NTOABOMA — Anything they touch goes cold. Anything they touch dies. Anywhere they go, only death and destruction results. They are the Grim Reapers.

Gone were the days when men rose and defended Mother Earth against them. Gone were the days when real men poured their blood in defense of our Great Mother, Asase Yaa, Mother Earth.

Our society has become infested with their putrid ideas, their pungent philosophies of life. We have allowed the Grim Reapers, the Zodiac killers, into our lands. We are even helping them destroy Asase Yaa, kill Aberewa, and finish off Asase Efua. Names that were simply without end in continuous praise of how much we cherished and how much we adored our Great Mother are no more.

We no longer adore Asase Yaa. We no longer pour libation to Asase Yaa. We no longer Hail the Great Mother, whose Love is in the Earth. We no longer hail the bringer of Life, the bringer of Law and Order, and the insurer of Ma’at.

In today’s Africa where foreign ideas with overflowing bags of freely printed money beat down on our age-old philosophies of life and love and order, men no longer lay down their lives for Asase Yaa; men no longer love and defend the Old Lady.

I have written briefly about the coming of western ideologies to Africa. I have even talked amply about western industrialization and its effects on all life forms. The world has lost more than fifty percent of its biodiversity in the last century alone. The world loses about one hundred species daily. The rate of extinction has far exceeded the rate of speciation. Think about it. Extinct life-forms will never again lie in the warm bosom of Asase Yaa. Her children are being massacred and they will never again see the light of day.

In the name of what?

We protected Asase Yaa for one million years. But in the last three hundred years and counting we have allowed others, children so boisterous over trinkets and toys, to dirty our lands with filth. This disease has destroyed the entire planet and put Asase Yaa in peril.

A disease without boundaries, restraint, self-control, and self-discipline is a disease so putrid in its manifestation that Mother Earth is at the brink of utter destruction. This disease does not understand moderation, it does not comprehend prudence, it does not appreciate judiciousness, and it is certainly oblivious to abstemiousness. This disease lacks tastefulness and scorns discretion. All it grasps is how to plunder; all it knows is how to exploit our Great Mother, Asase Yaa.

To this disease, all that lies in the belly of Asase Yaa are resources, capital, value and price. Asase Yaa’s profitability (only for the elite, mind you) must be maximized at any cost of life. This disease hates life. No life can be cherished and defended in its presence. No life can be hailed and protected in its wake.

This disease has infected all of Asase Yaa and infested her custodians. I have one page to convince you that this disease I speak of is infectious. In fact, it is so contagious it seems impossible to cure. To diagnose it requires effort. It requires unflinching resolve. I have exactly one page to collect my courage, not flinch and carefully paint the diagnosis for you in order that you may yet understand the dangerous times we are living in as well as the related struggles on a deeper level, that is, from the roots.

The time for lighthearted philosophical exercises and academic games is over. The Devil is upon us. The Grim Reapers are here. Our confusion needs to end. Fast.

The world system that is threatening all of us is based on the strange phenomena of industrialization and urbanization. In layman terms, it is namely a system of hatred—a “hatred of life,” a hatred of Asase Yaa. Instead of seeing the earth as the Great Mother, instead of pouring libation to Mother Earth, western civilization has come to Africa to ruin our Old Lady.

It was the west that started the industrial revolution. It was the west that forced industrial, urban lifestyle – with the fur, the electric washing machines, the bulky refrigerators, the six burner cooking ranges, the gas-powered lawn mowers, the deafening helicopters – on Africa and the rest of the world whose cultures it had destroyed during the era of a barbaric occupation. It was the west that started “primitive accumulation” and “enclosure” in the name of “improvement,” which clearly benefitted a gluttonous elite and left many homeless. It was the west that engineered this disease.

Industrial society, its urban centers, and its urban dwellers have destroyed necessary things for the making of unnecessary things. The fact remains: If you don’t obtain consumer goods you will not die. If you don’t obtain what Asase Yaa provides for free, you will die. If you don’t have food to eat you will die in a month. If you don’t have water to drink you will die in a week. If you don’t have air to breathe you will die in a few minutes.

The hatred of life starts with the greed for unnecessary items. What follows is the need to ruin our Great Mother in order to satisfy unnecessary wants. Industrialization is a hatred of life that has destroyed Asase Yaa’s Forests, Rivers, Oceans and Atmospheres for making consumer goods. In effect, stores are filled with trash. Stores are filled with useless toys. The Colorless Grim Reapers from the North brought industrialization here to Africa through violence.

This hatred has indeed become a system—a societal global system of barbarity. This barbarous structure is embodied in all of the “modern” institutions from the west: in fields from economics and politics to science and religion, but also in gender relations and especially in technology. Together, these ideas define western industrialization which is ravaging through Asase Yaa leaving nothing but destruction in its wake.

Mining, commercial farming, oil extracting and fracking are destroying Asase Yaa. Industrial society is destroying Mother Earth. It is destroying food and water. Industrial society is destroying agriculture by destroying billions of acres of fertile soil with artificial fertilizers and pesticides and by changing global weather with industrial activity. At this rate, food is going to vanish from earth in the coming years.

More, western military governments have for the past seventy years developed or “geoengineered” an “art of war against Mother Earth.” Experimentation of geo-weapons of mass destruction cloaks itself in “civil” and “scientific” clothing and claims to protect the world from “climate change” and “global warming.” However, climate change and global warming are the direct results of industrialization.

Don’t forget that they have already succeeded in turning the forces of the Atom into Bombs big enough to vaporize the entire Earth. And who’s to stop them from doing so? No one? Are we going to just sit around while these Grim Reapers from the North commit “omnicide?” The killing of everything is upon us.

The phrase “Civilization or Barbarism,” coined by Cheikh Anta Diop to aptly describe the irony of western philosophies and systems of commerce, is now re-emerging.

That term tells us that the hatred of life is no fleeting emotion, nor is it a mere individual or personal experience of a certain situation or moment. It is nothing less than hostility to life itself, which – and this is my thesis – has become the main foundation, driving force, and defining criterion for a barbarism dating back only three hundred years.

There’s no longer a place in age-old Africa where the hatred of life has not come from the west since 1492 and literally been poured into concrete as the basic idea for our economic emancipation. (But freedom from what?) When they speak of economic development they refer only to the devil that is industrialization – capitalism.

The disease is predicated on endless expansion at a compound rate. This heartless system must grow indefinitely or cease to exist. Here is the contradiction: We only have one Great Mother. One Asase Yaa. But since the disease can afford an uneven spatial distribution, the Grim Reapers up North have used their obscenely affluent, “primitively accumulated,” insulated lives, to confuse the rest while those of us in Africa and those who care to know the reality face stark ecological catastrophe.

Africa’s urban dwellers, so-called Educated Africans, are staunch advocates for this “omnicide” here at home. The term “neocolonialists” aptly describes them together with their western ideology. They rally behind demands for African “equality” within the present system of sheer destruction. These mis-educated Africans—their diplomas lined up end-to-end would stretch the lengthy path from my village to the farm—continue to speak of an African industrialization without missing a beat. They say Africa must quickly rise “upwards” to equal her industrialized Urban Dwellers of Europe.

The goal in Africa since the Europeans barely managed to inch away African Kingdoms has been industrialization at any cost, and then integration into a wider global system of destruction. Africa never cared to consult her age-old systems of thought to wage a challenge to the western disease which has destroyed the world. Our Educated Africans, stooges of the Northern Empire of Grim Reapers, never sought to obtain inspiration from their age-old Asase Yaa systems of wisdom and language to launch a credible antidote, a credible vaccine, against the western disease.

These mis-educated Africans have been bitten. They are infected. Now they have zombie blood running in their veins. Our forebears would be ashamed. For once they actually thought that by sending these bastards to Zombie Mission Schools of Grim Reapers that these Pecksniffians, these ruffians, would learn about the disease that is western barbarism and perhaps provide their parents with a remedy. But no. Rather, they allowed themselves to be bitten and infected.

Because industrialization is contagious, its urban dwellers – emblems of western education, embodiments of colonial thought, insignia of imperial ideology and neoliberal underpinnings – are symbols of a western patriarchal system of death. Actually, that is not entirely correct. The entire system of industrialization and urbanization is a system of killing, that is, of artificial death: ecocide, matricide, homicide, and finally omnicide—the killing of everything.

African governments filled with these troglodyte Grim Reapers of the North and their western Educated Africans, bedeviled with western consultants over the most meagre of projects, have allowed one such military government to dock fully on African soil, launching the era of a killing machine that is a Zombie Barack Obama of the United States African Command. Under this regime, Africa is no longer the place that she used to be. Africa is no longer independent. Africa is now facing a threat to her own existence.

And Asase Yaa is angry. But She is weak. She has been ravaged and plundered and exploited so much in the last hundred years alone it is unfathomable that she still has the grace to stand up. We abandoned Her. We stopped pouring libation to Asase Yaa. We stopped pouring libation for Asase Efua. Instead, we started beating our drums in praise of a Colorless Grim Reaper nailed to a cross, in praise of human prophets whose way has always been the Devil’s way – through cold war, violent war, red war, war to the finish.

We always knew since the first Europeans stepped foot on West African soil that their governments were no institutions expressing a love of life. But until recently we didn’t even know that our post-colonial institutions were poisoned by the same perverse, illogical, “counterproductive” hatred of life. More, we didn’t realize that post-colonial governments were run by colonially-bitten African bandits who usurped African power.

We have inherited a culture of bandits since the sickening foreign armed militias plundered the African terrain to capture human beings for slaves. We didn’t know that these colonial governments imposed on us, and stationed in obscure cities, were the actual armies of foreign militias – They are terrorists!

The reason is simple: western industrialization’s utopian project. This terrorism by an alien barbaric civilization of Zodiac killers was already laid out in ancient African texts during the times of the early African civilizations of Kemet, Nubia and way back in Punt. In the past, our intellectuals feared nothing more than a project devised to turn the natural order upside down, to turn Ma’at upside down, and to establish an unnatural, and anti-natural, order instead. A project of terrorism and chaos. The purpose was to define human rights as property rights. The purpose was to see all life forms as resources and as capital to be used, exploited and wasted.

The origins of this terrorism can be found along the long arm of history, in the wars of conquest against the world’s Maatocratic civilizations in Africa. Establishing control over Africa’s Maatocratic civilizations required a system able to administer control, hence, the modern African state: balkanized in every direction and led by a bunch of bastardly troglodytes bitten by the Grim Reapers of the North. Through this instrument of terror, they begun to control life itself; humans became slaves, nature became a resource, and our culture rooted in profound respect of Mother Earth (Asase Yaa, a matriarchal culture) became a western patriarchal contrivance.

In order to prevent any challenge to the rule of industrialization, this system based on a hatred of life was developed, replacing the Wisdom of Asase Yaa with doctrines of a western patriarchy of exploitation. A bunch of European men, Grim Reapers from the North—urged on by the insatiable appetites of their women, Babbitts, and incapable of exercising a modicum of self-control, incapable of comprehending an iota of self-restraint, and so diseased that self-discipline was absent from their vocabulary—stormed Mother Earth with a gluttonous salivating terror.

But this is not entirely true. The Vikings came, they saw and they left. No matter how “backward” they may have been, they went places, they saw and they left. But those “others”—holders of the tools of pain and destruction: western industrialization—and their advocates around the world, when they go anywhere, they go, they see and they destroy!

These terrorists desire to replace the natural order with an artificial one to dispose of the “problem of life” once and for all. All dependency on nature, on our Great Mother, is to be overcome.

Instead of the African imagination of a Fe-Male God, a male Colorless Patriarchal God who was once crucified on a bloody cross and bathed in nothing but violence became the God of worship. This Colorless man who was re-invented from disparate tales of African divinity became “God the Creator.”

These Grim Reapers are not even ashamed for stealing and misconstruing the wisdoms of Africa. They set out to bloody Mother Earth. These Devils have no room for nature’s cycles, webs, and motions. And, finally, as today’s “worldly gods” they have become the managers of an artificial life supposedly “post-human” and “trans-human,” a life of cyborgs, robots, artificial uteri, test tubes, and global industries of reproduction.

Today, this expansionary dynamic of the disease that is capital and industry is playing out through the commodification of life even on the genetic level. Large western corporations, products of “primitive accumulation,” are moving genetic material around from one organism to another and, increasingly, seeking to turn living organisms into factories to produce unnecessary lucrative products from necessary things. In the process, life itself is being patented, privatized and radically reengineered.

Anything that makes money. A system without restraint. Today people marry dogs, horses, cats, robots and they bequeath their violently accumulated wealth to cows! A system without a modicum of self-restraint.

The project of replacing life with non-life could only be realized with the capitalist vision of western industrialization and its machine technology. All of the earlier African “alchemist” attempts to prevent this dangerous knowledge from falling into the hands of barbarians was all but foiled when European hordes descended on the library of Alexandria. Only “modern” technology allowed for the monstrous manifestation of the western patriarchal project we are witnessing today. This is why I call industrialization “the Devil!” It is the Grim Reapers’ civilization. Or is it just plain barbarism?

This Devil is not only characterized by exploitation, extraction, and appropriation; it is, first and foremost, characterized by transforming its possessions into their opposites, that is, into everything we call “capital” or “resources”: value, utility, money, machines, and hierarchical structures.

In this barbaric society, true democracy is impossible. We are up against a totalitarian system that does not care for its subjects, that cannot (or no longer) be stopped, and that is constantly becoming faster and more efficient in its attempt to end life on this planet – while turning even this very process into a tool for further accumulation of profit and power.

The sinister motive of hating life needs no more to be hidden. The unspeakable crimes that western industrialization has committed against life itself, against children, women, and all human beings, against the earth, animals, and plants must now be revealed. The hatred of life is the reason and the rational justification for the violence against it, a violence that intends to prevent any rebellion or uprising of those not believing in the system it protects, a system that many would see as a grave assault on their dignity if they only recognized it.

Capitalism is the modern form of materializing this utopian project of total transformation in industrialization. When “pure” industrialization arrives and even the tiniest Maatocratic remnants have disappeared, we will all be dead.

Industrialization is a historical project brought to Africa and the rest of the world by the Grim Reapers that has reached its peak with capitalism. Because of its hatred of life, it will inevitably collapse. It must collapse. It cannot replace the life it continuously destroys. Capital cannot return anything to life. The process of “industrialization” is irreversible. It is a religion. And the Zombie patriarchs and their advocates in Africa cannot stop believing in it, because they would otherwise be forced to return to Maatocracy. They will otherwise be forced to exercise restraint.

How can Africa follow in the logic and footsteps of foreign ideologies that hate life? How can you hate life when you are a part of it? How can you hate yourself?

We are told that this violence is necessary for development, progress, and a better life for all of us. We are told that the Chinese, who are now staunch advocates for this violence against Mother Earth must also be allowed to tap African “resources.” They have poisoned our Great Mother’s Rivers, Her Lakes, Her Forests. Indeed, the Chinese are wreaking so much havoc in Africa that this century might as well be called the century of Chinese Terrorism in Africa.

This terrorism is usually only understood and recognized by those who are directly affected by it. Even then, the promise of a better life for fellow Africans, who truly do not fully comprehend it, is supposed to be a consolation, although any chance for a better life has, in fact, been sacrificed by terrorism itself.

The Grim Reapers look at Mother Earth, they look at the source of life, they look at life, and all they see are “resources” to be exploited, used and abused, and priced according to their laws of scarcity.

It is this scandalous secret that needs to be revealed in Africa. It is self-evident that the hatred of life through industrialization via western and Chinese influence in Africa remains nameless. Its terror reigns unacknowledged or not openly named, supported, or propagated. It is never mentioned to our various peoples who struggle daily and are committed to the drudgery of preserving and conserving whatever may be left. Practically no one would want to partake in a project driven by a hatred of life.

Why do we so seldom expose the pharisaism to our peoples? Why do we rarely recognize how flawed this logic is? Why do we hardly recognize the blatant contradiction of sacrificing life in order to improve it?

The challenge continues, however, for the African man who must challenge the western paradigms of thought and reasoning with age-old African standards. One must be brave, exceedingly so, or one will be crushed under the monstrous weight of the English, Americans, Chinese and French, and the verbosity of foreign vocabulary, heavy and laden with nothing but destructive atomic power.

Those of us in Africa who dare to be brave continue to push. Although we can’t push without knowing that we can die. We will die.  But if we have to die before our age, we have to push the rest of the world beyond a system driven by the hatred of life instead of (voluntarily!) turning into an ever more loyal accomplice in the massacre of Mother Earth, the murder of Asase Yaa, the extermination of the Old Lady and Her children.

The love of life is still Africa’s to express and to embrace; it is deeply human. It is how we preserved the world through millennia before these Grim Reapers overbred, before these Zodiac killers spilled over to Africa and the Americas. It is time for Mother Africa’s Maatocratic civilization to wake up and show bravery in the face of utter violence, in the face of an absolute hatred of life.

Africa must lead the way once again. African manhood must stand courageous and confront the terrorism of Mother Earth, from the west and from the east. Our mothers must rise to defend our Great Mother. Our mothers must rise to illuminate a path to civilization—a civilization that celebrates, cooperates, and espouses equilibrium with all life, a civilization that cherishes the “good life” of communities without the western patriarchal state and its hierarchies, without the armed-to-the-teeth police and the thuggish banks.

I hope that the real men among us in Africa and in the diaspora who before had difficulties dealing with western “philosophies” (if they even deserve to be called high thinking at all, for the way of thought is putrid at its core) can now see that western philosophies do not concern them. I hope that the spirits of real men in Africa who fought and died for the African way of life against marauding hordes of Colorless Grim Reapers from the North hear the voice of Mother Earth, Mother Africa and imbue in the current generation a newfound strength and valor.

When real African men rise up, they rise up in the defense of life. It has always been thus, ever since the days of Narmer, since the days of Tahaqa, ever since Nubia and Punt. When Grim Reapers continue in their hatred of life, that is their problem. If we give them the authority to lynch our Great Mother, that’s our problem. This terrorism that Asase Yaa suffers raises questions about our African attitude towards power. The Grim Reapers get their power from capitalism. They get their “resources” from Africa. Thus, if we love life, if we support life, if we wish to defend our Great Mother, Asase Yaa, whether or not we know it, we must be against western industrialization. We must uproot capitalism. The power for this violence and hatred of life comes from industrialization and its capitalism. We need a referendum on power.

Today, great masses of African men are rising up against violence and for life. Everyone ought to follow them, embrace them, and love them for it. The whole world needs to embrace the African Maatocratic way. It is the only road to redemption. Our culture is far from backwards; what is backwards is the monstrosity of the Grim Reapers from the North, and now from the East, with their insatiable appetites for that western patriarchal “hydra” of industrialization, an all-encompassing combination of capitalism, neoliberalism, colonialism, globalization, violence and terrorism.

We should get out of our compound houses and gather around a common cause: that is, liberating ourselves from the ludicrous hatred of life, the disease the Colorless Grim Reapers from the North have buried in our collective unconscious through our imperialist schooling. Though without our African participation and cooperation, true freedom cannot be achieved.

To leave the patriarchal deception of industrialization behind us and revive human dignity by rejecting this monstrous system, what a great idea that would be! What joy it would bring!

Mother Earth or death! Asase Yaa or nothing! This is the alternative we are confronted with today.

Life is not here to be killed; rather, it is here to be loved and defended. Mother Earth has been good to us. Our Great Mother has sustained us from one millennia to the next. Let us be good to Her. Let us, real men, die for Her.


  1. Narmer winnows through the essence of industrialization, the products of capitalism and the meaning of urbanization. He’s left with one unwavering underpinning to all of them: they are unhealthy, morally bankrupt, and fundamentally inhuman. This essay is an attempt to extricate “primitive accumulation” from the principles of Maat.
    No matter how you feel, no matter how you think, and no matter how supremely you may disagree, you will be humbled by the sheer force of will with which Narmer Amenuti delivers his lines. This is spellbinding, compelling and entertaining, which all together reawaken and invoke, perhaps, the unmitigated sense of an unflinching inspiration behind the execution – the Wisdom of Asase Yaa. But by all means, share your thoughts and disagreements.

  2. “Life is not here to be killed; rather, it is here to be loved and defended. Mother Earth has been good to us. Our Great Mother has sustained us from one millennia to the next. Let us be good to Her. Let us, real men, die for Her.” Narmer! Narmer!! Narmer!!! Your Truthwriting and the creativity brilliance of its expression in your own unique style calls out in us the real Pan-Afrikan manhood with which we must courageously rise in defence of Miano Nana Asase Yaa! “Mother Earth or death! Asase Yaa or nothing! This is the alternative we are confronted with today.” Hopefully, with the honouring of Miano Nana Asase Yaa and nourishment from Libation ceremonies like the annual 1st of August SANKOFAAPAE, this alternative will keep rising, galvanized by initiatives like our STOP THE MAANGAMIZI: We Charge Genocide/Ecocide Campaign! All power and more to the Pan-Afrikan Freedomfighting pens of Narmer Amenuti and his heroic likes of my inspiring Warrior-Scribes of Grandmother Afrika!

  3. Fact remains: If you don’t obtain consumer goods you will not die. If you don’t obtain what Asase Yaa provides for free, you will die. Yes!

  4. this article comes an hour after an interesting conversation in my office.
    One of my bosses, Kofi Setordji, a famous Ghanaian artist whose works sell in thousands of USD, came up to me and said: Audu, you know so much about the world far away from you but you don’t know how to bake bread and dye textile. If I ask you philosophers you will tell me many names but you cant bake your own bread. I’m doing a textile design and dying technique course next week would you like to join for 50GHS? I said yes… and now this…
    If you are in Accra and you want to join, please inbox me.

    • LOL (though not funny)
      Dade, imagine this:
      Over 100 truckloads of raw faeces is dumped every single day unto the beach at Jamestown, and flows into the sea.

    • Ridiculousness! I have no words to describe this pungent attitude. No words. The Grim reapers have come to change everything. They’ve changed the world. And not for the better. For worse!

  5. Dade, this IS an era dominated – unfortunately – by a pervasive ideology of DISPOSABILITY AND DISCARDABILITY!

    Akosua M. Abeka, Queen of Intro, ayekoo!

    • Yes! The nail on the head of the matter is simply thus. Well said. For a long time we have been unable to confront the issue head-on. Because the proponents of Economic Development only look into the English dictionary to espouse the nonsense of the west. Thanks to folks like Narmer Amenuti, we can stand up to the ideology. Thanks to you, we can make a last stand. Asase Yaa deserves better! Far better!

    • The coming of Europeans to Africa must be put in its rightful context. It’s the beginning of the spread of terrorism. Since 1492 we have been under the terrorism of the west. We have been under an ISIS of the west since 1492. Everything they touch dies!

  6. Clearly with their western ideologies, the Earth itself, my dear friend Atiga, would have been vaporized already! The world must be thankful to Africa. The world must begin to respect the Africa of old. After all, it seems to me that Africa was far beyond civilized before the children of savages chanced upon Her. Sad. Very Sad!

  7. “The disease is predicated on endless expansion at a compound rate. This heartless system must grow indefinitely or cease to exist. Here is the contradiction: We only have one Great Mother. One Asase Yaa. But since the disease can afford an uneven spatial distribution, the Grim Reapers up North have used their obscenely affluent, “primitively accumulated,” insulated lives, to confuse the rest while those of us in Africa and those who care to know the reality face stark ecological catastrophe.”

    Powerful Essay!!! This is in essence what they have managed to use to fool everybody – the nice cars, the rims, the flash, the big homes, the big meals, the jewellery, etc. All is vanity. I read that in Proverbs or something. But more, and this is Narmers thesis, all is a “hatred of life.” This deeper understanding has finally dawned on me. Unless we can fashion a new way of thinking, here in Africa, unless we can dig up the age-old Wisdom of Asase Yaa, we are doomed! The time is now.

  8. Solomon Azumah-Gomez, Climate Agreement will save environment just like the Coalition of the Willing saved Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. The term “Clean Energy,” just for example, is like the term “Peaceful War.” Narmer and I have debated this before. When he mentioned it first, I went bananas. I think it’s true. Think about it. Every method of energy production destroys environment. Electricity produced by any method is further used by millions of industries and corporations that destroy more environment.

    Choosing between Fossil Energy and Alternative Energy is like choosing between Cruise Missiles and Drone Attacks. Clean Energy will save environment from Fossil Fuel just like Communism and Socialism might save the world from Capitalism. Not really!!!

    How does this work? You might ask? How do solar panels and wind turbines come into existence? Are they being imported from Mars?Are they manufactured on Pluto where the effects never come to Earth? Production of solar panels and wind turbines promotes Mining Industry, Manufacturing Industry, Electricity Industry, Transportation Industry, etc. All these industries are big destroyers of Asase Yaa.

    Electricity (produced by any method) is used to run Mining Industry, Manufacturing Industry, Construction Industry, Oil Industry, Automobile Industry, Rail Industry, Airline and Shipping Industry, Meat and Fishing Industry. All these industries have collectively destroyed the environment and Asase Efua.

    All industrial activity is interlinked and interdependent. Every industry promotes other destructive industries. It is not Fossil Fuel that has destroyed environment.

    It is the production of thousands of consumer goods and services that has destroyed environment!!! This is the hatred of life I believe that Narmer speaks of.

  9. I read the following passages on Nii Mantse’s wall. It is taken from the book, Akan Traditional Religion: The Truth and the Myths. (I hope Jonathan already has a copy that he can share with us!) I think in many ways, these passages capture a salient portion of Narmer Amenuti’s essay.

    “Over nearly two centuries of the (Akan) Asante Empire, which included non-Akans in its population, each generation drew inspiration and knowledge from the previous ones, especially, in the regions of religion, mysticism, ethics, law, sociology, etc. The footprints of the Akomfuo mark out the lines of individual and social progress. The knowledge they have handed down about nature and consciousness is precious.

    But, instead of preserving and drawing inspiration and knowledge from the previous generations as others before him have done, the modern ‘educated’ Akan is neglecting and discarding this knowledge; condemning it as invalid and worthless, and even superstition, instead of fostering it and using it with reverence. He is, even, ashamed to be associated with it.

    His colonial education has destroyed his faith in the system that has been extolled by his ancestors for millennia. He has fallen under the impact of alien ways of thought that highlight material comfort, physical luxury, sensual liberty and exterior display. He threads the path of exploitation and violence, idleness and pompousness. Insatiable desire for fame and authority afflicts him.

    Among most products of alien education, there is total lack of moral virtues, honesty, integrity, eagerness to serve and readiness to sacrifice. Rather, he is enslaved by the glittering fancies and fascinations of other cultures.

    He has embraced, and is enthused by, a religion which compels him to acknowledge that he is a sinner who has to work hard to attain purity which he already is. If the new religions made him more caring, honest, sincere, God-fearing and less sin-loving’ there would be no need for this work….”

  10. Thanks Akosua M. Abeka for sharing. I found this in the book as well:

    “The educated Africa, however, has been cut off from, and it out of sympathy with, the life of his own people. He has learned, in nine cases out of ten, (if he has not actually been taught), to despise his own illiterate brethren and the unlettered past of his race. Concerning that past, he really knows little or nothing and generally cares less.

    If, as is probable, he has been educated in one of the mission school, then, his whole training has excluded the possibility, that there might be something in the African’s own culture and religious belieifs worthy of retention, side by side (for a time at least), with the greater, because higher, ethical teachings of Christians theology.
    Such being the case, can one wonder that the Africa pupils and converts alike have been quick to see and very ready to follow a trend of thought which denied, or ignored, the possibility of anything useful or good or ethical existing in the African’s own religion.”

    ~ J.S. Rattray, the official British Colonial Anthropologist of the Gold Coast.

    Disregard Rattray’s nonsense about the “unlettered past of his race.” Africa was lettered until the latter traditional states, which came into contact with Europeans in the 16th century onward, discarded African writing forms – scripted language for documentation and analysis. There are more diverse writing scripts found in Africa than there are scripts found all over the rest of the entire world. Africa alone founded more libraries in the ancient world the the rest of the world put together!

    But I get Rattray’s point, it’s an important one although parochially delivered: Africa abandoned her written cultures and opted more for an Oral Tradition. In the essay, “Our Historic Fall,” I make this very point clear and I state – in fact this was the thesis of that entire piece – that Africa cannot comprehend the tools nor the ideologies She needs to confront neocolonialism unless She can revert and begin reviving her writing cultures. I don’t care what language(s) it must be done in. It’s just must be done! Period. This is in fact the vital point of departure to understanding why we continue to sink in world affairs. Again, I don’t care how it must be done, but something must be done.

    In any case, since the African, still the Educated African (the so-called lettered one) in the twenty-first century, is incapable of understanding that he has been lost in the midst of foreign ideology, how can he begin understanding the importance of authentic African written cultures?

    He claims Twi cannot be used in Science. He says Ewe lacks this and that vocabulary of sociological theory. He claims Hausa people are not indigenous to Ghana so why speak their language? He claims this and that language will never suffice. While this lettered Africa in 2016 bickers over what and which he cannot fathom in his own language he sinks deeper into nothingness, speaking and writing the language of his masters, not his peers, espousing only the doctrines and teachings of his slave masters from the west unbeknownst to himself. He grasps on to his master’s “wisdom”, like a House Negro grips a lash, and wreaks havoc on African ways of thinking and African philosophies. He lashes them out of his own mind and out of our lives too. He needs to do this because, like the House Negro, he has nowhere else to go. He’s a coward.

    Don’t be a coward!

  11. Narmer, if this is how they think of the Educated African, then it is clear why Europeans do not respect the Educated African and his so-called beloved Africa? The Educated African has no dignity, by and large! Few do… only a few.

  12. Plus, Narmer, I think by “Educated African,” what he really meant to say is, “Mis-Educated Negro!”

  13. Stephen Hawking believes the world will be destroyed by greed and stupidity. I give you CEOs. They pollute our oceans, foul our air, sever our mountain tops, frack, develop our lands, burn our forests, cause wars, own governments, the media, create terrorists, give us most cancers, many diseases, their companies are considered people in court despite having the money and power to defeat real people. They warm the planet and are slowly but surely depleting clean water supplies and ocean and atmospheric oxygen levels. As for stupidity, we just need to look in the mirror. We are fighting the wrong terrorists.


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