The Gbetto Did Not Fight Against Their Own Men!

Remember That!

“People have to contextualize narratives from Africa before they are stolen and abused for grey needs:

The Gbetto Warriors of Dahomey (Mianorwo) are not today known to be some of the greatest women who walked this planet because they fought against their own men. No, far from it. The Gbetto fought, and they died, for the liberation of their nation (women, men and children) against grey, invading colonial forces!

Remember that, my dear African feminists! Remember the sacrifices of our women too!

The struggle for liberation continues for our women too. Lady Mboma is fighting despite the grey hominems! Casta Semenya is fighting… and there are so many of our women fighting and rejecting the normalizing agenda of the Feminazi battalions unleashed on our African spaces by the colonial forces.

May God give the Mbomas, the Semenyas, and all the Gbetto the world over, more vim to continue and to win the fight.

You fight the good fight!”

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