NTOABOMA — There’s a story staged in 1555 in which an English Missionary [name withheld because he wasn’t human] tooting a cross with the Blood of Jesus Christ on it arrives in a serene village near Mambolo on the coast of Sierra Leone. It is said that on this very day when the strange foreigner arrived in the village, thousands of Mamboloans were celebrating their harvest festival that year.

The English foreigner tells these extra-polite human beings who already thought he was a ghost that God had sent him to preach about Jesus the Christ. After one sermon, he asked some Mamboloans who were shocked and trounced by the apparition of a ghost in their village, how many would accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal saviour.

The story has it that as much as five hundred men and women raised their hands. The English foreigner invited these new converts to the beach where his slave ship, named Jesus, was docked. The English foreigner urged his new Christians to enter the belly of the ship for their salvation. That was the last that Mambolo ever saw or heard of these extra-polite human beings. The ghost had spirited the Mamboloans away.

Such is the nature of the world Africa was plunged into, notoriously, from out of nowhere. It was new. But it was going to mark the beginning of brutality and barbarism in Africa and around the globe. Europe had arisen, and not for the right reasons.

Fast forward to 2016. An American foreigner [name withheld because he’s not human] who is worth 80 Billion US Dollars docks another ship at the beaches of Africa. He too, like that English foreigner in 1555, is tooting a life-changing, life-saving solution to “problems” in Africa.

What problem, you would ask? Poverty, this stranger will answer? What poverty, you would ask? The same kind that that stranger has in his own country, the USA? The same one that over 50 million Americans suffer from?

Only then you remember that strange foreigners offer not solutions to problems. They rather create problems. The villagers in Mambolo were self-sufficient and never needed a salvation from an English stranger wielding a bloody cross with a figurine of a ghost nailed to it.

This time, on all the beaches of Africa, except in Eritrea – which is also why America is trying to launch a military invasion here – millions of African families have raised their hands. Their government which are completely bought by America’s billions and America’s strange cowries (dollars) are leading them into the belly of another ship.

The name on the ship this time are many – imperialism, food insecurity, GMOs, Monsanto, neoliberalism, neocolonialism, wars, poverty and disease. These names are anything but good. They are clad in seven pillars underlying the new missionary project in Africa – the American Hegemonic Project. Namely (1) Big Banks (control of our money circulation), (2) Biotech (control of our food chain, for example, the 100,000 Trojan chickens), (3) Oil and Energy (control of our fuel sources), (4) Military Industrial Complex (control of our defense and policing plus the starting of wars and the sale of weapons), (5) Media (control of our media to propagate the propaganda of the American elite in Africa), (6) Big Pharma (control of our health and our healthcare and Medicine) and finally but not least (7) Water (control of the water we drink, cook with and farm with). 

Africans are super-nice. That is a part of the downfall – being human. Whether we like it or not, this is the project that has been carefully defined. We can embrace it or fight it. Our lives are at stake and the future is bleak whatever way we look at it.

So, onwards our African government are leading millions of African families into another slave ship. One friend noted precisely that these strange foreigners from Europe and America have something in common: Crafty, cunning and characteristically Caucasian.

I prefer to see it another way as well: Stupid, ignorant and characteristically African. Either way you look at it, the problem is well-defined. “There’s a global plot to enslave everyone in this world and I am going to expose it,” or so says the paraphrased words of a Caucasian who dared to stand up against injustice. The problem is well-defined.

But, again, I prefer to see it another way as well: Stupid, ignorant and characteristically African.

I say that with a heavy heart. Africans are super-nice people. They are the originals. But, you have to look at it this way to gain some insight. Bolivia refuses to allow 100,000 of these vaccinated chickens into their dear country. Africa has accepted the “offer” without knowing what these chickens might do to our entire Agriculture. We can’t even grow chickens? Chickens?? Chickens??? Chickens???? Ourselves?


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~ Success is a horrible teacher. It seduces the ignorant into thinking that he can’t lose. It seduces the intellectual into thinking that he must win. Success corrupts; Only usefulness exalts. ~ WP. Narmer Amenuti (which names translate: Dances With Lions), was born by The River, deep within the heartlands of Ghana, in Ntoaboma. He is a public intellectual from the Sankoré School of Critical Theory, where he trained and was awarded the highest degree of Warrior Philosopher at the Temple of Narmer. As a Culture Critic and a Guan Rhythmmaker, he is a dilettante, a dissident and a gadfly, and he eschews promotional intellectualism. He maintains strict anonymity and invites intellectuals and lay people alike to honest debate. He reads every comment. If you enjoyed this essay and would like to support more content like this one, please pour the Ancestors some Libation in support of my next essay, or you can go bold, very bold and invoke them. Here's my CashApp: $TheRealNarmer


  1. The story of the 100,000 Trojan Chickens.

    I have raised animals before: From Borla-Birds (Pior and Okpo) to Cattle. Borla-Bird when I was but 4. Akukor/Koklo when I was just 5. 11 years and I was with fellow men on my grandfather’s farm.
    I never thought there would be a day when men and women of this continent called Africa would accept the premise that 100,000 chickens can solve poverty in Africa.

    Have you heard of a Trojan Horse? We are about to open our doors, our throats, our tummies to 100,000 Trojan Chickens from one billionaire in Bill Gates who cannot seem to find a solution to the 40 million American kids, in his own nation, who starve daily.
    Fascinating! This Africa.

  2. Dignity. It’s a very rare disease. I hope African leaders catch this disease once. It can inoculate them from becoming beggars, talkers, empty barrels, cowards, nincompoops and twats. Bolivia has free samples of the vaccine for quick deployment all over Africa.

  3. Same feeling & sentiments right here. I shared this post about a week ago. Dignity comes from within, and we have people in leadership roles who have a little sense of pride. They drag us into these seemingly helpless situation to act as beggars before the world for their own selfish needs. The world actually needs the so-called poor countries much more than we need them. We are only poor because we have irresponsible people at the helm of power only too happy to pass around the begging bowl. They do so because they have no sense of shame.

  4. nothing american about that…International. and ur missing 2 additional critical areas of concentration …water and non petroleum-based extractive resources

  5. In many parts of the US they have outlawed collecting rain water! They have outlawed putting solar panels on roofs – you have to buy energy from a solar farm. My dear friend Kofi Gyimah Amoako-Gyimah, these guys are ahead man. They’re are gone and untrackable it seems.

  6. The value of hydrocarbon has dropped as though Tesla knew. You know salt used to be a higher commodity perhaps than gold, once upon a time. But now it has changed.
    The only promise is that NOTHING IS FOREVER STABLE.

  7. That is true but while it is stable it’s everyone duty to make sure that one person doesn’t use it to enslave the rest of the world, or how can we ever fight back?

  8. The “well-meaning” elite in the US, who have overwhelmingly leaned towards Hillary Clinton, including Noam Chomsky, would like to think that this is about ideology.

    Of course, there is nothing progressive in Trump’s ideology. Don’t mistake it. But, this is not about ideology, which today serves not so much as a factor of social mobilization, but as a tool for the manipulation of the masses.

  9. This is the neoliberal chaper in the history of the world. In the context of the current political situation the attempt to turn Trump into “an absolute evil” is nothing more than an attempt to mobilize people to protect the status quo – the new world order – for the sake of preventing any change. Fascinating world we live in.’

  10. There’s a scramble for space and relevance (power) since the inception of humanity. Look at slavery this way: I want to be the most powerful because if I don’t I will be less powerful and subsequently enslaved. Equal rights is just a face to make you feel content.

  11. I agree with you some Kofi Gyimah Amoako-Gyimah. However, never before in the history of the planet have Humans been at the brink of destroying her. Sure, fight for relevance. But at the expense of the planet? As we speak NATO is mobilizing forces at Russia’s borders. Why? Why not on ISIS? I have no idea. We are in a very strange era and I am not sure if we will come out of it intact – I mean if anyone, any nation, or race, will come out of it.

  12. Hiroshima came out of it….lol…there are also threats and rumour of threats to deal with once you’re on top. The war on terror is illusive for me oo. Afghanistan helped US in the past against USSR. Today look, they finished them and Russia is still a huge threat. There can’t be peace.

  13. The story of the “100,000 Trojan Chickens” by Bill Gates. Another wording by Narmer Amenuti which I thought was very apt. It’s serious oh!

  14. I cannot go to bed because of my fear for these Vaccinated Frankenstein Chickens. The idea haunts my dreams, tires my mind and dissolves my body – this idea of 100,000 Trojan Chickens in Africa via the GMO kinpins in Bill and Melinda Gates. I am spent having to explain it to my grand-aunt who, after Ghana’s education, cannot seem to know the difference between a Human, an American Scientist at Monsanto, and a Capitalist in Bill Gates. She cannot tell the difference between Security, Food Security and Internet Security. Is it her fault? No. The nation failed her and she, and her children might fail the nation even further. Is it their fault? No. It’s will no longer be my fault. She’s well equipped to talk about these Vaccinated Trojan Frankenstein Chickens without fear, with candor, and with respect for any one who thinks 100,000 Bill Gates chickens can eradicate poverty in Ghana. Have some balls my fellow country men. Grow a pair and dignify your existence. Goodness!

    • Wow… you keep dropping prose on us all. You are a gift to your grand-aunt and to some of us. Lol. Some of us!

  15. Was that not the same evil criminal who raped the adolescent child Pocahontas and it was claimed to be a love relationship between the two… The wickedness and babarism, and all that because of economic gain…. They will Choke on their own deeds one time…

  16. Nothing has changed much. The game just got much more sophisticated. To strip away any self worth. To make the victim feel they are fortunate to be deserving of anything. The weapon? Religion! 99.9 percent of blacks and Latinos are so hooked they don’t even know it.

  17. @Narmer Amenuti So what are we doing about it apart further self denigration. How many of us are willing to go sacrifice to fix the problems. For believe me there are more intelligent able and insightful than there are problems to solve. In fact we out number the problems probably about 10000000 to 1.

  18. My dear friend Eddie Paapa Daniels, for the life of me I never thought that growing chicken was a problem in Ghana. Chicken? Chicken?? Chicken??? How do we solve the problem of chicken growing in Ghana.

    We have created problems that aren’t there. If a hen could eradicate poverty, every Ghanaian would have done so already. Trust me. But hens don’t eradicate poverty. You see, that is not the problem. The Bill Gates Foundation is faking problem solving in the world while implanting more problems – GMO chickens. This much is clear. Read my comments on Grandmother Africa. Does he really want to solve starvation? Does he really want to improve the lives of African families at the expense of the 40 million children in America who starve daily? What can 100,000 chickens do in Africa that they cannot do in America?

    I ask questions and I write a great deal about them. It’s not about me doing the digging. I am committed to Education. That’s my goal. Like right now, I am only asking the questions to stoke the discussions we need in a pared down safe space. Unless of course you think a discussion is not necessary. Which would be an opinion. Not fact.

  19. I agree discussion is an important part of finding solutions to problems. This time it’s an issue with chickens but what is prevalent is the lack of a myriad of systems that would prevent this. These are absent due to a lack infrastructure. These infrastructure are lacking due to the corruption in the system. The corruption is prevalent because of the level of ‘educated’ people within the system to challenge and force change. Being one of the guilty many outside of the system looking in and criticising or bemoaning it, I’m now asking myself or anybody in my situation ” so what are we going to do about it, other than bemoaning it”. And that’s not accusing any persey but challenging ourselves to change the mindset to start finding solutions and start proactively changing things. For we can moan all we like, unless we who know and can see what’s wrong decide to change it, who else is supposed to change things, the same white colonial ‘masters’ whose very aim is still to undermine our very advancement and progress..?. Again I being being as guilty everybody else, have come to realise the responsibility is on me to affect change. Until I’m prepared to make the sacrifices to make that change happen complaining from a comfortable distance makes me just as culpable for the demise of our motherland. My comment is more of a clarion call of sorts. We as children of Africa must solve it’s problems because we spent too much time pointing out the issues and reasons from ten problems for far two of long and they’re not going away or changing for that matter. So it’s time to ask ourselves “what are we doing to change it”!

  20. Soo… I heard it ” through the grapevine” that Bill Gates has decided to help Africa’s Poor by donating hundreds of Thousands of chickens( giggling sacarstically) to countries in Sub Saharan Africa… Now I am not sure which countries but I have already heard the first moanings and groanings from concerned fellow africans about the entry of the “Saviour Chickens” (Jesus is not coming anymore, we just have to accept that fact). But why chickens of all things? Perhaps Bill Gates (probably his wife for that matter) has had an extensive Tour of these countries and knows the extent of poverty, the source of which he hopefully can trace back to his group of “fine helping friends” well positioned in high places of power and influence, who not only use politicians like Toilette paper to wipe their backsides, and control the purse Strings of many nations, but intentionally create these poverty and war crises for coporate interests. European countries like Germany, among others send their poultry “WASTE products” to the same african countries and Dump them on the markets by virtue of the “open market Policy”(adopted by many Western nations in their trade relations with many countries on the Continent) wickedly imposed on african countries, because it would cause huge sums of money to dispose of this WASTE themselves. It would be much cheaper to Export them and generate extra revenue for the exporters, while these Exports serve to destabilise the african industries, small scale or otherwise and run their economies down to a Zero, so that they can come in and “HELP”…. Or maybe he had a few ghanaian friends invite him over for a plate of Jollof Rice and Roasted Chicken, which he probably must have enjoyed so well that he has decided to equip the countries with their own ” Trojan Chickens”. But Bolivia was also scheduled to benefit from this “SELFLESS ACT OF BENEVOLENCE”… It would profusely interest me to know why they declined…. Hmmmm, the things men do….

  21. My heart bleeds out too much sadness after reading this mum, we don’t need chickens in Africa but education and investments. This people sometimes treat us like we don’t think or see. But they forget to know that the new generation of Africa are practically taking over the world, I have seen that first hand.

    Am keeping my fingers crossed to this though. Let’s see the impact it will have on us in a long term.


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