Problem with the World: The Proliferation of Psychopaths.

Psychopaths have created logic, real narratives, to justify their psychopathy. For instance, take “Academic Medicine”: It is okay to mutilate other people’s bodies if for some reason the mutilation results in the discovery of some “knowledge”.

The Capstone of Barbarian Logic: Greed is Good. (No, it is not!)

Nothing is sacred: This is the psychopathy. Everything can and should lend itself to mutilation. Even our bodies! Even Procreation! Even Mother Earth! This is the cornerstone, hell, even the capstone of western psychopathy!

And so as everything that is not sacred, no natural processes are sacred either. Nature is not sacred and so why should procreation be sacred: This is the psychopathy!

This psychopathy hangs heavy on the Bottomless Restlessness of Barbarism. Just for example that the Earth itself is a resource we can, at will, use and abuse! One iteration of this psychopathy is the Insatiable Appetites of the Psychopaths.

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