comprehend that it will fall behind Russia and now China in science and technical prowess! But the Federal Government, Boeing and NASA have done a great job to prevent a new breed of African American inventors, engineers and scientists, who were not without great promise at the turn of the twentieth century, from rising from the dust of chattel slavery and influencing Euro-American science.

Jim Crow, Segregation, Mass Incarceration and Racial Recessions have been orchestrated to wipe out all African American progress, even in the sciences. It is an extermination, still ongoing in the United States, that is in the long term only beneficial to the competition – the Russians and the Chinese. The US has missed the chance to be a sole superpower for centuries. But alas: The thing that killed the man begun with a single desire!

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  1. A great piece. That’s the US. They belittle anything Soviet Union/Russian claiming their educational standards are below the West.
    Recall a pathetic case in our recent history orchestrated by the West which has negatively impacted our trained HR till today.

    I’m referring to the ill-conceived decree that withdrew recognition of Soviet & East European certificates, diplomas & degrees arguing that holders were half-baked thereby ostracizing them from the labor market of their own country

    In their frustration & desperation, affected young men & women became economic migrants or refugees in neighboring countries such as Togo, Dahomey now Benin Republic, Nigeria, Upper Volta known today as Burkina Faso, the Ivory Coast/La Cote D’ivoire etc.

    Their short holidays in the country that drove them away was to pave the way for the drift of our trained professionals to neighboring countries thereby creating sore on our labor market that defies treatment.


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