Internal Division in the USA?

There’s no internal division in the USA. There’s internal division in Norway. There’s internal division in Ghana. Racial Violence is not an internal division issue. Racial Violence, which is the problem in the USA, is a matter of Europeans squarely and violently engaged in the mass exploitation and extermination of African Americans.

Simple as that. There are NO TWO Americas, as if to suggest that Black people in America have any part of America to call their own, and where they can live to protect themselves from white people’s violence! There’s no such thing! There’s just one America, and it is for White Americans and their co-conspirators from Europe, Asia and Latin America. All of whom are heavily and violently plugged into Economic Deprivation of African Americans.

Stop beating about the bush! Internal division my foot. When Euro-Americans are running wild, raping, killing and exterminating Black people, we speak of an internal division? No, it has always been a concerted war to exterminate Black People from America. Internal division my foot.

Naming is key: The greatest lie the devil ever told was to convince his victims that he didn’t even exist. Be careful when the Euro-American Mass Industrial Propaganda Media give you phrases to run with. Be careful. Naming is very important. Call things the way that they simply are and stop beating about the bush.

Racial violence is not an internal division issue: It is a human rights issue.

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  1. Another term they like to throw around is: Racial Tension. It’s laughable when one group has pulled out the full string and still claims there’s tension on the other end of the string. There’s no “racial tension” in the USA. There’s only Racial Genocide!

  2. Sadly African Americans will disagree and make claims to being more free than others… Using the same incongruent language and metaphors of the whites. Sometimes I just want all these people to just disappear. I am at that point.


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