Baby Organs For Sale In The U.S.

WASHINGTON, D.C., U.S. – The U.S. Planned Parenthood organization, which receives funding from the U.S. government, has been linked to sending infant body parts to stem cell researchers–transactions that have returned profits in sums upwards of millions of dollars for the organization.

Essentially, the body parts are being harvested for sale, although technically no such claim can be put forth. In a strategic move, the Planned Parenthood organizers have arranged the sale in a way that seemingly circumvents U.S. law.

Rather than put an actual price on baby organs and body parts, Planned Parenthood charges the stem cell companies exorbitant amounts for related costs–for shipping, packaging, and preservation of organs–with the goal that these costs will compensate for their work in obtaining the organs from mothers who underwent abortions.

So long as the charges are listed for costs besides the baby organs, Planned Parenthood officials maintain that their actions fall squarely within the boundaries of what is permitted for law abiders.

Though Planned Parenthood has manipulated the parameters of guile to skirt the law in the most wicked of fashions, a sizable gulf separates their law from well-established codes of ethics and morality.

Although the U.S. organization Planned Parenthood alleges to have made every attempt to follow its law, it nonetheless showed no regard for universal truths of ethics or morality.

The distinction between the guidelines of ethics and morality and the tenants of the law are far reaching. Often, nations, organizations, and individual bodies set their own laws, which prove to be quite fickle, changing by the decade, the year, or even month-to-month.

For instance, at one moment in the U.S., marijuana is simply an herb, as legal as basil. Then it is illegal. And now… well, it depends upon whether you are a fisherman in Denver, Colorado; a schoolteacher in Macon, Georgia; or an inmate serving 20-years to life in a state prison in Oklahoma.

Abortion laws in the U.S. are equally as ambiguous. Whether abortion is condoned or condemned, check the daily headlines as you would check your local weather. The laws are that unpredictable.

Ethic and morality, on the other hand, are marked by their longevity. They represent global codes of behavior, codes that for centuries, our ancestors have upheld.

The very regulations upon which the vast majority of the world agrees, like the use of the metric system, are simply too close to conformity for societies that would rather see themselves as the exception and not the rule.

Planned Parenthood emerged out of such a society.

The drive for Planned Parenthood officials to sell infant body parts, the desire to capitalize on any opportunity to make money, is a desire that likewise knows no ethic or morality. It bears witness to no limitations.

Indeed, no human, nor infant, nor fetus must interfere with a Planned Parenthood worker’s desire to drive a Lamborghini.

An organization that places child body parts for sale certainly sets incredibly low standards for the appreciation of human life. Yet, a society that defends its every right against exercising restraint, including having no boundaries set by ethical or moral considerations, likewise accepts that there is no feasible end point for insatiable human greed.

Unfortunately, this new stage of world affairs steered by capital respects no boundaries.

The ends for materialism, including those desired by Planned Parenthood workers, are attained by any means, without regard for morality or ethic.

We should all be wary of an economic system that treads heavily and recognizes no sacred grounds.

When we buy into capitalism, we are buying into a culture where everything – including the limbs and hearts of our unborn children – is for sale.

And in a world where everything is for sale, ethic and morality are utterly worthless.

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Nefetiti is the Chief Editor at Grandmother Africa. She holds two Bachelor degrees, a double major in Chemistry and Physics. Since 1997, Nefetiti has authored several reports on Democracy and the state of Republics in the African Union. She became an African Reporting Fellow in 2007. Before joining the Definitive African Record, Nefetiti trained as a Digital Media expert. If you enjoyed this essay and would like to support more content like this one, please buy me a cup of coffee in support of my next essay, or you can go bold, very bold and delight me. Here's my CashApp: $AMARANEFETITI


  1. Beautiful again, Nefetiti. I must yet add that the law on marijuana also depends on whether you are a basketball athlete-student from the University of Ohio or a Neuroscience Professor at Harvard University. It depends. But certainly I should add that a society without restraint is one without morality. Babies for the sale of parts is the bottom of immorality. Mass incarceration is the bottom of immorality. The US has many bottoms of immorality. It is to the point I can only conclude, in the absence of evidence to the contrary, that these people are a new human species – one without regard to the decorum and civility of ethics or morality.

  2. The sui generis nature of this calls for a concerted effort to curb America’s uncontrollable enthusiasm for capitalism and materialism. This essay is excellent.


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