The Chicken Eagle

The Chicken Eagle.

An eagle lived for many years among chickens. Finally the eagle decided to join the company of other eagles. After he learned to do eagle stuff—like flying very high in the skies and hunting from the skies and the like—the eagle finally parted ways with chicken behavior, like looking for food among tiny ants.

One day the eagle’s old best friend, a chicken, pays him a visit. After hanging out for a while with the chicken visitor, the eagle summons his eagle community to ask for a favor. The eagle asks his fellow eagles that his old best friend chicken would like to join the company of eagles.

The other eagles pointed to the obvious: that the visitor chicken was a chicken and could not be an eagle; that a chicken could not join the company of eagles. The eagle and his old best friend chicken could not understand what the other eagles said. They became furious and wondered why the other eagles refused to allow his old best friend chicken to join in the company of eagles.

The eagle confronted his fellow eagles on behalf of his old best friend chicken. He said, “We are all birds—we can fly, we have beaks, feathers, we have legs and wings and we have eyes. And so why can’t my best old friend chicken join the rest of the eagles?”

The other eagles were stupefied and perplexed. They abandoned the eagle and his old best friend so that the eagle can go on being a chicken.

The End.

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  1. The eagle is asleep and does not realize his power. The chicken wants to bring him down to his level of backwardness. If an eagle is that stupid, then he does not deserve to be a eagle anyhow. What’s worse is if all the eagles are this stupid, then the entire species would die out. In other words, the sleeping giant should wake up or else.


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