The problem with western science is Capitalism. That is, western science is not in the business of solving problems unless those solutions (if ever they can be called solutions), funnel resources upwards to the oligarchs of the west. Put another way, western science is not in the business of solving problems but making money for its investors.

In layman terms, western science is not spurred on by people who are passionate about humanity. Western science is bought, maintained and supported by oligarchs and their students who want only one thing, Money! All methods, and all results, are shaped to do one thing: siphon money from the masses to the oligarchs.

This is why no matter how many billions the west invests in science, other nations are able to invest only a tiny fraction and achieve greater results. Take North Korea’s Nuclear Program. Take for instance Russian Science. In weapons technology alone, Russia has surpassed the USA by over a generation with only a tiny fraction of the investment costs. In space exploration, i.e. actually getting into space and getting back with people, Russia invests a tiny fraction, yet betters the USA in results.

Why? Passion. Not Money. The world is going to be saved through passion, and the passion for humanity. Not through making money. Capitalism, no matter its observable gains in wealth for its investors, goes to show that when it comes to sustainable science and development, capitalism is a distraction. Real scientists are artists, not merchants.

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