This is not food. It is poison masqueraded as food so a few capitalists can accrue material wealth as they poison the ignorant with poison.

Living Inside The Matrix.

I just heard that “fatphobia,” “diet culture” (dieting) and “systems of oppression” have created false hierarchies of food. And that this false hierarchy of food culture shows up everywhere in social life claiming that fruits and vegetables are better and healthier to eat than sugar-coated deep-fried donuts.

I have to ask: Are we living in a matrix where culture, by its own definition, has become a thing called oppression? Now you see, among the neoliberals, there’s no such thing as oppression you see – only culture, and its varying degrees of oppression!

Among the neoliberals of today, there’s no such thing as poison any longer, you see? Only degrees of poisonous food. All food is poison, and all poison is food – just the degree of poison or food, you see? Too much water can also kill you, you see – water is great, but it can also be poisonous, you see?

Among the neoliberals of today, there’s no such thing as racism, you see? Only one human race, so by definition, the very idea of racism itself is ridiculous. And then there’s no such thing as woman and man. Just humans. Men can be women and women can be men, just the degree of femininity and masculinity – there’s only varying degrees of woman/man from person to person. You see?

Now the kicker. Among the neoliberals of today you see, there’s no such thing as human and animal. All are animals – just the degree of animalism. Just the varying degrees of civility you see? Just varying degrees, or even types, of violence and barbarism you see? You want to sleep with animals? Sure!

Which brings me to our African Antiquity: There were some philosophical ideas that didn’t need to be made available for mass public consumption. A long time ago, our Ancestors kept certain ideas bottled up in Cults and masked in Ritual, and away from lesser minds, lesser spiritually sound minds. Our Ancestors were very aware that letting the cat out the bag would discombobulate small minds, small spirits. So they had these ideas bottled up, and they discouraged their discussion in public.

The Europeans came to Africa and went wild, not understanding why so much was kept bottled up. And so they proceeded to copy and let all things out the bag. Now, what we have is a total mess of anti-intellectualism – various exercises in paralogisms of the grotesque kinds.

There’s food, and then there’s water. And then there’s poison. The rest of that discussion among the neoliberals of today is an exercise in a psychopathy of the grotesque kind. Engaging such weirdness, such orgasmatron deviance, is an acceptance of a matrix of psychological dysfunction. Stop living in a matrix. Yes, fruits and vegetables are better and healthier to eat than sugar-coated deep-fried donuts whether you like it or not.

Tswa Omanye Aba.

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