Weed. Cannabis. Gods. Devils.

The way that weed works in the US is quite simple and rather straightforward. When the Grey people smoke weed (they call it cannabis), they become angels, but when Black people smoke weed they become criminals.

You see? The problem with beating about the bush, which is becoming a key feature of Black politics in the USA, is that you get more problems. Instead of speak of the KKK-Police Occupying forces in Black communities, instead of speak of the KKKriminal Injustice System throwing Black people into jail every day, we would rather speak of Decriminalizing Pot.

No, talk about issues, directly. Don’t beat about the bush. Leave the beating of the bush to these Nuns in California (image below), who smoke weed every day, and grow it, in broad daylight, for profits. They also have the US KKK-Police forces to protect their farms. They have quite a ton of bushes to beat.

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