Defeating the Chinese Virus: Standard Treatment Is No Treatment (STINT).

The world is plunged deep in a pandemic, and in order to defeat the Chinese virus (or the coronavirus), I wrote, just a few months ago, that we need to bring into circulation “alternative” medicines. Not only did I underscore the need to recognize some of the successes of malarial treatments like Artemisia, Neem and such, especially for managing the early onset of symptoms of the corona virus, but I questioned the sense in banning the use of HAZ (hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, and zinc) to do the same.

I use the term “alternative” here not to say that I agree with the Zodiac Killers that these prescriptions do not belong to the same plain as the so-called “standard treatments” in medicine for the Chinese virus, but to show how the field of western medicine has single-handedly mainstreamed itself, and thus has out-classed anything else that does not drop money into the pockets of Euro-American oligarchs as out-side of the status-quo, or as “other,” or as alternative.

Of course, Europeans do this to everything they encounter, even to fellow human beings. In European civilization (or is it barbarism), anything that is not white is “colored,” or “ethnic,” or “other.” And so the logical imperative of western science is that all medicine that does not qualify as the western standard is alternative medicine, even for hydroxychloroquine.

My point is that those who side with this western paradigm—of gate-keeping medicine—do not actually take the time to understand the argument in place. The Zodiac Killers—as in people who are happy to sit idly by on the fence, and do nothing, when scores of people die from a disease, unless they have to be paid—do not grasp the simple reality, the simple fact, that the so-called “standard treatment” for corona virus has not been proven.  

For instance, the standard treatment of putting Chinese virus patients who cannot breathe on a ventilator and injecting them with literally anything—because this standard injection in the United States differs from state to state, from county to county—is the continuation of the same-old “Standard Treatment Is No Treatment” (STINT) ideal. There’s no proof that ventilators plus the “anything goes” anti-viral and anti-bacterial injections help Chinese virus patients, but since they qualify as “standard treatment,” the Zodiac Killers see no problem with them.

More, there’ no evidence that the US-sanctioned standard treatment—which is Standard Treatment Is No Treatment (STINT), or  Anything Goes Is Best (AGIB) Treatment—is more effective than the use of hydroxychloroquine, or Artemisia, or Neem. The fallacious argument, which the Zodiac Killers often make is that only those of us who argue for such medications as HAZ, Neem and Artemisia ought to provide proof for our claims. No proof is required of the agents of STINT and AGIB, however.

The whole fiasco of the blind belief in STINT is actually the result of the unctuous stint of those who stand only to profit from the momentary financial boost to their wallets of a “vaccine” (that works or not) that emerges from the Euro-American Hospital Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex. The entire catastrophe of the STINT response to the Chinese virus from a medical perspective flies in the face of fundamental scientific thinking.

Worse, as patients succumb to the Chinese virus by the thousands, it only seems more and more obvious that the gate-keepers of medicine—those who decide on what should be accepted as standard treatment—dance around their diner tables adorned with forks and knives made from actual silver with the carcasses of dead patients splattered across the entirety of their tablecloth.  All of these morbid, sadistic, dancers—clapping their shoes, made from actual leather, against floors made of actual marble—do not care about medicine nor do they give a damn about Chinese virus patients all around the world. They certainly don’t care about the scores of Americans dying from contracting the Chinese virus, let alone the dead in Nigeria. They don’t!

And that’s the point. Yet, the Zodiac Killers—and their ghoulish diner table dancers—police every medical study from Africa on Artemisia and Neem, and they strike down, with furious anger, those medical practitioners outside of the Euro-American Hospital Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex who provide any evidence of the efficacy of HAZ against the Chinese virus. In fact, these perverted gate-keepers of medicine have the gall to label vaccines from Russian and China as “untested,” while tooting their own horn in the daylight about how close they have come to providing the world with a yet-to-be-tested vaccine.

The problem is that the unsuspecting observers around the world believe what these ghoulish dancers have to say about the pandemic and the search for a cure, not understanding that the whole point of these dancing wolves is to feed you to their children whatever way they know how: (1) It is either they feed on you through your pocket or (2) They feed directly, from their diner tables, on you as a direct result of your death from a STINT for a treatment.   

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