There are some Gods, they throw you – their daily bread – into an Oven. When they eventually take you out, and you are under-cooked, they throw you away. If you are over-cooked, they throw you away.

Some of these Gods tell you – before they throw you into the Oven – about their ideas of under-cooking and over-cooking. They tell you what it takes to be cooked. They show you all sorts of stories of their cooking and they show you those who they have cooked and kept for Breakfast.

Some of these Gods even tell you what will happen if you come out under-cooked or over-cooked. You will be thrown away; discarded, thrashed, destroyed. Incinerated. You’ve got to be cooked right, if you wish to be kept for their Breakfast.

Only thing is, the bread does not regulate the Temperature of the Oven into which it is thrown. These Gods, arguably claim, they do! Another thing is that the bread does not regulate how much time it takes to stay in the Oven. These same Gods, arguably claim, they do!

So, the question: How come these Gods never Blame Themselves? How come these Gods never give up cooking, since, seeing how much of their own bread they claim are under-cooked, or over-cooked? Why not tell these Gods to give up cooking?

The Case, and this is exactly the point: Only a Bad Workman quarrels with his tools. I might as well add that: Only a Bad God quarrels with His own Creation!

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