Flash Mobs are leaving police scrambling to keep tabs. In the USA alone, there are as many as 2,000 teenagers, mobilizing through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, turning out and fighting, disrupting events across the country.

In Philadelphia — Mayor Michael A. Nutter imposed a tough curfew in response to the latest flash mob incidents.

Flash Mobs Increasingly Violent
Curfew, Philadelphia flash-mob teens

Do you see a big Hollywood commercial play on the Flash Mobs sweeping the streets of Philadelphia, New York City and other big cities? The upcoming movie 30 Minutes or Less seriously begs the question.

Compared to Flash Mobs, the story behind 30 Minutes or Less is even more gripping and dark.

At 2:28 pm on August 28, 2003, a middle-aged pizza deliveryman named Brian Wells walked into a PNC Bank in Erie, Pennsylvania, strapped with a bomb, and robbed it. When he was arrested later, Wells told the troopers he had been accosted by a group of men who chained the bomb around his neck at gunpoint and forced him to rob the bank. “It’s gonna go off!” he told them in desperation. “I’m not lying.” Though the officers called the bomb squad the device detonated, blasting him violently onto his back and ripping a 5-inch gash in his chest. The pizza deliveryman took a few last gasps and died on the pavement. It was 3:18 pm. The bomb squad arrived three minutes later.

Even more recently on BBC, Hollywood executives were alleged to have paid off some USA War Room Officials for details on The Killing of Bin Laden. It’s that serious. So if Hollywood can go to these lengths to connect such dark stories to the big screen, what stops them from pouring some $30M or more on The Philly Flash Mobster?

One assurance remains. Whatever the frenzy that grips filmmakers right now, and whatever movie comes out on this subject of Flash Mobs, if the box office can make a connection between Kathryn Bigelow’s The Killing of Bin Laden and the big screen; between Brian Well’s sad story and the big screen; then I think they can make a pretty big connection here too – The Flash Philly Mobster – there, in some bold fancy font!


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