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Anything Goes Behaviour & Culture.

What we have seen from the west is that they peddle around the world a particular kind of culture — the Anything Goes Behaviour and Culture. When it comes to morality, it is Anything Goes. When it comes to sex, it is Anything Goes. When it comes to family life and structure, again, Anything Goes!

What at all is western culture? Anything Goes! (So long as it makes money, you see?) That is, whatever that they claim is right or wrong is either right or wrong. In other words, what we have observed from the west in the last hundred or so years is the idea that they are always right, and we are always wrong.

Another way to make this clear is this: You ask the westerner, “What is your culture?” They can’t say. Their culture is the Anything Goes Culture. Whatever they say. And what they always seem certain about is that their Anything Goes Culture always knows better than our African Traditions. So we ask: If you have an Anything Goes Culture, why can’t you accept our culture as one of the “anythings”?

The answer? No, no, no. Our (African) culture must go. It must give way to their (western) Anything Goes Culture. This frustrates a whole lot of African Traditional Scholars. We cannot reconcile the idea of an Anything Goes Culture with Civilized People.

That is, to be civilized, to build a civilization, you cannot subscribe to an idea like the Anything Goes Culture. It simply does NOT work – in just the same way that a bridge shorter than the width of the river cannot work as a bridge! The Universe is filled with Natural Principles such as this: We are assured the Earth will rotate and we shall see the face of the Sun again. These are Natural Principles, whether we like them or not.

The Universe does not Operate on Anything Goes Laws, else we spin directly, next morning, into the heat of the Immaculate Sun. The Universe Operates on Natural Principles. The level of complexity we observe in our world is exactly because of these Natural Principles, not in spite of them. Anything Goes Culture is a Culture of an Orgasmatron Psychological/Sexual Deviance. It is anarchy. There’s no honor in it.

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