A lonely rhinoceros rubes its horn against a metal gate in Misyatsiv Zoo (in Kiev, Ukraine) some eight months after the Mongols "invaded" the other Mongol-land, Ukraine.

Framing Their Enemies. Framing Themselves.

It’s revealing, dare I say, even unnerving how the west frames its enemies. Put another way, the west frames its enemies in such a language that is meant to frighten people about its enemies but ends up exposing its own deeper monsters.

Take a look at this Rhino (image below), and the description (from the Daily Mail) reads something like: A lonely rhinoceros rubes its horn against a metal gate in Misyatsiv Zoo (in Kiev, Ukraine) some eight months after the Mongols “invaded” the other Mongol-land, Ukraine.

I get it. We are supposed to read these lines and feel some pity for the Rhino? Then we are supposed to direct our anger towards the Mongols for their “invasion” into Mongol land, which, invariably (and this is the claim) has kept the Rhino somehow traumatized in isolation?

But how did an African Rhino end up in a Zoo in Kiev, Ukraine? If we are to pity the rhinoceros, why indict a certain Mongol “invasion” which has nothing to do with how the Rhino somehow vanished from Africa and ended up in a prison cell (called a Zoo) in the icy cold winters of Ukraine?

If we must feel anger, and we should feel something if we are human at all, why not feel some anger against the Zoo? Why not end Zoos? Why not end the European appetite in capital voyeurism? And if a certain Mongol “invasion” must make us pity animals, should the African Rhino not be returned to its home, from where is was kidnapped?

Which brings me to the unnerving conclusion: In a bid to frame their enemies as somehow below the west, or even as somehow below human, the west comes off reeking of pure Satanism. Stop the zoo-foolishness. Leave animals alone for goodness sake. By framing their enemies, they frame themselves.

Tswa Omanya Aba.

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  1. Narmer, isn’t it rather revealing that the Zoo (which you rightly call a chattel enslavement of animals for life and for generations) is also a kind of Castle in the Sky. You have written a few essays recently about how these people are taken over by their neurotics who fill their own heads/minds with such castles in the sky (Hollywood, Roblox, Sandbox, etc).
    The zoo is a castle in the sky. What exactly is the point in keeping an African rhino in a Zoo in Kiev, Ukraine, if not for a sense of drunken psychosis? And those who visit these zoos to pay money to see these animals, about whom we should feel remorse, are aiding and abetting the grey neurotic, psychotic traumatization of these animals. Zoo visitors are the psychotic ones: they live in these zoos, and they pay the rent to these psychiatrists.

  2. Very true, Dade. And also too the zookeepers who are the wardens of the zoo prison chattel enslavement. And dare we forget the veterinarians–those yts who go to school to cut open and deliver the babies of captive rhinos. There is a whole enterprise of this zoo prison chattel enslavement. While the zoo voyeurs the psychotic ones visit, the zookeepers and veterinarians–equally psychotic–devote their lives to the operation of this zoo prison chattel enslavement for the psychiatrists. That is some rabbit hole of a castle in the sky.


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