There’s No Salvation or Power In Individualism.

“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. (Jesus said to his followers).

Jesus may be wrong in a number of different places, but here he is simply, dead-on-balls, correct! He is not wrong! Where people come together as a collective, casting away their individualism, that’s where there’s Power.

The Mis-Educated Than His Ancestors (the Metha) in Africa, who have adopted the Italian version of Jesus as their savior, misunderstand ancient texts, in general. The Metha rely on their colonialists in Euro-Amerikkka to do the interpretation of the text for them. Then the Metha swallow it, line, hook and sinker and emerge out of the barbarian waters like a marauding horde of deep-sea beasts to terrorize the rest of humankind in Africa.

And so the Metha has been taught that his Salvation is individual. Therefore the Metha leads nations (by force, of course!) to dungeons of individualisms. All the Metha need to guarantee salvation are to confess and accept the Italian version of Christ, and to buy and read daily the Turkish selection of texts that come with it.

The Metha believe that we can win one person at a time; by standing apart, each to our own strengths. After all that’s the exact way their Gods will examine us on Judgment Day – one by one, each to answer for his own faith.

And it is a big, fat lie. Nothing works that way. And on any such Judgment Day, if you have to believe in one, no such thing will occur in Africa, only perhaps in a small town in Italy! Colonial missionaries have inculcated this kind of nonsense in their Africa students, now the Metha, for the very reason you may have already figured: To divide and colonize.

There’s no salvation; and there’s certainly no power in individualism. None! I will tell you what there is – your subjugation (colonialism). (Don’t take my words for it. No. Take the words of your Jesus. He said it too! You just choose to ignore it.)

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