The Supreme Court on Wednesday, 4/3/2014, continued its abolition of limits on election spending, striking down a decades-old cap on the total amount any individual can contribute to federal candidates in a two-year election cycle.

The ruling, which has now been issued near the start of a campaign season, will very likely increase the role money plays in American politics.

So why call this a Democracy? Research has found that the average American would need at least $2600 to have a vote after this ruling. To have any influence on policy however, even this expense is not enough. Tossing a candidate as much as $1 million will do the trick.

With such a supreme court vote, America continues to struggle to prove to the world that they are exceptional. The majority of Americans can assure themselves now of a measly vote, worth nothing, which seems to count for less and less as time passes.

The 5-to-4 decision, with the supreme court’s more conservative members in the majority, echoed Citizens United, the 2010 decision that struck down limits on independent campaign spending by corporations and unions.

Wednesday’s decision seemed to alter campaign finance law in subtle but important ways, notably by limiting how the US government can justify laws said to restrict the exercise of Americans’ First Amendment rights in the form of campaign contributions.

Essentially, the United States has solidified itself as a nation, mighty under the dollar. The real question that bogs many minds around the globe is why Americans are not taking to the streets?

This new episode of the long-running drama of America’s democracy and it’s crusade around the world continue to bolster feelings about American Foreign Policy hypocrisy.

Finally declared a truth by the US Supreme Court, something many around the world have long suspected: America is a Democracy of Capital – Capitalism for short – a Democracy for Sale.

Peradventure, this supreme court will go down in American history as a travesty. Or perhaps this is the true America the rest of the world had always been wary of.

But is the rest of America any different from their Supreme Court judges? Alas they chose them, if not through the ballot box, at least through elected officials who appointed them in their ‘good’ wisdom.

If America today fails to amend the constitution that has led to this, or stumble on undoing this damage to the semblance of democracy it once had, Americans will lose America. And there is more, America will not be able to impose any moral argument of a ‘free country’ or a ‘free people’ and civil society on any other country.

This spells the beginning Of the demise of a pseudo empire who has often posited democracy as the God-given reason to unleash destruction, pain and poverty on many lives in Africa, the Middle East and in Latin America . Moreover, it is also a sad day for many Americans who had believed they lived in a free country.

The reality of democracy in the US is clear. The 1 percent of America’s upper class, the oligarchs, wins. A very good bye to the coveted American middle class and a welcoming of some sorts of the gated communities and their ghetto slaves on the other side of the river – who may even root for a system they have come to belovedly parrot as ‘capitalism’.

The thing that killed the man begun with a single desire – at least so says the ‘Book Of The Coming Forth By Day’.

The consequences of this ruling in America cannot be overemphasized. This supreme court may have even violated America’s First Amendment in that it gives “freedom of speech” to the wealthy, while severely limiting the freedom of speech of the poor, and the fast shrinking so-called middle class. Those Americans who cannot afford to buy ads in support of their candidates can fend for themselves in the ruthless desert of joblessness in America.

It implies, for example, that Sheldon Adelson, an American oligarch of inhumane wealth, has not only more of a right to freedom of speech and expression, but has the only right. This supreme court ruling ranks Americans once again in the same way not more than a century hither, a black man’s vote was worth 3/5ths and women could not even step into the voting booth.

In it broadest context and implications, this ruling is racist, and it is sexist!

The wealthy, who are mostly white males are better, more equal, much more than the middle class, who are mostly white men and women, and are intend so much more better than the miserable poor, who happen to be mostly black.

The American creed on the declaration of independence, echoed by the likes of Abraham Lincoln in his famous Gettysburg address, and recanted by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in his famous ‘I have a Dream’ speech, that all men are created equal, can no longer hold nor can it serve as a creed in the land that has come to be called the United States of America.

Can the ruling be appealed? In the first place, what makes this the Supreme Court? Why should the Supreme Court in America, which is appointed by elected but partisan presidents have the last word in deciding whose free speech is better and more worthy?

The reality is stark. Free speech in the USA may be free but without millions to back it, it is nothing – better it cost a few thousand under a dictator. The supposed basis of American Democracy is now an oxymoron since without millions in privately owned banks, who is going to listen to anyone’s free speech?

Welcome America, to the grim reality of what hypocrisy has done to civilizations long before you. Maybe you will quickly learn and get out of this or you will learn you are no different – you are not exceptional. And if you continue in this direction, you will sink like Rome before you, like Ghana before you, and like the great Kemet herself.


  1. Has America ever been a democracy? In 1776, who was allowed to vote? Not women, not blacks, not Native Americans. Still now, who is allowed to vote? America has always been a democracy in its own mind, or in its ideal world, but never in reality. R.I.P. the ghost that never existed in lived form.

  2. Sadly elected officials in the US have always disobeyed their constituents. They pander to voters during election season and then quickly forget who brought them there when money is presented in exchange for serving private interests. The supreme court is no different. Don’t expect any real change to happen under that system of ignoring the masses in favor of the few.

  3. it is the poor in the states who preach democracy the loudest. speak to the poor and your plea for a thinking populace will lie on deaf ears.


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