People in the sciences.

The Metha: Hiding Books & Generating Complexity.

The Mis-Educated Than His Ancestors, the Metha, and their handlers in the North are very insecure about their own intelligence. And so what they do is generate complexity to make themselves indispensable.

When I was a little school boy, most of my mates in my group enjoyed learning together—sharing books, questioning each other’s knowledge of some material here and there, and even teaching one another novel ways of solving certain problems.

Yet, there were some weird kids who dabbled in the Pale Sciences of Mis-Intelligence, particularly the Metha! They would hide books that they had found to be useful, and they would feign ignorance of material they already knew well, only to score the highest marks on the end-of-term examinations, much to the group’s utter surprise. In my friend-group, we would monitor such weird behavior and ostracize boys who engaged in this kind of paleness.

Some Metha schoolboys went even further, actively hiding useful books that belonged to their own friends. Thus, preventing their friends from adequately preparing for tests. This way, the pale, Metha, yet-to-be-scientists thought they would become the indispensable intelligence of those very subjects in school.

I despised such Metha boys who feigned friendship, but who joined our groups to only take advantage of—and even were taught—what others knew well. I hated such boys as they never shared their knowledge, and I got into trouble a few times—many times—in fact, in my proverbial attempts to bring such boys to justice in my own way.

I failed, however, to bring such pale sheep to justice every single time. Myself, I got into all kinds of trouble for trying to correct what I believed was cynical and sinister mis-intelligence on the part of the Metha schoolboys. My principle remains unchanged despite my failures to discourage the pale sciences around me.

However, since those early years in middle school, high school and even at university, I have come to the painful realization that the world cannot be rid of the pale sciences of mis-intelligence.

Take a field like immunology and the pale scientists have now, in the twenty-first century, over complicated something that is as basic scientific knowledge as inoculation itself—invented, be it as simple and elegant as it was, in West Africa long ago. The Pharmaceutical Industry has rendered this field of science useless by hiding the facts, and preventing real investigators from accessing and assessing the information about their trials, tests and outcomes.

In effect Big Pharma is the old schoolboy of the twenty-first century, engaging in the Pale Sciences of Mis-Intelligence on a universal scale: First and foremost, it hides everything and shares nothing. Second, it generates complexity where there’s none in order to make itself indispensable. In this way anything told by Big Pharma is told by an idiot—full of sound and fury, signifying nothing! And finally, Big Pharma feigns ignorance of the consequences of its own mis-intelligence.

Big Pharma has built up its own cloud empire, a tiny powerbase of its own, dictating to the rest of the world from the high towers of western idolatry that it is indispensable. The world must push back on it and make Big Pharma as dispensable as the toilet paper it is worth, and we must point the finger, making it clear that we are indispensable! Big Pharma is a misfit, but it cannot be ostracized from the world without getting ourselves into much trouble—a whole lot of trouble—more trouble than I got myself into as a teenager.

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