The Meaning of NEVER AGAIN!

In the 1500s Europeans came to West Africa, for the first time. West Africans weren’t really aware who the Europeans really were: What was their culture and values? Were they actually human? Written documents about the Europeans had long be discarded or lost. Writing itself was no longer in vogue in major parts of West Africa.

In fact, much of the rest of the world outside Africa, too, didn’t quite know what to make of the European maritime insurgence. Then the most Barbaric Acts in Human History begun in Africa:

The Genocides of whole African Ethnic Groups occurred. The Tribal Wars between various Ancestral Nations Escalated. The Violent Trans-Atlantic Human Trafficking of Africans to the Americas occurred for some 400 years. The Chattel Enslavement and Genocides of whole African Peoples in the Americas occurred over the same period. All at the Cunning Hands of Europeans.

All this for what? All this to also reiterate that The Elephant Never Forgets.




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