The Parable of the Indoctrinated.

The Indoctrinated encounters two strange men.

The first man says, “If you believe in God and you join me to war against my enemies, God will grant you one hundred virgins in Heaven when you die in battle.”

The Indoctrinated screams at the first man, “You are dangerous! I will never join you to do anything. What a bad belief system, what Patriarchal nonsense!” The first man leaves.

The second man comes in and he says to the Indoctrinated, “If you believe that God exists, then God has granted only me the right to own one thousand slaves in this life. My children and their descendants also have the right to own one thousand slaves each on this Earth, not in Heaven.”

The Indoctrinated replies, “That’s interesting! Your God is interesting.”

(Image: The Indoctrinated is reading a book in a canoe to get more indoctrination.”

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