Dozens of western shops/brands and thousands of grey people, including some of their converts, have purchased parcels of land in Roblox/Sandbox (Metaverse) in the past six months alone!)

Castles In The Sky.

Ever since they got here, they’ve always wanted to escape. Since they can’t escape yet, they kill, rape, loot and destroy. They want to turn the Earth into the destroyed planets from where they have come.

The Metaverse is the tip of something really stupefying. The Grey Media reports that “nearly $2bn (£1.75bn) has been spent on virtual land in the past 12 months, as people and companies in the west race to get a foothold in the metaverse.”

The planet is filled, now, with neurotics who are busy building castles in the sky (the Metaverse). Take a cursory look at any Social Media and its surrealist culture is truly stupefying.

What is more? The neurotics have managed, somehow, to convince their psychotic masses to busy themselves with these productions, to live in these castles in the sky built for them, sometimes for hundreds of thousands of dollars per house or plot of land.

Meanwhile, the Rentiers – the very Producers, Bank Rollers of these plots or castles in the sky – who are the actual Psychiatrists busy themselves with collecting the rent at the shops, malls, theatres or apartments online.

It is true: Neurotics build castles in the sky, psychotics live in them and the psychiatrists collect the rent. The west is a fascinating place, indeed: A group of people who wish to do nothing really, but to bury their heads in the grey clouds and release their flatulence on the rest of us down below. They wish to escape this planet. They can’t, and the rest of us must suffer their restlessness.

Tswa Omanye Aba.

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  1. Sad is only relative. They can do whatever pleases them but I’ll strongly recommend or entreat them build a defense against the ultimate…?☠️?

  2. It’s alarming the rate at which they’ve attempted to destroy the earth and reduce its population. They’re working overtime to actualise their dreams.


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