NTOABOMA, GHANA: This is my candid plea to all the Feminists in the West. Please implore your governments in the United States, in Canada, the UK, Germany and France to buy our Ghanaian Resources in Ghana Cedis (not in the paper money that you print).

This is the fairest, most equal way to level the inequality gap between our women here in Ntoaboma (Ghana) and yourselves up there. If you would just buy our Cocoa, our Gold, our Diamonds, our Coffee, our Bauxite, and Yams in Ghana Cedis, our 18 year old daughters too can drive out brand new Toyota 4Runners from Toyota Dealerships in College.

(They wouldn’t need a Sugar Daddy to present them with a Kpokplomaja one).

You have to admit that it makes no sense that your governments continue to treat our Ntoaboma women’s production each year as European paper while we have to buy your Euro/American women’s production in your dollar currencies (not ours!).

Do this: Get Ghana Cedis (which our women will print themselves) by selling to Ghana things we actually want, and then pay these Ghana Cedis (which our women will control) for the resources you need from us.

You see, that is the Ntoboma Feminist Ideal, at least the way we see it from Ntoaboma, Ghana. (Not who wears the Trousers in a destitute hut in a gold-mining town in Ghana!) And if other feminists miss this essential, existential point, message me, and I will be exceedingly happy to explain to them how first order, second order, third order and higher order processes actually work.)

(Image: Ntoaboma men and women mining gold for Foreigners in Ghana. These women deserve to drive out brand new Toyota 4Runners from nice dealerships in college. These girls too deserve all the nice things you have in Euro/America. Buy our resources in Ghana Cedis, not your dollars! Please!)

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