BALTIMORE — Every day African Americans are harassed or arrested by white cops in America for absolutely no law enforcement reason.

If they are not so lucky, which happens quite often, they are fatally beaten or they are murdered in cold blood. This has been the story of white America since they wiped out whole races of people who were native to the American continent. This has been the story of white America since slavery, Jim Crow and the War on Blacks (Drugs).

Besides the high profile killings of unarmed innocent Black men in the past year – Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Akai Gurley, etc. – many low profile white terrorism cases continue to elude the ever biased lenses of white controlled American media.

Most notable is the New York Times with its parochial and racially insensitive articles about white police brutality in America. This white controlled publication spews white liberal rhetoric, in a bid to win Black solidarity during key elections, meanwhile it promotes and perhaps enforces racist white American beliefs through notorious reporting of non-facts about police brutality and it continues to beat about the bush in any case involving white terrorism in America.

On the recent white cop murder of Mr. Freddie Gray of Baltimore, MA., that paper reported recently that the police commissioner in Baltimore said Mr. Gray, the unarmed black man who was fatally beaten to pulp, suffering a spinal cord injury while in police custody, should have received medical attention much sooner than he did.

Mr. Gray should have received medical attention much sooner then he did?

Anyone who feels this way about an unnecessary arrest, or shall we call it, a Jim Crow arrest, that led to the death of a citizen ought to look themselves in the mirror and realize that what stares back at them cannot be Human.

The commissioner, an African American by the name of Anthony W. Batts, of Baltimore, is said to have also reiterated quite stubbornly during a news conference that officers should have called for an ambulance when Mr. Gray, 25, was first arrested, not about 50 minutes later when he was at the police station.

“We know that police employees failed to get him medical attention in a timely manner,” Mr. Batts said.

We can’t afford excuses for the idiocy of his comments. And we can only wonder how Anthony W. Batts became the police commissioner of Baltimore in the first place.

Across America, people like Anthony W. Batts, who also identify as African Americans, have been coerced or tricked into serving the Jim Crow system that the American State and Federal governments run. They used to be referred to as ‘House Negros’ in African American communities during slavery – they had every intention to protect the institutions of slavery and racism. The term is not extinct but a more befitting term for Anthony W. Batts would be ‘Cop Negro’.

Then Mr. Batts, the Cop Negro, went on with his stupidity: that the officers had violated department procedure by not putting a seatbelt on Mr. Gray while he was being transported.

“We know he was not buckled in the transportation wagon as he should have been,” Mr. Batts said. “No excuses for that. Period.”

At this point you wonder if Anthony W. Batts  is more of a clown or a tool of white terrorists cops.

An African America man, Mr. Gray, is dead for absolutely no reason, because he was arrested and fatally beaten by white cops for absolutely no law enforcement reason, and all the New York Times and Anthony W. Batts can say is that the white cops who, in the first place should not have arrested Mr. Gray, should have put a seat belt on him?

What bats!

American has truly been the land of the grave for African Americans and there is no hope that it will change anytime soon.

What can we do?

As African Americans, we need to circumscribe our agencies.

Next time the New York Times for example endorses a candidate, like Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush, let us stay away from the polls!

Until any candidate can definitively state clear proposals for ending the white cop cannibalism in America, none – not Clinton, not Bush – deserve a single vote from a people who were dragged to America through no fault of their own, dehumanized for the better part of four centuries, built America and are still maltreated by the American Justice System.

Next time that New York Times and their entourage want African America votes for their candidates of choice, we as African Americans must ask for clear policy proposals only in our interests.

Or the killing of Black men for absolutely no law enforcement reason in America will only continue as a staple for white cops.


  1. Land of the Grave – that is a befitting description of what America has been to African Americans! Maybe white America can take some personal responsibility.

  2. This recent killing of Mr. Freddie Gray is totally unwarranted really! Why? Why? Why? Why is white America so fucking irresponsible? Why these needless killings!

    • They love killing and destroying the world – like denying Global Warming, like denying the War on Drugs was a war on Blacks! They lie, they steal, and they kill and destroy. This is what the history tells us.

      African Americans have no choice but to fight back in equal measure. Latinos have no choice but to push back in equal measure. These people kill, lie and destroy- they understand nothing but pound for pound in ‘equal measure!’

      Russia’s got it. China is getting it. Other people need to get it.

  3. May Freddie Gray rest in peace. May his ancestors receive him with honour! May his ancestors strengthen the living to fight back and overcome this menace that is the United White Police States of America.

  4. A few people get shot and killed for angering followers of the prophet Mohammad, and the USA and all Europe goes awry in support of the victims. And that is understandable. What is not understandable is the absent sentiment of the African Union towards an America that continues to kill and molest people of African descent at every step of their lives. Where is the African warning to white America or the solidarity towards people who look like them but are treated like animals. Where is Kwame Nkrumah’s African Union? Did the USA and the EU buy it with $$$$$ too?

    • That is the exact reason Globalization is a threat! Globalization is only a tool for the rich of the West to get richer worldwide. Buy buying the African Union, of course, what agency in Africa will challenge and chastise the immoral animalistic behaviour of America’s white cops towards Black people?

  5. This tells me that white America is reluctant to take personal responsibility! They just can’t admit wrong doing. The war on drugs was a war on Blacks. Admit it and take responsibility. Clean up your shit! They world is about tired with the unilateral behaviour of white America.


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