The Mongols have come to the conclusion quite painfully that the Barbarians do not like them, nor do these Barbarians plan for a self-assertive Mongol manhood in the world.

The Mongols now admit, without an iota of hesitation or double thinking, that Barbarian Influence in Mongol Land poses an existential threat to Mongol Resources and Mongol Ways of Life.

The Lions, on the other hand, are however, still deluded. At least, most Lions are still transfixed on importing Barbarian Influence into their Lands. The Lions are simply not aware – although half a millennia of their own history shows this – that Barbarians simply hate and despise Lions!

Barbarians, by definition, do not CO-EXIST! Never. The Afrosaxon Lions and the Afrogaulois Lions are aware of this, but the very definition of Afrosaxon or Afrogaulois prohibits bravery in the face of an existential threat.

This is the world, and the nature of it. Like it, or change it!