Joe Biden Lost The Elections Before Picking Kamala Harris.

It doesn’t matter what the Euro-American Establishment calls Kamala Harris, the Democrat VP choice. It doesn’t matter whether they tell the world now that she is actually Indian American (as opposed to American Indian), who is passing for a Black woman in America.

And it really doesn’t matter that they refer to her often as a Black woman. Kamala Harris is not a Black woman. She is certainly not African American! Her failure to garner that support in the democratic primaries more than proves the fact that most African Americans know she is on the come up. We know she conveniently passed for Black to take away resources and positions from Black women!

But the problem of Biden’s bid for president is not Kamala, the Indian American opportunist. The fact is that Joe Biden himself, as a white man, historically racist presidential candidate, had already lost the elections to President Trump, a full month ago. Back then, and now, the African American support for Joe Biden remained much lower than for Hillary Clinton. The Euro-American Mass Media have accepted that much!

Joe Biden lost the elections a full month ago. What the democrats are trying to do here, in the pick for Kamala Harri, is at best a greasy move. They are signifying and re-signifying their Plantation Master status in their relations to their African American voters: “We are white and we say so!” “You don’t like Trump, here’s Biden-Kamala!”

In the coming weeks and months, we are going to debate the “race” of Kamala Harris as if her “race” is not so abundantly clear! White media would like to paint the Black/African community as essentialist as we continue to reject the supposed Black/African American identity of Kamala Harris. But the fact remains that there’s nothing as essentialist, as Anti-Black and as racist as calling an Indian woman — married to a Caucasian man, and whose father is an Indian Jamaican, and who barely remembers any Black ancestor in her own genealogy — as Black!

Nothing remains as racist and as an oily privilege of white terrorism as calling an Indian American woman — who has consistently worked to terrorize and incarcerate Black people en mass in America — as Black!

Joe Biden lost the elections way before he picked the Indian American senator from California to help him do it. Certainly, with Kamala Harris consistently insisting that she passes for African American, the democrats have lost yet again another pivotal election by appealing to identity politics, yet insulting the identity of African American descendants of Slaves (AADOS). The “I am white and I say so” mantra of running the Democratic Party is no longer acceptable to the African American community. It ends here.


  1. And she is not big enough for her image to overwhelm that of is a fact that,vps do not make or break elections in america.

    The american culture is not ready for a woman presidential or vice presidential candidate.

  2. Oh Narmer Amenuti, come on. I know you are angry but we need the platform to effect changes. The Democrat platform is more accessible to us than the Republican.

    • My brother. We differ there! I believe that the African American vote is caught between a rock and a hard place. I prefer it wiggles out free, not spend its tireless energy boring through either one.

    • Kwame Yeboah This is not pwer. This, to me, is tokenism! Power is putting a person who believes in your cause from the heart, not because they want to win an election and pretend to

  3. There were no Non-bias Whites. Things have changed and progress has been made so and there are in the white community (including those who held bias views) who can be ALLIES in our struggle. We can dismiss every white because of history

  4. I really feel the democrats are the biggest enemy to the enhancement of the black causes. Firstly, I think they are overtly bigoted unlike Trump who openly says what he feels and gives blacks a cause to go and fight for change. Democrats on the other hand are good at tokenism without effecting real change. They gave us Obama and the black had the worst economic outcomes under Obama. He was merely a token of the system that works to the advantage of one group. And Biden is playing this card. I don’t see why choosing a black VP should be a campaign point. A VP who doesn’t even have the cause of the black community at heart. Add to that a racist, white old male President. And somehow we as blacks should be excited for real change? This is tokenism at its best. Kamala does not take anything that shakes the system that has worked against us for years for us to have hope. I look forward to more progressive candidates like Bernie, AOC and the like. Unfortunately the media decampaigns them to maintain the system while putting moderates who pretend to care but are more dangerous. The party structure, guarded by the system, keeps putting moderates even though the grassroots are moving left

    • This is why Black problems have not been solved as at now. We expect others to be the leaders to solve our problem. Our problems exist because we expect others to use the system to help us. We don’t need leaders who are exactly the same color and from the neighborhood, before we vote for a change. What we need is to participate with the intention of taking over. If we need a change, we have to effect it and don’t be bystanders because we didn’t get a “purely Black person” to be chosen. Nobody needs to choose us, we have to go and get it. Between the Republican Party with Donald Trump and Democratic Party with Biden and Harris, I am going for the Democrats because at least I know my voice will be heard. What we need is the most possible platform to launch the change we need. Thinking that the Democratic Party which is our only ally is not pure enough, will be a lost opportunity like the thousands we have failed to use for over 200 or more years. A revolutionary miracle will never happen. We have to struggle and use every half chance that we get. I am voting for Biden and Harris in November. It is not my best ticket but my only viable option.

    • Kwame Yeboah I agree with all you have said. But I think you are missing my main point. I totally agree we need to take leadership and not expect someone to help use. And the “We” is not merely color like Kamala or Obama. We is a movement of like-minded people. Unfortunately, the system play us by offering someone who has the same color and not sharing the vision. Or someone who does not have real power. Kamala, by all measures, is not part of the movement that can liberate blacks. I doubt your voice will be heard with Biden. For start, look at his record and what he truly believes in. What will happen instead, is Biden will pretend to hear your voice, making you comfortable and not fight for change. And this is my argument. On the other side, Trump will openly not hear your voice, giving you the opportunity to fight for change. Black have voted white male democrats for years (including a black), but there has not been any real change. I do not know, brother, but I believe progressives are the ones who are going to fight the system that perpetuates this inequality

    • Kelvin Mulungu Good point but we can’t just wish progressives into power. We need to progressively win power by participating in the electoral system. Biden teamed up with Obama and that was progress. He has selected a half or quarter black woman as potential vice president and that is also progress. Why we failed with Obama was that we mistakenly thought he alone as President could use the white supremacist state apparatus to effect change for us. The Democrats were in total power for only two years (2009 to 2010) under Obama. After that the Republicans took over the Senate and Congress and made sure that Obama and Biden were not effective. Now, we have a strong progressive Democratic Party in charge of Congress to support a Democratic President. Bennie and the progressive squad have already started influencing Biden and the Democratic platform and so far all the programs Biden has announced has been to the left of the Party under the influence of the Progressives. That is a start. Harris has been teaming up with Cory Booker to enact progressives Bills and that is progress. We couldn’t get the Progressives to win the nomination so what we have to do is to seize the platform of the Democratic Party. The idea that by keeping Trump and the Republicans in power, things will be so bad it will trigger a progressive revolution is idealist. What happened when Trump sent troops into the cities to quell the BlackLiveMatter demonstrations? Was there a revolution and where are the protests now? We are the power source of the Democratic Party. Without our votes, Mitt and the Republicans will have the power. Power will let them entrench themselves and have a better control of the states and government through the manipulation of the electoral system that will limit our future opportunities for a change. I repeat, Biden/Harris ticket is not the best chance but it is an opening for us. Let’s seize it and build upon that. I can’t believe we are arguing about voting out a racist President supported by a white supremacist party because our Democratic Party allies are not black/progressive enough. Our ancestors died to win us the right to vote because they knew we could use it to our advantage. Please lets use it.

    • Kwame Yeboah I agree with some points you make. We need to seize power. But also democrats take us for granted! I however do not agree with you that choosing Kamala is progress…I think that is the tokenism I talk about. We need real progress in terms of system working for us. Policies that hold officer to account, reforming the institutions etc. I am not saying Trump should stay in power. But as an example, we have made progress out of recent protests more than we made under the Obama. But you know what would have happened if a democrat was in power? He would have gone there after Floyd, offer solidarity, pray with mourners giving us a false sense of progress without real progress. I know i am pushing a problematic line, but I hope you get it. Obama would have gone to sing Amazing grace leaving with the same system. But Trump will not, which resulted in the best progress in recent years.

    • Kelvin Mulungu How would it have been if the President and Vice were Democrats we voted into power during the protests following Floyd death? What would have happened if we were in control of Congress. I don’t see how token is our voting Kamala Harris into power. Somebody is not appointing a Black person into power, we are going to vote her into power. So if she wins it will be because of our power and her stay in power will depend on us. That is called influence and not token. This is why the Republican Party is beholding to the white supremacists. It is not because each leader is genuinely one of them but because they hold them accountable. We can also do that. We vote our allies into power and influence them with protests and power of our vote. The only places where the recent protests have cause policy changes are where Democrats are in power. This should be obvious to everybody and that is why the Republicans sent in the troops. Please, we shouldn’t miss any chance to gain power

    • Kwame Yeboah if a Democrat was in power? He would have gone to Floyd’s memorial, sang a hymn in solidarity (Remember Obama during the church shooting), and made verbal promises and we as blacks would have false sense of progress and sat. You are not voting Kamala into office. You are voting Biden. How are you voting Kamala the same one you just rejected and she lost miserably barely 3 months ago. She is token because to start with she does not even hold the issues dear to the black community at heart. She is just ‘black’, and she is there to represent blacks, not blacks real causes. And no, changes have been even in Republican states. Did you know cities with democrat mayors are the ones that with some of the worst justice outcomes for police victims?

  5. Why don’t you stop this nonsensical distraction of playing the race card.
    Is she the best candidate?
    End of.
    You sound like a trump supporter throwing dust Into the air, not substance.
    You actually write as a black racist. As a man of mixed race I find you quite offensive.
    There are good people of all races colours and beliefs.
    Is she te has candidate?? End of.

    • You folks love to descend on Black people who do not accept Kamala’s white supremacist identity as being “Black”. Only you dare not descend on the white people who fail to see that she is white. You will never read or hear that Kamala is White, yet she has equal, if not more Irish blood in her veins than African blood.

      More, you also dare not descend on Indians who fail to see that she is Indian.

      Throw your dust if you will. Two-thirds of African Americans have rejected her supposed identity. We do not reject Kamala for not being Black alone. You haven’t read me at all. Kamala has served the interests of the Mass Incarceration Industrial Complex, and she loved it. Black people are not fooled by the nonsense of your charge of “black racist.” It is an idiotic charge, at best!

    • Narmer Amenuti you are a black racist, I lay the charge squarely at your feet. Racism cuts both ways and I am calling you out.
      As mixed race man from black and white parents I am better qualified to call you out than most people.
      Deal with it, shame on yo.

    • “As mixed race man from black and white parents I am better qualified to call you out than most people.”

      Ok. Since you are speaking now about who is more legitimate and or has a right to that race or that race, let us also say that I am more qualified than you to speak of who is 100 percent Black! (I am 100 percent African Black!)


      Thank you!

    • Narmer Amenuti I was brought up to see the good and bad in people, not their colour.
      There are good people of all races colours and beliefs.
      Colour is the great distractor that less intelligent people seize upon to further their agendas.
      Good and evil have no colour.
      As I said and say again , she is the best candidate for the job and I don’t have a shit about her racial background, colour or religion.

    • Narmer Amenuti you say kamala is not black enough? Don’t you sound like a black supremacist. If you say round a table with the KKK you actually would find little to disagree on except on who to visit your hatred, bigoted rhetoric and division upon.
      Open your mind.

    • John Banahene. Again, you beat about the bush! Why don’t you try that statement with those Private Owners, who are white, of the Mass Prison Industrial Complex in America that casts a net for Black people like fishes in a sea. Try telling the white men who run America’s institutions to “see the good and bad in people, not their colour.”

      Obviously, if “Colour is[was] the great distractor that less intelligent people seize upon to further their agendas,” Europe and America will not even exist!

      Please, quit your Pharisaism about Good and Bad, and intelligent and non-intelligent. None has any relevance whatsoever in the white supremacist world I live in, in America. Perhaps Europe is so egalitarian? Please!

      You fool no one but yourselves if you continue to engage in the language of white supremacists who continue to grant and guarantee the language with which to describe and talk about Black people, and still make yourselves believe that this is the way to “open mindedness.”

      John, you still cannot call yourself white, and you speak of open minds?


    • John Banahene There isn’t such a thing as a “black racist”. The white racist establishment who engineered, promote and mastered racism aka white supremacy disagree with you.

      You’re a living proof that the mind is truly a terrible thing to waste.?

  6. You folks love to descend on Black people who do not accept Kamala’s white supremacist identity as being “Black”. Only you dare not descend on the white people who fail to see that she is white. You will never read or hear that Kamala is White, yet she has equal, if not more Irish blood in her veins than African blood.

    More, you also dare not descend on Indians who fail to see that she is Indian.

    Throw your dust if you will. Two-thirds of African Americans have rejected her supposed identity. We do not reject Kamala for not being Black alone. You haven’t read me at all. Kamala has served the interests of the Mass Incarceration Industrial Complex, and she loved it. Black people are not fooled by the nonsense of your charge of “black racist.” It is an idiotic charge, at best!

    • Just ignorant! You are ignorant! Keep it that way and your children will end up again in the bottom of a ship! Trump is racist? Are you an idiot or what? Biden is not racist? Do you people use any parts of your brains? Nonsense!

    • Narmer Amenuti Rubbish, foolish, idiotic fake and disgraceful person! Look at you! KKK and white nationalist foot soldier! Abeg stop displaying your ignorance. You don’t deserve comments – small brain big mouth – abeg…).

    • Just look at the limitations you have imposed on yourself using your master’s language at great distress? That’s it? “Rubbish”? You make me laugh. Ok, that’s it!

    • Narmer Amenuti your emotions are dictating your limited cognitive power. You are unable to think big and in your fake woke ideology that pretends to stay true to a ideological “purity” on race and power you will continue to suffer and shoot yourself in the foot. Only you expect politicians to do the work for you! I don’t count on any but I will reject any white nationalist that will divide the people by race and class like Trump and his minions. You are the best ally KKK can ever dream of; An emotional obtuse African man who hate anything that is not HIS definition of blackness because he needs a punching ball to alleviate all of his life’s frustrations. Pathetic!

    • Dear Nouma, I do not have any life frustrations. Maybe you do. I don’t. I am very very happy. Thank you! The more you know!

    • Narmer Amenuti then stop hating on an accomplished black woman who is not afraid to speak her truth not even to Joe Biden. You disgracefully wrote her off because of her mixed ethnicity and your extremist view of what the Democratic Party should be like. Appalling.

  7. .
    There’s been, coincidentally, a lot of conversations in the UK and US regarding mixed heritage, the appearance of Blackness and the very nature of Blackness itself.

    My thing is: mixed folks (that is, folks who have immediately identifiable nonBlack and Black parentage) will generally lament about not being accepted into Blackness whilst being totally at peace with not being inducted into whiteness (or other nonBlack races and/or cultures).

    Mixed folks will often condemn dark-skinned Black folks for not being accepting whilst treating Blackness as a consolation prize. They’ll say things like, “I experience racism just like darker-skinned Black folks”, revealing their desire to be accepted by Black folks is based solely on their relationship to oppression. This is generally the default avenue mixed folks use to identify with Blackness and it always struck me as inherently anti-Black. It reduces the wonderfully vast, cosmic experience of being Black and defines it purely by the oppression Black people face at the hands of white supremacy.

    If you understand that the “privileges” of being lighter-skinned do not provide you with keys into the arena of whiteness, then where does the assumption that the marginalisation of nonwhiteness grants you automatic access into Blackness come from? Well, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: whiteness is a police-guarded, gated community and Blackness is seen as a street party. Everyone feels entitled to Blackness and we, darker-skinned folks who fight the full weight of white-supremacist oppression, should just be grateful for all the hands we can get.

    But ultimately, if your main reasoning for wanting acceptance into Blackness is “because the world doesn’t treat you as white” then you’re already turning up to the door with a sense of resentment and resignation. You’re here because you have nowhere else to go, rather than arriving with a heart full of spiritual pride and an existential urgency that drives you to want to be here and, honestly, the world doesn’t treat you like it treats darker-skinned Black folks either. If you’re only turning up because you’ve been rejected by every other place then you can’t be surprised when darker-skinned Black folks don’t wanna open the door.

  8. Can we also stop acting like dark skinned Black folks saying, “you’re not Black” is somehow equivalent to the thousands of years of dehumanisation that whiteness has wrought? Mixed folks will melodramatically clutch their pearls and act like we’re being oppressive when most of the time we’re literally just saying “you exist in the world differently and it’s ridiculous to pretend otherwise.

  9. Just imagine an Akan wrote this about a non-Akan Ghanaian – rejecting their Ghanaian-ness. Can you imagine the furore?!


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