Warrior vs. Coward: A Mistake is a Calculated Decision.

Ntoaboma. My great grandmother, sister to an Ahosi/Mianor (aka. Amazon/Gbetto warrior), gathered us one evening in her living quarters, after her husband, our great grandfather, had passed.

“You know the difference between a warrior and a coward?” She queried. Some of the elders of the compound chimed in with their usual drivel about bravery and violence. And for the rest of us, the little children of the compound, we shook our heads in utter, immaculate innocence.

“No! None of that.”She assured the elders of the compound. “The person who constantly looks back to see if they’ve made the right decision will always remain a coward. Afraid. Warriors don’t look back. Warriors don’t make mistakes. Cowards do.”

Assessing a situation, and making a decision based on experience is not the same as Second Guessing. Cowards are always second guessing their own decisions. Warriors don’t. Warriors don’t make mistakes, they improve – “mistakes” are decisions. To improve, you cannot be afraid to die!


If you want to learn more about the Ahorsi/Ahosi/Miano/Mianor/Gbetto, you can read more from the link below: https://grandmotherafrica.com/our-mothers-of-dahomey/

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