No Great Degree Ever Built a Nation: Welcome to the Animal Kingdom.

The Metha in Ghana believe that nations are built by producing better scholars. How wrong that they are! The Metha (the mis-educated than his ancestors) is not even remotely aware that he has wealthy lands of gold and oil, and that his only responsibility in life, expected of him by his children, is to defend the gold with his life!

But the Metha believes something different when he is told that swords have built many nations. Not degrees! Guns have built many nations, not degrees. Giant, fire-spitting, guns have built nations. Plenty! But the Metha believes different.

However, take for instance one of Africa’s preeminent civilizations. KMT was not built by her scholars! KMT (Kemet) was built by her warriors. Narmer, the first Pharaoh, did a lot of beheading to make Kemet happen.

Scholarship, on the other hand, is not like warfare. It is an art. It is an art that is produced by peaceful minds who are defended by real warriors spilling blood at every whim.

Still don’t get it?

You wonder why the gold nation, Ghana, is still poor? Ghana for example has lands of gold, diamonds and oils. Yet, Ghana cannot defend an acre of it against foreign interests! A.ka. against foreign invasion.

Yet, in the same vein, the scholars, themselves products of foreign direct investment in Ghana, speak daily of direct (foreign) investment in order to build a better Ghana.

How to build a “better Ghana” in the image of foreign direct investment? And how to defend this “better Ghana” against foreign invasion? How to defend the gold and the diamonds from warrior nations like the US, China and France?

Today, Ghana still educates some of world’s finest physicians, with hard-earned currency, yet Ghana cannot defend her investment against foreign nations that need the services of these physicians.

And so like the gold, the diamonds, the bauxite, etc. that live in the land, Ghana cannot defend them against foreign interests! The gold is taken away; the diamonds are shipped out; the oils are siphoned off; and the best educated minds  often spirited away.

And how can one build a nation without the gold, diamonds, oils and the great minds?

The road to building a nation is only through the barrel of a gun/sword. There’s simply no other way. You must defend what you have, by hook or crook. There’s no other way to get rich!

Welcome to the animal kingdom.


  1. Haven’t you heard? Metha has no concern for fine jewelry in gold or diamonds, only for fine English and French. The Metha have no concern for oils in his land, only olive oil sprinkled atop his daily meal.

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