Africans enslaved by Europeans under the Euro-American Confederacy.

Why is Euro-American Capitalism Predatory?

Answer: John Calvin (High Priest of Protestant Ethic Calvinism) and its High Priest, Maximilian Karl Emil Weber (aka a sociologist, philosopher).

Calvinism claims: God has predestined the rich, and God has pre-condemned the poor. This is the Northern European Protestant interpretation of the Bible that influenced Max Weber. That is, the rich have been hand-picked by God, and the poor are those left behind. Still, all must work together to sustain God’s Kingdom on Earth.

John Calvin (mid. 1500s) defended the charging of interest on loans in Northern Europe as a result, breaking with the Christian Traditions from Africa and the East, which explicitly maintained that interests on money were ungodly.

Max Weber (late 1800s, image below): Poor people must apply themselves, bootstrap, to help the rich build God’s Kingdom on Earth. Weber claimed that this kind of mutualism would build wealth for all. Enter Capitalism.

Euro-American Capitalism (1600 – present) maintains that certain people, mainly the Grey descendants of Northen Europe, are ordained by God to be rich. And that the Darker people (the so-called children of Ham) are ordained to be poor. The Euro-American scholars/elites claim that this works best to create a wealthy Kingdom of God on Earth (aka Euro-America).

Calvin and Weber endorse the idea that certain people are Chosen to be Exceptional (the Chosen People) while the rest are pre-condemned to be slaves in order to maintain the Chosen People. Enter American Exceptionalism and the idea of the Goyim.

Now, what exactly is Capitalism? Forget all that free market nonsense, that indoctrination you’ve be fed ever since you stepped foot in an economics class. Capitalism has nothing to do with free markets unless these free markets are working to enrich the Chosen People (which, invariably, no longer makes it free – a gross contradiction).

Capitalism is a market that accepts the prevailing notion that certain people have been chosen by God to be rich, and the rest should be exploited, and put to work, and forced, and enslaved, incarcerated, raped, beaten and killed to accumulate wealth to build God’s Kingdom on Earth. That is, some people are not people: they are a resource for the Chosen.

Don’t be deceived.

Tswa Omanye Aba.

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