Susan Rice and her white husband.

Susan Rice is Unhinged: Or How a Black Man Can Upset a Former US National Security Advisor.

BROOKLYN, USA — Appraise yourself with this tweet and see if you can appreciate the anger, the vitriol and the gangster threat it toots, and you would be able to grasp the state of Anti-Blackness within the annals of US Imperial Power.

“This is despicable. Gayle King is one of the most principled, fair and tough journalists alive. Snoop, back the **** off. You come for @GayleKing, you come against an army. You will lose, and it won’t be pretty.
— Susan Rice (@AmbassadorRice) February 8, 2020

Who is Snoop? Who is he that he should be capable of upsetting, angering and turning out a former US Security Advisor to the former President of the United States? Who could really upset a former US top cop in this way? Not Vladimir Putin of US enemy no.1, Russia. Not Bashar al-Assad of US enemy country no.2. Not Kim Jong un of US enemy nation no.3. Certainly not Kim Jong un’s missiles pointing in the direction of the USA.

It seems that not even the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has upset a former leader of government of the USA in this manner. Not even Cuba. No. No. No. Who could be the victim of this sort of vapulation from a mixed-race woman, who knows, perhaps, every US Government secret agent in the country and around the world? Who would suffer the brunt of weapons that a mixed-race woman and former advisor to the former president of the US (the mixed-race Barack Obama) could unleash?

The answer? Snoop Dogg! An artist. A musician. A rapper. A Black man. The answer? A Black man with a sense of self. A man with modern self-assertive manhood. That’s who can rile up one of the most conspicuous former hires under the mixed-race former president, Barack Obama.

How exactly did a Black man upset the mixed race (non-white, non-Black) former top US security assert? Snoop Dogg on Friday offered a contextual criticism of “CBS This Morning” co-anchor Gayle King over a recent interview she did broaching an alleged “Kobe Bryant rape case” in which she summarily and falsely accused Kobe Bryant (posthumously) for raping a white woman who hailed from the racist state of Colorado, USA. Snoop’s remarks about Gayle King was simply this:

“Respect the family and back off, bitch, before we come get you.”

Many rappers, and certainly many African Americans who saw Snoop’s comment to Gayle (a black woman who has claimed that her ex-husband cheated on her many years ago), thought it was at worst, humorous. After all, Snoop Dogg (real name, Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr.), is a rapper, and hyperbole is an important instrument in rap music (which is an African American musical art form hewn from old musical traditions from West Africa).

Susan Rice’s response to Snoop must however be placed in context. We know that the mixed-race Susan can’t rap, nor can she write a single line of rap lyrics. She is certainly no artist. She’s never been and never will be. She is not an entertainer. She is not an ordinary person either. Her rise to fame, however, according to the Black Congressional Caucus in the United States is that she was born to a Mixed-race Assimilationist Elite in Washington. This gave her the privilege to attend Stanford University, the chance to be bestowed a Rhode’s Scholarship and the appointment to the US National Security Advisor to the mixed race former president of the US, Barack Obama.

It is also noteworthy that Susan Rice came close to be appointed as US Secretary of State except for her kerfuffle around Benghazi, Libya, in which some US Officials died in an alleged terrorist ambush at the US Consulate.

To say that Susan Rice was unqualified as a US National Security Advisor surely makes sense now. Although to say that she is an idiot in the face of her unwarranted remarks to Snoop would be an accurate judgment. Unquestionably. Susan Rice’s comments cannot be misconstrued as a light-hearted retort to Snoop Dogg when one appreciates her standing within the walls of government and when one can accurately assess her power within the walls of US Government. What exactly does Susan mean by “an army”?

Is she perhaps referring to her security agent friends at the FBI, the CIA, and such, who she can still marshal, invariably, to go after Snoop Dogg until Snoop Dogg is either imprisoned or murdered? When one recognizes the standing of the former National Security Advisor to the president, especially the standing of an Advisor who is married to a white man, and when one appreciates her links within the walls of American Imperial Power there’s only one way to read her tweet to Snoop Dogg: Stop it, or I will order your imprisonment or assassination!

Susan Rice’s threats remind many African Americans of COINTELPRO (syllabic abbreviation derived from COunter INTELligence PROgram of 1956–1971), in which a series of covert and illegal projects were conducted by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) aimed at surveilling, infiltrating, discrediting, disrupting, imprisoning and even assassinating African American political leaders, and organizations that called for the recognition of modern Black self-assertive personhood in the United States.

This Rice-tweet might go down as yet another political Kerfuffle of Susan Rice, after many others of her own making during her tenure inside the US government, which underscores the fact that such a person who is still connected within the annals of US Imperial Power is completely unhinged. But the far-reaching consequences of Susan Rice’s threat to Snoop Dogg would reveal a cancer still metastasizing at the core of American consciousness. W. E. B. Du Bois best encapsulates this cancer in his following words:

“African Americans are coming to face the fact quite calmly that most white Americans do not like them, and are planning neither for their survival, nor for their definite future if it involves free, self-assertive modern manhood.” Here’s a woman, Susan Rice, who the Black Congressional Caucus called a member of the Mixed-race Assimilationist Elite and who has often debatably referred to herself as Black, yet she has revealed that she is an intrinsic ingredient in the cancer that eats away at white America’s lack of humanity towards people of African descent.

Anyone who invokes the power of government, especially in a public sphere; anyone who invokes the power of the US Government to threaten and shut citizens up is certainly a member of a certain dictatorship—a member of the Deep State that refuses to recognize the common humanity of all peoples. Certainly such a person is a Nazi. Susan Rice is certainly unhinged. She should never be allowed near any US Government official, elected or hired. Susan is a cancer.


  1. Wow I just read this. Very educative even though I have no clue what’s going on between Snoop, Gayle and Rice. Now I’m curious to find the tweets but can’t be bothered 😂

  2. Nuanced, complex, historicised comments. Refreshing comments by Naymer.

    Yes, Snoop’s comment ‘otherwise we’ll come get you’ is hyperbole (exaggerated metaphor) as rappers tend to do. Yes Rice’s comment is an overreaction from one who should have been professionally aware not to overextend her professional capability to imprison or liquidate targets via bullying a civilian.

    But Narmer overuses the phrase ‘mixed race’ that he erroneously defines as (non-white, non-black). How many human ‘races’ are there? And if a ‘mixed-race’ women is described as neither white or black, is she some kind of decoloured, de-DNA-ed androgyn by accident of being ‘born-to-mixed-assimilationist-elite’?

    I think, since all humans are same, ‘mixed ethnicity’ – even parents of European and African ancestry – will surfice.

    Counter-script: Rice understood Snoop’s ghetto mentality to put the frighteners on Gayle – a subtle threat that got both her and Oprah crying. Her deliberate use of counter-hyperbole was designed to say, ‘Hey you are a misogynist bully of a fine female journalist. How about picking on your size – a female who can muster firepower far superior to yours’!

    Just exploring other narratives…😎

    • Sure. Although I think I emphasize her mixed race heritage as perhaps a contradiction in terms within a nation that only would dare to assign her to Blackness and not to whiteness. If we are indeed of the same race, she should at times, even often, be referred to as white but she is not. Rice is perceived Black. In other words, I object to that characterization hence the emphasis. I object to the white supremacist objectification of the One Drop Rule. Rice is more white than Black, ethnically speaking.

      Furthermore, I think that Snoop is justified to use a lyrical comment as criticism for Gayle’s behavior. Let’s remember that what Gayle did to Kobe’s memory and legacy in just one interview is far worse that what Snoop said to her (in my opinion). Besides, both Gayle and Snoop (and Kobe) occupy a niche profession in entertainment. The same cannot be said of Susan Rice. Susan’s comments are scary, Snoop’s, hilarious!

  3. I’m curious to know who the army is that Rice is talking about? Clearly the backlash that Gayle has received belies the existence of such an army. Unless the army in question is one outside the Black community of course.

  4. I think we are all over reacting. It is not only Susan Rice who went after Snoop, Opera and many ladies did. I read the tweet as girls’ power. The girls are protecting their own.

    However, I must say that Gayle’s interview was in a very bad taste and Snoop was right. Everybody is hurt by Coby’s death and you cannot ask about a white lady’s charge of rape against him even before he is buried. Lack of African ethics and common sense. It was the ultimate disrespect to all of us particularly from our own family.

    • Yes, we are all over-reacting. I agree. But I think that Susan Rice has sent our reaction to a place of unwarranted ridiculousness. For a former government official to threaten another person whose never even held office is a scary idea knowing how America has worked to incarcerate and murder Black men who have spoken up against injustice in the past and present.


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