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Most reality competitions have a few Black contestants to keep the show ‘diverse’ and to hook Black audiences. Amazing Race Season 18: Unfinished Business brought back two such pairs: current Harlem Globetrotters Flight Time & Big Easy and sisters and former NCAA division I athletes Jennifer & LaKisha Hoffman.

In Amazing Race, teams race around the world for a million dollars while completing in challenges. At the end of each leg of the race, they must avoid being the last team to check in or else risk being eliminated.

Harlem Globe Trotters Herb ‘Flight Time’ Lang and Nate ‘Big Easy’ Lofton exited from Season 15 in fourth-place. Their roadbump came when Big Easy was stumped by a word scramble puzzle. Big Easy jokingly said that this time around “any and all puzzle challenges will be handled by Flight Time.”

The Globes are definitely the most chill team of the bunch and provide the show with a much needed dose of comic relief. While they enjoy traveling together, Flight Time reveals that there is one downfall: “Big Easy is the loudest snorer in the history of mankind.”

If they win the race, Flight Time plans to donate a huge sum of money to charity. Big Easy dreams of opening up a gym in his childhood neighborhood.

Before the ‘Race‘, both Kisha and Jen were D1 athletes for the University of Louisville Cardinals — Kisha played basketball and Jen played volleyball.

Finishing in fourth-place on Season 14, the sisters were eliminated in China at the Bird’s Nest stadium, the site for athletics competitions in the 2008 Olympic Games. The show was edited to suggest that Jen’s brief potty break stop prevented the team from advancing, but Kisha said otherwise:

[sws_blockquote_endquote align=”” cite=”” quotestyle=”style03″]
There were a couple of different factors [that caused us to lose]: Jamie and Cara’s cab driver driving extremely fast and dropping them off at the correct location. Ours drove slow and dropped us further away. It wasn’t just the pee break that cost us the spot. [/sws_blockquote_endquote]

Others argue that a previous swimming challenge– when Jen struggled to overcome her fear of water — put them at a disadvantage.

Nonetheless, both of these teams are back on Season 18 and vying for the Amazing Race title. So far this season, they’ve been to Japan, Australia, and China, and only eight teams are left. Tune in on CBS, Sunday nights at 8PM, to watch them compete for the million dollar prize!

Flight Time and Big Easy

Kisha and Jen


  1. I like watching Amazing race… and I think they’re making up for their kinda discriminatory exercises (like swimming) that kicked people of color for example form some of their episodes. Good thang!


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