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Colonized People: Colonized Problems of Betrayal.

A colonized person gets paid 5,000 nuggets for a job amongst his own people who together suffer the daily, yearly century-old oppression of colonialism.

Then colonized person takes a job for 20,000 nuggets for the same job, only this time among his colonizers. Others insist that the colonized person must take the better paying job since working on either side of the Walls of Oppression (WOO) have their own problems.

Fine. Better, they say, if there are problems everywhere, to move for the more money. And that is that. But you see, colonized person then feels he has betrayed himself and so he proceeds to betray his own people by saying he left his own people behind for the other side of the WOO because his people do not simply value him.

All of a sudden, it is not about the nuggets, now it is about who’s better! You see? Now, the supporters of the colonized, insist that the other side of WOO has better, more qualified, better trained, and better structures – or simply that colonizers are better than the people they colonize. You see?

Well, for sure! Isn’t that the point of colonialism after all? Is it not the point of colonialism to buy the colonized with more and more nuggets so he can first sell himself, and then anyone else he knows how – i.e. to betray his own peoples to the colonizer? Is that not the whole duty of colonialists over colonized peoples?

The colonized person has problems of betrayal.

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