The West is the Best at Everything. Even in Drinking water.

The west is greater at everything. Just imagine it; they are better, faster, brighter, sunnier, quicker, smarter and greater. The west.

Anytime another part of the world comes up with any type of (covid) treatment, the western scientists and their grey media apparatus are quick to disprove it as quackery.

Do you know any treatment for covid from any other part of the world, that is not produced by a western company, that the west has not found to be a result of false science – quackery?


And so it goes with the west: If it’s not from the west; If it’s not by a western company; If it’s not by a westerner; Or if it’s not invented by a westerner, it is quackery.

The west is greater, faster, smarter, brighter and sunnier than any other place on Earth.


Black Folks can’t get the Grey Things of the United States to admit to paying Reparations for any one month during a three hundred year genocide against Africans.

But, for some reason, the Grey Things are really concerned that one NBA Player might influence Black Folks away from taking some concoction shots that (the Grey Things claim) could help Black Folk.

So, let me get under dis: the Grey Things are really concerned about the health of Black Folk?

What kind of witchcraft too is dis?

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  1. Only the “greater” people live in the west. Everything they do is nicer. Even their covid treatment. It’s not only nicer, but everything else from anywhere else is bad!

    • Nana Afia Serwaah Bonsu True. It’s almost like some of our people mysteriously forget or blindly trust others who are set to hurt them.


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