Correction: Western Values & Christianity.

I cringe when I hear that western values are based on Christianity, or something of the sort. One could not be any more incorrect! Western values are not derived from Christian doctrine. Not at all. And that is not to say Christian doctrine is a thing to adore. Westerners too adopted Christianity like many other peoples around the world.

In fact, quite to the contrary, western values are a certain peculiar perversion of Christian doctrine, sprinkled around some fundamentally, pagan mysticism of Indo-Europa. I argue that Christian values were actually adopted by some European Mafia States as a decor of civility and nobility for more conquering, looting and warfare.

So it is no surprise that the western value system, is now beginning to revert to itself, and is beginning to look, more and more like it used to look, prior to their adoption of certain Christian values.

This is great. We can now, at the least, begin to appreciate the west for what it is, not what it wanted to become. This is good for the world – a kind of letting the cat out the bag. Sort of! Europeans never liked Christianity and they never really, fully converted to Christian ideals. Now, I think Europeans and their satellite states, like the USA, are more comfortable with being themselves.

The Christian facade is broken, and they have escaped. And now, their big bellies will be laid bare for us all to behold.

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  1. The Christianity is like a Trojan horse. The westerners will wear any kind of sheepskin just so that people can let their own guards down. Christianity enables them to blend in and appear moral, pious, religious, and caring. But now with this worldly anything goes mindset, the rest of the world is less at ease with the culture.


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