Have you ever had someone lie on you so horribly? It was your world against theirs and they swore up and down to all your friends that they were telling the truth?

If you’ve been lied on, then you would know exactly how Ms. Kenya Moore felt during the taping of the last season of the Real Housewives and since then—a time period she estimates to have lasted at least two years.

Throughout this time, Apollo Nida, Phaedra’s husband, has maintained the story that Kenya was out to get with him, split up their marriage, and leave their two precious sons fatherless.

Well, in Episode 2 of Season 7, Apollo spills the beans that it was all a lie. He apologizes to Kenya for drawing the story out and for slut shaming her for absolutely no reason other than: he felt like it.

In a shocking reveal, Apollo admits to Kenya and the camera that is thankfully recording his late confession: Kenya didn’t put advances on him, ever, and they never met outside of Atlanta, definitely not in some hotel in Los Angeles.

How crazy is that?

He defends himself saying, “I’m not perfect.” But the smirk on his face afterwards shows just how much development he will have to undergo to reach a level of maturity that parallels his age.

Unlike Apollo, Kenya stayed true to what she’s been telling us all along: “I’ve been called a lot of things, and some of them have been true. But have not been anybody’s whore.”

I guess now Phaedra needs to get in the mood for an apology…

The lies Apollo told definitely aggravated a situation that seems to have never existed and put a strain on his marriage to Phaedra.


Now that their relationship is “spiraling down hill” (his words), Apollo has turned to lambasting Phaedra. He explained Phaedra’s two-faced nature to some of the Housewives cast: “She wears a Jordan on one foot and a Louboutin on another.”

Part of his frustration probably comes from the fact that Phaedra says she won’t bring the kids to see him while he is locked up.

A strong woman, Phaedra is determined to raise two strong and normal black boys, despite the circumstances. She rightfully doesn’t want her son’s lives to be negatively affected by their father’s selfish actions.

Though we don’t know to what extent they will be insulated from the damage, thankfully they do have a mother and grandmother constantly by their side, but as they get older, parents will talk and children will talk. Inevitably, someone somewhere will leak the story of their father’s misconduct to their ears.

The prison cycle affects too many black children and families and unfortunately their household is now part of this vicious cycle, echoing Kandi’s statement to Apollo: “You repeated the cycle of a lot of black men.”

All the while, Phaedra hopes to keep up the appearance of being calm and collected despite Apollo’s fraudulent actions essentially having the effect of “breaking up her family.”

In this week’s episode, Apollo has a few weeks on the outside before he goes back to prison. He has to find some way to break the news to his two young sons, who would have grown substantially, in height and in curiosity, by the time he gets out.

Phaedra, meanwhile, tries to keep her feelings under wraps during the whole process–from the media and even from her friends. She said, “As a Southern Belle, I will always be cordial in public in spite of what might happen in private.”

As of late, Phaedra hasn’t interacted with anyone on the cast. We’ve only seen her with her two boys and her mother, in the house or handling her motherly duties taking Aidan to the dentist.

Surely no one can blame Phaedra for not wanting her business on Jump Street.

But some time soon, the Southern Belle will have to show her face to the rest of Atlanta and untangle the web of complications that have emerged since Apollo became wedded to her life.


  1. Now what can Phaedra say? Defending a man wha was clearly flirting in front of you with another woman – a woman you feel insecure around! Oh, this is just getting worse for Phaedra, now Kenya’s really got her, gotten to her I mean. Kenya didn’t even want him? So he had to make up lies about it?

  2. According to Wikipedia, Apollo “is one of the most important and complex of the Olympian deities… Apollo has been variously recognized as a god of light (which Phaedra saw) and plague (which Kenya warned Phaedra about.” I mean, you can’t make this up men!


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