We cannot be in the business of thrusting our civilized emotions upon the uncivilized globalists… We can only write and enact our own philosophies rather than be swallowed whole by the globalist manifesto.

A new people have come to occupy our planet. They are called the globalists for their love of being everywhere around the globe. The globalists believe the world—all of it—is theirs and theirs alone to enjoy. They find a hard time settling down in one place and can never limit themselves to one, or even a few countries. For appearances alone,they usually call one place home, presumably where the heart is; but in practice, they have a second home, their favorite vacation spot, and a third home, their favorite place to conference, and a fourth home, the place they imagine they would live if they could do it all over again. The globalists adore constant travel. Forget a suitcase or two, the globalists tow entire collections of fancy luggage, dragging their materials and purchasing new ones,flying round and round in an endless smog pattern.

The reasons for the globalists’ journeys are empty and meaningless. Simply, the globalists become tired of their everyday existence and thus set off four thousand miles across the oceans, so they can rest their eyes upon some distant forest, seashore, snow-capped mountain, or some other landscape.  Even,the globalists might desire to engage in promiscuous activity with random chosen people in non-adjacent villages, with the assurances that there would be no palpable consequences to their licentiousness in the places they call“home.”

With no realization that they are merely performing those same acts of everyday existence in these foreign places:sleeping, waking, eating, defecating, fornicating—the globalists are painfully unaware that these new places cannot shake their fundamental malaise, that kinship, creativity, and purpose can neither be readily nor successfully substituted for material gain.  

It would matter less what these globalists believe or do, if their thoughts, words, and actions did not effect my own habitat. But as all actions have reactions, quite equal and often opposite, so too do these globalists’ travels affect our well-being. The globalists’ philosophy is relatively inward-looking: it is their world, we (the rest of us)are just in it—taking up space, at worst, or their entertainment during their frequent periods of ennui at best. For the globalists, we are a captive audience for their exploits. Their international restaurants where they sit in the VIP (very important people) sections would bring them little (temporary)joy if there were no plebeians like us to provide them with wallpaper. Remember that conversation where you heard how they summer and winter and spring and fall? That guy for whom seasons are verbs, that woman for whom Louis is not a person but an accessory? Surely, you have encountered globalists in your time.They are hard to miss, being everywhere at once, as they wish.

The globalist globetrotters accomplish their fantasies while contributing nothing to the environment around them.While some people fail to acknowledge our warming planet, the globalists’ restless movements are no small contributors to this global disaster. They muddle the earth with profuse wastes of pollution from air and car travels for useless trips of no relevance to the betterment of the planet. They take food,resources, material goods, and clothing from communities and deposit nothing in return. The globalists hoard all these elements from real people to cause a precarious imbalance of power. They find pleasure to lounge from the vantage point of their luxury homes, flats, and automobiles, while devouring filet mignon and watching the majority of us suffer. 

The globalists commission their minions to lobby to persuade us that glass-walled skyscrapers with no fresh air and privatized facilities are good for everyone. They desire streets of expensive cafes only they can afford below their high-priced lofts, equally as exclusive.They convince us to allow the construction of generic globalist buildings like multinational hotels on our ancestors’ lands. So that they can have a place to put up their feet and recline whenever they choose to stop by our towns, we accommodate their every desire in the name of: that building will create jobs for us. We tell ourselves that globalists are good job creators and forget that the only real jobs required for our survival are not tied to a minimum wage.Conveniently, we forget the real jobs of harvesting and hunting food, fetching water, building shelter, and protecting our communities—in exchange for the globalist fantasy jobs that provide us with bi-weekly assortments of dirty papers for which we can hope to redeem these necessary items. The globalist shave asserted their fictions as social facts, which the majority of us uncritically accept and fail to challenge whether for our laziness in mind or body.

Frankly, the globalists are not known to care about how their goings-on effect the rest of us: human, animal, and plant kingdoms, as well as the larger galaxy and universe. It is not their job to care. They could not care less, nor should they. We cannot be in the business of thrusting civilized emotions upon the uncivilized. We can only instill in our societies what is best for our communities. We can only write and enact our own philosophies rather than be swallowed whole by the globalist manifesto.


  1. Lol,

    Smh means ‘shaking my head’
    simply put: the write up was chillingly revealing.

    Please ate you OK?

  2. Anyway Torsu. Thanks.

    In reaction to the post however, I find that Nefetiti is right on the mark with her remarkable analytical skills.

    The globalists are restless, and because they are restless they are without restraint. They no longer need the whole Earth. Hell, that’s not enough! They need Mars, they need the Moon… and on and on and on. They will need 10 Earths, and even then they will remain restless, unrestrained, destructive and above all, savage! This is what the people of Ma’at must contend with: The reality that cave people people are often a restless people, a destructive people, a savage people.

    • Contentment then is a remarkable attribute of a human being. Isn’t it? In order to become self-sustaining, in order to reach God, Godliness, the man must reach a stage of total contentment.

      Restlessness on the other hand is a remarkable attribute of the devil. The restless loot, rape and destroy. In the end, the restless will destroy their own habitat. There’s no other habitat left anywhere in t he universe for mankind, except this one, Earth. The restless will lead us all to its total demise as we know it.

  3. I’m not happy. maybe I am too impatient, Nefetiti’s prophecy comes in doses.
    I feel like after we have “uncritically accepted and failed to challenge how easy they have sold fiction to us as social facts, we allow them to come preach the gospel to us. What do I mean? Let me give a simple example. John Travolta and Prad Pitt have their own passenger size airplanes and landing spots on their houses. They and 3 members of their families ride in 500 passenger jets, sleep in 50 bathrooms and 70 bedrooms in one hose mansions. But they are lined up on tv commercials to educate the rest of us on the importance of putting off our lights in our 50 square meter apartments before going out for an hour walk…. I am sure u can now see where my impatience is coming from.


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