What is the Enlightenment? And Why is the Metha Not Afraid of It?

The term “Enlightenment” is just a term of propaganda. The idea that only in Europe were the seeds of “civilization” or “enlightenment” planted, watered and nurtured is the central dogma for justifying the Global Barbarism of Eurocentrism and White Supremacism. Nothing more, nothing less.

It’s actually a fairly recent theory—meaning it was pushed by the likes of Weber, Simmel, etc., in the 60s, 70, and perhaps more popularly by Jared Diamond (Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies, 1997), after the summary demise/refutation of Eugenics/Darwinism!

By the “Enlightenment” (and like Eugenics before it), what Europeans actually need is to convince the rest of the world with the rationale and the freedom to be able (or to be allowed to) terrorize the rest of the world, in particular Africa; to exploit African resources and to dehumanize Africans with the single idea that “Europeans are more advanced human beings” and that Europe deserves to commit violence against Africa and Africans with the singular aim of advancing the “state of the human species.”

In addition, the dogma serves are more insidious goal: It serves the purpose of convincing those Africans who are also cowards, to begin with; that is, the dogma serves to convince the Metha (the more educated than his ancestors) that he must ACQUIESCE to the dictates of Eurocentrism/White Supremacism in order to advance the “state of the Human Species.” In other words, the Metha believes that he must be SACRIFCED, or for that matter, Africa and Africans can be slaughtered/sacrificed, that African resources must be exploited, in order to advance the more “honorable goal” of the “state of the human species.”

The “Enlightenment” is just that, a sadistic joke—the lie to advance the European on African land and to tie African Resources to European wealth. After all, the Europeans cannot take the land, entirely, or access the resources freely, until Africans themselves ACQUIESCE to the strange myth that Capitalism, Exploitation and Suffering are all necessary components for advancing the “state of the human species.”

Thing is, it’s all made up—propaganda. There’s no “state of the human species” to begin with let alone the very stupid idea about “advancing the state of the human species.” Think about it. This is the lie to advance the material wealth of Europe and Europeans! Simple as that. It is a hustle! The Metha is simply not intelligent enough to understand the hustle, to understand the Devil, or to avoid him entirely. Worse, the Metha’s Colonial Missionary European Education necessitates that he remains an idiot, unassuming, unafraid, of “myths” and “ideologies” that have been fabricated to force his own demise!

European intellectuals know they lie—they come to Africa, they’ve met way more intelligent cultures in Africa than anywhere else. They know this. But that isn’t the point. The reality is never the point for criminals. They know there’s no such thing as the “Enlightenment” let alone one that begun in Europe. Period. It’s made up—a sadistic joke! They push it because they are paid to push it. They push it because it brings home to Europe material wealth, no matter how violently it was acquired.

Way too many genocides in Africa have been planned, and committed, by Europeans seated at their dining tables, rosaries around their necks, eating with shiny forks and knives made from actual silver and gold, and with not a single word of “genocide” or “uncivilized phrase” ever spoken. They, Europeans, are intelligent? Sure. Whatever the Metha needs to believe!

You see how people are starving in the United States of America, but they are seriously committing billions of dollars to going to Mars? These are intelligent people? It’s a joke, nye bro. It’s all part of the sadistic joke that is white supremacism, that only they, Europeans, have been ordained by God to “advance the state of the human species” by any means, even if it involves the total destruction of the planet! You see the thing?

In other words, white supremacism is mental illness! Anti-Blackness is a mental illness of the most delusional, barbaric proportions. The European Age of Enlightenment is most appropriately called the Age of European Delusion, or simply, The Age of Madness!

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~ Success is a horrible teacher. It seduces the ignorant into thinking that he can’t lose. It seduces the intellectual into thinking that he must win. Success corrupts; Only usefulness exalts. ~ WP. Narmer Amenuti (which names translate: Dances With Lions), was born by The River, deep within the heartlands of Ghana, in Ntoaboma. He is a public intellectual from the Sankoré School of Critical Theory, where he trained and was awarded the highest degree of Warrior Philosopher at the Temple of Narmer. As a Culture Critic and a Guan Rhythmmaker, he is a dilettante, a dissident and a gadfly, and he eschews promotional intellectualism. He maintains strict anonymity and invites intellectuals and lay people alike to honest debate. He reads every comment. If you enjoyed this essay and would like to support more content like this one, please pour the Ancestors some Libation in support of my next essay, or you can go bold, very bold and invoke them. Here's my CashApp: $TheRealNarmer


  1. This article was in response to the following comment by Kwadwo Nyamba.

    Dear Prof Narmer Amenuti:

    What is enlightenment in your view?.
    Why does most books on enlightenment explicitly suggest the age of enlightenment started in Europe or was only advanced by European thinkers?
    Why doesn’t the METHA(a term coined by your likes referring to the current African thinker “who is more educated than his ancestors”) promote more of the African thinkers during and before the supposedly start of the “age of enlightenment”?
    Why doesn’t the METHA push the idea that enlightenment or the age of enlightenment didn’t start or wasn’t a sole idea of European invention or innovation.
    Context: I periodically read lots of posts on enlightenment by METHAs who seem to almost always promote enlightenment or the Age of Enlightenment as some kind of a preserve of human advancement which emanated from mostly one geographical area in human history……something I disagree with based on reading the works of African thinkers such as the 17th-century Ethiopian philosopher Zera Yacob (1599-1692) and others.
    “Da Yie!”

    Kwadwo Nyamba.

  2. US leaders have spent $14 trillion on wars, mostly useless, but some 2 million citizens don’t have access to clean water. Interesting

  3. The problem as I see it with some African intellectuals like this, is “extremism”. Fine arguments, couched in rather strong statements, embellished extravagantly with absolutes, reduce everything to a joke. Why? Because such emotionally laden statements so extraordinarily exaggerated become almost impossible to prove. Meanwhile the goal of Intellectualism, to the best of my knowledge is to advance truth, through solid reasoning and clear evidence.

    If someone alleges that some group of Africans believe that Africans should be slaughtered, immediately it becomes clear that that’s a comical exaggeration that would be hard to prove. It would satisfy emotional needs of some. But it would fall short of the rigors of truth and thus achieve nothing.

  4. Sure nye bro., Prosper Kofi Senyo
    It is silly enough for any tribe to proclaim that they have been chosen by God. But it is exceedingly idiotic for anyone else to believe, even if religiously, the silliness of that claim, let alone to engage in any meaningful debate about it. More, to add that one tribe is not only chosen (Yahweh’s Tribesmen), but also ordained by God (Euro-American Exceptionalism) to advance the state of the human species is the height of mental derangement.

    Yet more, the fact that a tribe will claim it is chosen, and a whole “race” of people would claim that they are ordained by God (because this is the case Diamond makes in Geography), and then proceed to commit genocides, wiping out whole races of people from the face of the planet, and proceed in the wanton exercise to eradicate the rest is the height of violent extremism. Not just any extremism, but a barbaric, equally virulent type.

    Those who don’t read properly, or have yet to learn to read properly mistake the use of proper, exact words for exaggeration. What exaggeration! I have not alleged that a group of Africans believe that Africans should be slaughtered. How simple! No, it is actually a whole lot more complex than that! Too complex for the Metha to comprehend.

    You are not reading, properly! The Metha, I have proven, have by training, acquiesced to the Eurocentric-Enlightenment fable, which is the myth that out of Europe has civilization emerged. By this very acquiescence the Metha have become a part of the machine, perhaps without his immediate awareness, that has the singular goal to continue in the violent exploitation of Africa and Africans. My allegation itself is that the Enlightenment is a myth propounded to form the basis for the violent exploitation of Africa and Africans, and for that matter the rest of the world.

    I offered in proof-reference to ideas from Weber, Simmel & Diamond and yet you claim I have no proof! Which goes to either show that you have yet to actually read Weber, etc., so you have no idea what it is they claim, or that you actually don’t care enough to read them, or worse, your particular religious or educational persuasion dictates that you not only desist from the evidence, but that you actually bury your big head in the little sand! Pardon the adjectives!

    And so please slow your roll until you have read the giants of European Thought (Eurocentrism) enough to understand why their ideas sit at the foundation of European and Euro-American intellectual imagination.

    And so the thing you call “rigors of truth” are what? The childish arrival at assertions about Eurocentrism about which you have read little to nothing? Let me ask you, which one of giants of European thought have you actually read to have an opinion about the dictates of Eurocentrism? Which one(s)?

    • Narmer paaa, you worry yourself sometimes. Sometimes the whole idea is not to understand anything you write because you are the one writing it. You, no-name African, Black writer from Ntoaboma. You see?

    • Sometimes I get worked up. No doubt. I am human. And so you have to set the record straight! Very straight.

  5. Ok, Narmer Amenuti
    (and perhaps others here) — back to Kwadwo Nyamba
    ‘s question that stated this thread: Why not focus on, promote and discuss those African thinkers, and those African cultures, that predate and exist(ed) outside of and independent of the so-called Enlightenment? Those cultures and practices, and that spirituality and philosophy, on which rests your statement: “Europeans know they lie — they come to Africa, they’ve met way more intelligent cultures in Africa than anywhere else”
    Let us hear about *that*.

  6. Gregory Thomson

    I write copiously to “promote and discuss those African thinkers, and those African cultures, that predate and exist(ed) outside of and independent of the so-called Enlightenment.” You are welcome to read my essays such as the ones on Ntoaboma on Grandmotherafrica.com.
    That said, there’s also a place for refuting and exposing the lies of Eurocentrism, for after all it’s ideologies are the natural threat to our African existence.

    As for the Metha, they are incapable of either investing in writers like myself and several others like me. And this is part of the reason you read less about those of us who promote African thinkers and African cultures. Writing is one thing, but the promotion, distribution and exhibition of the writing takes on a political and geopolitical color. Therein lies the problem, especially when our elites are almost entirely made up of the Metha!

    • Someone, perhaps Walter Fauntroy, was once asked to sum up the goal of American foreign policy. To which he replied simply:
      “To take the World’s resources without paying for them.”
      Of course, we know the US is part of a larger Euro continuum.

  7. Why is Africa so important that it was decided to systematically destroy it and all the wisdom (and the people of) had to teach? Early 2020 I experienced a very deep sense that Africa was calling herself back. It was like a deep scar was opening – a kind of welcoming back of power. I was dreaming of black arms reaching out of the soil for me and spent some days crying. So much has been stolen. Recently, through Anpu and the Ankh, also the of staff of Ankh, I came on a journey again back to Africa. I wondered if Anpu had pre Egyptian Old Kingdom origins and then came to your article on the Ankh. My heart skipped a beat a number of times especially sound and the origins of creation. So much truth came out of Africa. Nothing short of creationary and has been obscured from the World. I am Western, enlightenment has always ‘arrived’ with great wealth and it is a myth, a trap. It feels like a Paradox ‘enlightenment’ by destroying the darkness, where creation was born. On a universal perspective, it seems that holding down Africa holds duality in place it. With duality there is control and wealth. Balance is on its way but there is so much depth, so much we don’t know. Where can we find teachings on the origins of Africa? The ancient wisdom which has had to weave itself through other cultures to become seen? Where can we go?

  8. You write as if the Enlightenment were one step in the history of a united Europe–as if all Europeans approved of the Enlightenment, and as if it were a step towards white supremacy, slavery, and colonization. Quite the contrary. White supremacy and slavery came first, led by the kind of self-satisfied Christians whom the Enlightenment opposed. The European Enlightenment was the realization that Christianity was a lie, and that Europeans had no special revelation from God, and no special role on Earth except that which they made themselves. Most Europeans never accepted its ideas, and fewer do today.

    Colonization was promoted and aided by the Christian churches which the Enlightenment fought, and which it is still fighting against today. Read about the genocide in the Belgian Congo at the end of the 19th century, and how hundreds of Catholic priests, and the Pope himself, covered it up, in order to use genocide to spread Catholicism by getting to raise the children of everyone killed by King Leopold’s soldiers.


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