The Metha (the mis-educated than his ancestors), sitting in the gold mining town of Tarkwa (Ghana), and thinking to himself what a mess the USA has made of the pulling out of some far away country, which the US had looted for more than 20 odd years?

Boi, how did the grey Americans manage to convince the Metha in Tarkwa that America’s elite are just a bunch of idiots? Does it not occur to the Metha that these grey things could have known (even calculated) all that happened (risk) after pulling out?

Issue: How did the grey Americans manage to convince someone in Ghana, deep inside Tarkwa, where American/European gold/diamond mining companies are shipping gold dust and diamonds out, for free, that America’s elite are just idiots?

In what world is the man occupying your country (USAFRICOM) the idiotic one?

In what world does the oppressed person rationalize his oppression as a sign of his oppressor’s stupidity? The Stupid Planet?

Resolution: Either the Metha is remarkably stupid, or the grey American elite have done quite a job on the Metha’s lobotomy. Whatever that the details of the USA non-linear war on the Metha’s brain entails, I would love to know.

Boi, it works… these grey American elites…. they are good! Sh*******.


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