The Mis-Educated Mis-Understand Feminist Doctrine.

I heard someone literally say that “Feminism has ensured that trans women who are literally biological men have more women’s rights than actual women.”

It’s like these feminists don’t get it: There’s no such thing as man or woman. Just a person. And so what is trans-woman? A person! Got it? And so on the basis of say an Olympic competition, so long as that testosterone level is within a certain range, that person can compete in a category called “Female,” which only indicates a category of hormone levels. (Go it?)

It is like trying to compete in the 100m Olympic sprint. If your time is within a certain range you can qualify for the Olympics. A macho-man whose thighs are too big to jog, can’t qualify for the Olympics no matter his testosterone levels or no matter how big his biceps look/are!

And so what is the doctrine? WHATEVER WE SAY! Now, you ask, who’s “WE”? Who defines these categories? “WE”! Who’s “WE”?

Very powerful grey men.

Well, that means there’s still patriarchy. Well, no! These grey men, you see, are not actually men, they are persons!

You are confused? Take another instance on race. They now claim, at least in western academia, that race does not exist. That means, there’s no such thing as Black, or yt, or Yellow or Red. Just persons!

Ok, you say. How does Civil Rights work then? Well, it works for all people, although the point of the fight for civil rights in the USA was for equality for Black People under the law and under Government.

Well, yah, but now, Civil Rights is for yt women, grey women, Yellow Women, yt Gays, yet LGBTQs… etc. The list!

Ahah! If something is for everyone, then isn’t it for no one in particular? Yes, correct, and what is the problem? What is the problem with treating everyone the same?

You still don’t get it?

Doctrine: WHATEVER THAT WE SAY. “WE” is the operative pronoun! It is key to the doctrine.

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