They were know as “Our Mothers” in Dahomey and beyond. Not the Amazon Warriors.

The correct name for the Gbeto (hunters, who were almost all women) when they came together and formed armies for war was: Our Mothers (or in the Gbe language: Mianor, Mianorwo, or Miano).

Hence the official name of this famous, revered, all woman-armies of the old Kingdom of Dahomey was not “The Amazon Warriors,” and it wasn’t even The Gbeto (Hunters).

It was: Our Mothers! Let that sink in for a moment.

In general, however, there’s also a reason why in most African societies we don’t have queens. We have queenMothers!

Note the emphasis on Mother. Let that sink in.


  1. Has it sunk in to those feminazis? Not feminist warriors or queenfeminist. Has it sunk into those globalists? Not Bezos warriors. Great post, short and impactful.

  2. The photo presented with the article, speaks volumes. The Gbeto were true fighters against disorder. Our Kemetic sages taught us that we must not allow Isfet, (disorder, chaos) to stand in society. We must defeat it, and fight with Maat, (order, balance, righteousness), in order to have an orderly and just society. It’s simply doing what’s right, according to the laws of the cosmos, or “the way”, as our elders would say.


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