Women vs. Men: Gender Wars.

If you honestly see society as a struggle between women and men, then you need therapy. You really do!

It is fascinating to see people, who were not born into an African village, and who barely know how to grow anything from bush to harvest, who know nothing about the meanings behind their ancestors’ rituals and customs, feign any wisdom on historiography and the cultural intelligence of their ancestors.

If you have to critique something, you must at the least show that you have a grasp on the philosophy, the history, the general and the exceptions of the thing in question.

The Mis-Educated Than His Ancestors, the Metha, are full of gross, even grotesque, unimaginable contradictions about African life and their own Afrosaxon or Afrogauloises lived experiences.

What I often come across is simply this: they impose Northern Value systems anachronistically and colonially on African Life and then they proceed to critique that which it is not, and has never been.

This practice is actually a type of mental imbalance (a type of mirroring of their own contradictions) for which the Metha needs therapy! Strong therapy!

For instance, if you don’t understand the tenets, philosophy, cosmogony and social theories of Vodun, you should desist from critiquing any kind of Yoruba, Ga-Dangme, Ewe, Fon, or Gbe society, the likes of Ntoaboma (Ghana). You won’t have what it takes.

Else you mimic your colonial mentors and you imprint your own Afrosaxon and Afrogauloises experiences on African Life. You are nuts! You need therapy!

One more example: I can speak for Ntoaboma women! My mother is from Ntoaboma, all my Aunties are from Ntoaboma, all my Sisters are from Ntoaboma, my Grandmother is from Ntoaboma, my Great Grandmother is from Ntoaboma, plus all their sisters. The very idea that another woman from New York City (USA) can speak more to and for my Mothers’ experiences is just nuts! Nuts!

Hence the gender wars: The Metha are nuts. They need therapy.

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