The Problem with Pocket-Sociologists: Bill Gates is Evil. Period.

The sheer amount of pocket-scholarship about the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s work in vaccine deployment in Africa, about the true intentions of Bill Gates’ sole agenda to vaccinate Black people and about the geopolitical goals of that foundation’s policy to bring unfettered vaccination to Africa and in particularly to Africans, abound on social media.

The most notable of this kind of scholarship is that of the clerics who cannot see past the weeds and are thus rendered incapable of spotting the forest beyond. These clerics assert that when husband and wife, Bill & Melinda Gates, claim that they want to bring something as “good” as vaccines to Africa, by selling us their patented investments, the rest of mankind should sit, applaud and lick their boots.

Worse, these social media clerics claim that because husband and wife, Bill & Melinda Gates, want to “help” the poor and the vulnerable that the rest of us must acquiesce to their demands and offer our bodies up, the bodies of our parents and grandparents and also of our children, for their upward vaccination project.

And so without much ado, let’s examine the claim of these social clerics to ascertain whether we are to take seriously anything they claim.

In a recent video shared with me, I have appraised myself of the sentiments expressed by the husband and wife corporation, Bill & Melinda Gates, to vaccinate who the claim to be “the poor and vulnerable” during the Corona-virus pandemic. Black people, Native Americans and of course Africans, are specifically mentioned via the use of the name by proxy, “poor countries.”

Let’s us, for a moment, just for the sake of argument alone, suspend critique about the real or imagined dubious intentions of white men in Africa and in Black communities globally.

The only other question that remains is whether it is even true, i.e. whether it is “scientifically verifiable” that Black people, Native Americans and Africans are the most vulnerable populations for the Chinese virus (aka Covid19)?

To this end, many public health “scholars” have voiced numerous opinions on numerous Euro-American mass media sites including those empty barrels on the Caucasian News Network (CNN), MSLSD (MSNBC), White Fox (Fox News), etc., to assert that Black people and the poor are the most susceptible cohort in the fight against the Chinese virus.

None, however, has pointed to any scientific study to back this claim. At best, many such “scholars,” if scholars they are, point to social issues to insinuate, hell, even hypothesis that because Black people are poor and suffer from economic deprivation due to white people’s Anti-Black oppressive activities in Africa and in the global Diaspora, that Black people would, by this rationale alone, be the most susceptible group to the Chinese virus since they are the least able to access proper health care.

I have severally debunked such gross unscientific conclusions and I have shown that they are based on nothing but faulty logic. But again, because this is not even my point in this essay, I will beg the reader to suspend yet again the glaring critique of the very ensuing idea that although the Euro-American scientists and their African school-pupils who follow them, cannot show that neither biologically nor sociologically are Black people or Africans more susceptible to the virus, that the rest of us want to believe that the husband and wife corporation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are up to some “good” in the call to arms in Africa.

Even with this belief, one is left to be shocked by the actual facts. On the contrary, what can be proven scientifically, and which is largely kept from the public view of the pliable masses, is this: “The major genetic risk factor for severe COVID-19 is inherited from Neanderthals.” Current research published by Zeberg and Paabo show just that: Caucasians and Asians are the most vulnerable cohorts for the Chinese virus (Covid19). Simple as that.

It is at the back of this cold, hard fact—something that can be proven, something that is not just some conjecture—that the agenda of the husband and wife corporation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and in particular it is only in this light that the statement made by Bill Gates and his wife about their unfettered agenda and evil vision in Africa and in the global Diaspora must be examined. I leave the reader to his or her own whims and caprices.

Although, if I may, the fact is indefatigable that the statement by the husband and wife corporation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, about what they claim to be the vulnerable populations, are false. If they can perpetuate such boldface falsehoods, there is no telling what human havoc, these white supremacist fronts can unleash on the masses of unsuspecting Black people in Africa and in the Diaspora.

Beware, Bill & Melinda Gates have amply greased the pockets of their African schoolboys and pupils to do on social media what they themselves will not do: Pocket-Sociology. That is, they have by mental tuning unleashed their Sleeper Cells in Africa and in the Diaspora to open their big mouths to convince Africans and Black people that they need something that they do not actually need, without giving a single verifiable reason.

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~ Success is a horrible teacher. It seduces the ignorant into thinking that he can’t lose. It seduces the intellectual into thinking that he must win. Success corrupts; Only usefulness exalts. ~ WP. Narmer Amenuti (which names translate: Dances With Lions), was born by The River, deep within the heartlands of Ghana, in Ntoaboma. He is a public intellectual from the Sankoré School of Critical Theory, where he trained and was awarded the highest degree of Warrior Philosopher at the Temple of Narmer. As a Culture Critic and a Guan Rhythmmaker, he is a dilettante, a dissident and a gadfly, and he eschews promotional intellectualism. He maintains strict anonymity and invites intellectuals and lay people alike to honest debate. He reads every comment. If you find his essays delightful, and you want to support the creation of more content like this, find Narmer's information below: CashApp: $Narmer3100


  1. Melinda said the segment of the population that needs the most public health attention are generally the most vulnerable.

    In the case of the United States, according to Melinda, that comprises: (i) Blacks and Native Americans (ii) people with underlying health conditions and (iii) the elderly.

    She is 100% right. (i) Whilst Blacks are barely 13% of the U.S. population, they constitute 24% of the Coronavirus deaths. In item (ii) and (iii) Melinda is referring to Whites, Blacks, Latinos, Asians/Orientals, etc with underlying health conditions as well as the elderly, ie regardless of race.

    Please do not fall for the MAGA conspiracy theories against Bill & Melinda Gates.

    • Yaw Owusu: Mr. Owusu, l see sincerity in what you want to say, but l can assure you that you are sincerely wrong. Do you know why the traditional African, in presenting a cup of drink to a visitor, first takes a sip of the drink from the same cup? It is good to have western education, but it is better if traditional wisdom is added to it.

    • Yaw Owusu: my brother, you know exactly what I am talking about. Our ancestors were, collectively, taken advantage of. TODAY, we should not be victims alike. Thank you Sir.

    • Here’s the issue at hand: do you agree with Melinda’s classification of the most vulneration groups healthwise in the United States: (i) Blacks and Native Americans (ii) people of all races with underlying health conditions and (iii) the elderly, regardless of race.

      If you disagree, please tell us whom you consider the most vulnerable in the United States.

    • Well, Mr. Yaw Owusu, l see that you will not easily give up a “fight” without a “bleeding nose”. That is commendable, sometimes.
      My argument, and I suppose it represents that of a lot of people, is not over the categorization: (I) Blacks and Native Americans, (II) People with underlying health conditions and (lll) the elderly etc.
      It is also not about the concept of “Vulnerability”. That word, itself, is not a term of art. Rather, it is a value-laden idea shaped by the circumstances in any given eco-social situation. So, therefore, even in a society of rich people, there can still be the vulnerable in a certain context. In that sense, it is not, necessarily a reflection on the life and circumstances of poor people only. In “medical” terms, therefore, “vulnerability” should be understood to apply to who, among the peoples of the world are more susceptible to the contraction of a disease. This is the gravamen of the argument and, as explained by Dr. Amenuti, published research shows that Caucasian and Asian peoples have a higher disposition to COVID-19 infection than the Black man, even in his worst poverty. It follows, commonsensically, that if the intentions of the Gates H/W foundation is not “special” but “ordinary” focus would have been directed at the people with the major genetic risk factor for COVID-19 infection: Neanderthals.
      Why then are more Blacks dying in US hospitals as a result of COVID-19? The answer, in my humble opinion, lies in the differential treatment meted as a plank of racism. A matter for serious investigation. Thank you, Sir.

    • Ahiabor, let’s have a mature debate instead of making remarks such as “fight,” “bloody nose,” etc.

      Does racism play a role in the rate at which Black Americans are dying disproportionately from COVID-19? Yes. But no serious analyst would attribute racism alone to the phenom. Even if you make adjustment for discrimination, African Americans are more likely to eat less nutritious and immune-system boosting foods. They also live in more densely populated communities. These are just two simple examples that make them more vulnerable, besides the fact that they’re more likely to have pre-existing health conditions.

      Now even if all these factors are absolutely (ie 100%) due to racism, it still doesn’t change the fact that Blacks along with the elderly and people with underlying health conditions (of all races) constitute the most disadvantaged (or vulnerable) group who need public health attention. That is what Melinda Gates pointed out in the video.

    • The talk about “fight” and “bloody nose” are just for humour. No offence intended, at all. I am sorry if you take exception. I think that the difference in opinion has to do with focus. You appear to be focused only on the US. I am looking at the global picture, guided by history and what research has uncovered.

    • Come to think of it, is the proposed vaccine by the Gates foundation intended to address societal inequalities between blacks, whites and other races in the US? Absolutely not. What is the proposed vaccine to do? It is intended to address a specific health challenge: COVID-19 pandemic. Given the historical suspicion between Whites, Blacks and other races, it stands to reason that any “philanthropic” entrepreneur, coming from any of the racial groupings should use members of his grouping for tests before replication to our groupings, if earlier tests prove successful. This is important, if for nothing at all, to address the historical suspicion among the races. The call for a trial in Africa, and with Africans, must not be tolerated under any circumstances.

  2. Yaw Owusu, the Chinese virus is not about attacking those who are most susceptible to poor access to health care, or is it sparing those who have all the access to great health care either. Another way to put this is that the Chinese virus has nothing to do with access to health care. No one has proven that it has.

    Else the richest New Yorkers, who are white people, and have all the access to the top doctors in new york and to the top facilities in New York will not be moving out permanently in the hundreds of thousands.

    More corona has not be proven to have any bearing on whatever one defines socially as “susceptibility” or “vulnerability”.

    Else babies, and children, who we can define as the most vulnerable part of the population will be dying as well! But they are not. Rather there are many rich white people and the so-called “unknown race” peoples (in all the US data) who are contracting the disease and dying in the tens of thousands. We know when America cannot identify your race inside a hospital, especially, you probably aren’t Black. America can spot a Black person from a million miles away. That is their profession! (That is why the racial health disparities exist to begin with).

    No one has proven that a Covid19 disparity in any city is any different from any other racial health disparity in the US. If you know how statistics works, then you would know that one would have to show that the Covid19 numbers show a significantly worse disparity between Blacks and whites in the US compared to the existing levels of health disparities due to White American Medical Apartheid for anyone to even assume that Blacks are somehow more susceptible/vulnerable.

    And so the numbers you are quoting, which I have seen paraded around on social media without sources have no validity to their statistical significance. The numbers presented in official government sites around the country show only one thing: That when you go counting covid19 cases in America’s urban centers, and record “race” yet forget to record the “races” when you move outside these urban centers to the heavily populated white areas, there’s every reason to critique the sampling as not representative of the entire country. The sampling itself is “raced.” It is not random. (I have written countless times about cooking stats, this is not the place to regurgitate what will take countless hours to enumerate.) So let’s leave cooked numbers out!

    What is fascinating is that it is so convenient that we keep beating about the bush. The only scientific fact there is so far about Covid19 susceptibility is this: “The major genetic risk factor for severe COVID-19 is inherited from Neanderthals.” The rest is quackery! We can talk about facts or you can beat about the bush. Your choice.

    • Are you aware that Blacks constitute about 13% of the U.S. population, but 24% of Americans who die from Coronavirus are Blacks? Source: Centers for Disease Control & Prevention – Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

    • Yaw, I just told you that the data from official sites have no validity about making any statements based on racial vulnerability in the USA. I have told you what is wrong with the data collection and the records. I have told you something is terribly amiss.

  3. Narmer Amenuti, is it interesting read actually. The problem I see is that many are going to have some hard times understanding some of the stuff you write ever so clearly about Bill Gates. There’s one thing that the west is more advanced in than Africa: Propaganda. Western governments and their intellectuals can throw anything at an Africa wall and it will stick. We have no world view and therefore we think we know stuff that we know nothing about. For four hundred or so years we have been lying to ourselves that we know the west, of that we know white people. We don’t. We talk too much, believe too much and listen to our intellectuals (like you) way too little. It doesn’t matter what you say or write about the cover for Bill Gates to come a wreck havoc in Africa, may will not believe a thing you say. They will never take their time to read and learn. They think they already know. That is the African problem. 400 years plus….


  5. Narmer Amenuti, I don’t have any problem with your condemnation of this pronouncement of Bill and Melinda Gates on the clinical trial of a possible COVID-19 vaccine. But as you have said, every public health “scholar” is wrongly classifying who constitute a vulnerable group. Does that (being wrong about the vulnerable group) make all of them hate Africans? Do Bill and Melinda have veto power on where to have the clinical trials of all drugs and vaccines they fund? Can they force it on African and our leaders? In the same way, do we have to accept any aid or funding for anything from any white man?

    • Bro., you know I am against any kind of aid for Africa. Mainly because I have yet to see real advocates for Africans in any given deal, up to and including Bill Gates’ vaccine program in Africa. We cannot say we have a vulnerable population yet refuse to vehemently defend the vulnerable from exploitation by those who have been notorious for over hundreds of years in the exploitation of Africa.

      You will always hear about free drugs for the poor, but never free homes, free food and such.

  6. Kwame, Narmer and others, do you agree with Melinda’s classification of the most vulneration groups healthwise in the United States: (i) Blacks and Native Americans (ii) people of all races with underlying health conditions and (iii) the elderly, regardless of race.

    If you disagree, please tell us whom you consider the most vulnerable.

    • I gave you that information in the essay. I insist that the very idea of passing medical judgment on people because they are Black or Native is as old as racism itself. We don’t need to encourage such gross unscientific statements from those who wield so much power to kill in the hundreds of thousands.

    • Two things (a) your response (above) is obviously targeted at my item (i) Blacks and Native Americans. What about items (ii) and (iii) people of all races with underlying health conditions and the elderly, regardless of race?

      (b) If you disagree with Melinda Gates, simply tell us whom you consider the most vulnerable in the United States.

  7. Their classification of “vulnerable” groups seems disingenuous. What Melinda meant to say (coded) was EXPENDABLE groups to be used as guinea pigs in vaccine testing

    • Kaafueda (1) how did you arrive at the conclusion that Melinda meant something different from what she said (2) can you tell us whom you consider the most vulnerable healthwise in the United States?

  8. Bill Gates plans to transfer his Microsoft business model to humans. Ie. by selling a dysfunctional system, which depends on endless remedies in order to function.

    Coronaviruses are part of human history and typically elicit no symptoms or cold like symptoms. They are part of the human experience. But Bill Gates wants to sell us his ‘cure’ for nature and to keep us enslaved at the same time.

    The stage we’re at now is mass suffocation through enforced face masks – so that we become miserable and take his vaccines. It’s blackmail.

    Thanks to Bill Gates’ incredible wealth, he’s able to ‘fund’ organisations around the world. Organisations that are enabling this orchestrated fascist attack.

    Everything we are witnessing now is driven by money and control – not concern for health. ‘Covid-1984′ represents the biggest single coordinated attack (by the ruling class) on humanity in human history.

    I sincerely hope that African nations can resist Bill Gates’ tyrany.

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