(A) An Italian Shepherd convincing His Sheep that he is, indeed, The Good Shepherd. (B) A Leopard convincing the Young Deer that he is, indeed, The Good Shepherd.

Principle And Morality.

The Shepherd spends all his time telling the Sheep he’s protecting them from the Wolves. But why the interest in the Sheep’s welfare?

The Shepherd wants to eat the Sheep himself. What happens to Sheep under the control of a Shepherd? The Sheep end up getting cooked, and eaten, anyway, by the Shepherd!

Better to be out there fending for yourself than to be kept in bondage under the fear of dying anyhow. Principle over morality. It is not the path – right or wrong – but something higher, bigger than that.

What is it? Is there such a thing as the Good Shepherd?

Take for instance another story: Here, the leopard claims it is a Good Shepherd of Young Deer, don’t you know? The leopard proceeds to tell all Young Deer that they are all One Family.

Can’t you see that we both are Animals? That we both bleed Red – that we both don’t bleed Vodka? That we both have some Brown Skin? Don’t you know that we are both Mammals – that we may come with different shades and stripes, yet we still come from the same Ancestor? The leopard would claim that all leopards and all the Young Deer are indeed the same – that they should concentrate on their similarities more than their tiny differences. Don’t you see?

And when the Mother Deer screams at the ignorance of her young. The leopard raised his voice even more: No, no, no. Pictures speak a million words. Don’t you see? Don’t you see that there’s more LOVE between Mammals than people make it out to be? Why are people trying to convince the Young Deer to fear the Leopard? That is Reverse-Cannibalism! Don’t you see?

Don’t you see that All Mammal Lives Matter?

But why the leopard’s interest in the deer’s affairs? What happens to deer in the hands of leopards? They end up, like sheep in the hands of their shepherd, getting cooked and eaten. This is the way of shepherds and leopards. There’s no other way.

Better to be out there fending for yourself than to be kept in bondage of a union. Principle and morality. Principle and matter. Mind and body. It is not the path – right or wrong – but something higher, bigger than that.

Tswa Omanye Aba!

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  1. We like to see very powerful people/things take “care” of the weak ones. This kind of narrative is the Savior Trope Narratives. It is almost always more appetizing and emotionally triggering to have a really powerful person “take care” of the weak. This is why the Christ story is so powerful to Christians. This is why the various religions keep making up Savior Prophets, because deep down, in the hearts and minds of the weak, they want to be saved by a more powerful person (whether this person actually has the power he claims to have or not). This is why people are almost always duped by such Savior Trope Narratives. Still, it doesn’t take away from their power to emotionally trigger the weak majority. It works, and that’s what matters!


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