If I were to awaken after having slept for a thousand years, my first question would be: Has the Riemann hypothesis been proven? ~ David Hilbert.

As a member of the Organizing Committee of the International Conference on Mathematics and Computer Science (ICMS 2015) held in Vienna Austria and as the current Chair of the conference, I can confirm that on 11 November 2015, Dr. Enoch Opeyemi from Nigeria made an oral presentation titled “A Matrix That Generates the Point Spectral of the Riemann Zeta Function” where he had presented the proof of the Riemann Hypothesis.

The method of proof is entirely original and the construction of the proof is clear and elegant.

I want to reiterate the fact that the Riemann zeta function plays a pivotal role in analytic number theory and has applications in physics, probability theory and statistics.

In his research Dr. Enoch Opeyemi presents some meromorphic functions which have the same results as the Riemann zeta function ζ (z).

By writing:

rewrittingriemannas a bilinear function and through the use of Sobolev space theorem an optimization problem is derived.

Some methods of solution are presented.

Dr. Enoch Opeyemi being a true researcher got acquainted with the history of the problem and brought attention to the famous but never published conjecture that the zeros of the Riemann zeta function correspond to the eigenvalues of a self-adjoint Hermitian operator.

Reports in the media about the Proof of Riemann Hypothesis by Dr. Enoch Opeyemi were followed by a smear campaign by people who did not even have the training or the possibility to read and evaluate his work.

I want to remind the mathematical community of the world that any speculation, unfounded conclusions and slander in the media are not acceptable. Malicious slander is punishable by law.

There were allegations that Dr. Enoch Opeyemi had plagiarized an article from Werner Raab. This allegation is completely unfounded and false.

Right now the Proof of Riemann Hypothesis by Dr. Enoch Opeyemi has been published in the International Scientific Journal – Journal of Mathematics Vol 1, Issue 2, 2015, ISBN-13: 978-1519389695, ISBN-10: 1519389698 and is available to purchase on Amazon.

In his paper Dr. Enoch Opeyemi proved that Meromorphic functions that are equivalent to the Riemann zeta function are given as:


The author proves the possibility to express the Riemann zeta function as a matrix of the form:


The matrix has its application in quantum Information Theory and in Quantum Computing.

The author presents the proof of the following statement.

Let Δ ζ (z) represent the characteristic Polynomial of the matrix associated with the Riemann Zeta function then:


The proof of the Riemann Hypothesis is on the list of the seven “Millennium Prize Problems” and for resolving any of them the Clay Mathematics Institute in the United States will pay a reward of one million dollars.

This problem was left unsolved for 156 years and now Dr. Enoch Opeyemi has unlocked this mathematical puzzle of the millennium.


Please find a rudimentary explanation of the Riemann Hypothesis here:

The Riemann Hypothesis – Nigerian Mathematician Enoch Opeyemi Holds a Proof.

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Dr. Nina Ringo
Nina Ringo is a prominent scientist in the field of mathematical control theory. She has over forty scientific publications in addition to a book of poetry and several novels. In 1961 Nina Ringo graduated from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University), a leading Russian university, originally established in the Soviet Union. In 1967 she defended a doctorate dissertation in the field of cosmic research in Steklov Mathematical Institute of the Academy of Science of Russia. She is one of a few female scientists who was able to obtain a doctoral degree in this challenging field. She has also worked in the Academy of Computer Science of Russia.


  1. We have to make a lot of “NOISE” about the feat…. It’s very important folks…. Africa shall rule again

  2. Finally Dr. Opeyemi has published his proof. It’s elegant, according to prominent mathematicians on the continent and in particular from Russia. We will wait to see what western scientists have to say now. This is going to be a journey for Dr Opeyemi. But more important, this is big news for the pride that African Science desperately needs in order to bounce back from 500 years of stupor.

  3. Much thanks Gbemela Kobla! Now the unceremonious manner in which Opeyemi has been treated in the western media will be seen in hindsight as irascible racism at the very best. Onward we march to bring mathematics and science back to where it rightfully begun and belongs!

  4. Because we have been squeezed out of the media, successes chalked by scholars, academicians, researchers of African descent are always muted …. Why? Because they don’t want to be embarrassed… Why? Because we’ve been marginalized, suppressed and repressed for over 400 hundred years and still not giving up our capabilities as Africans…. They know what the Black man is capable of doing given half of the opportunities available to the our white counterparts…. Let me end here with my cherished quote “no matter high the eagle can fly, it can never attain the height of the star.” The African is the STAR in this context

  5. Great Great Great !!! may Imhottep source of power and Inspiration keeps us moving ahead in this journey answering impossible and create impossibility beyond the understanding of ordinary mortals but to the benefit of men. Dr. Opeyemi Akwaaba, ….Bravo. soooo happy for you and this very day in Africa to justify scholastic deeds were born in the spirit of Black man.
    This is the song of the new order soon we shall Institute Black Nobel Awards administering fairly of who qualify the tag of such awards releasing into memory the scholastic words of ages from ancestors and honoured them to that effect and will be please as a servant to serve for the instututionalization of such “Black Nobel Award Scheme”.

    This I know any one having the blood of African running with him will accept this my Nobel proporsal.

    May our Gods continue to guide us!!!

  6. “As a member of the Organizing Committee of the International Conference on Mathematics and Computer Science (ICMS 2015) held in Vienna Austria and as the current Chair of the conference, I can confirm that on 11 November 2015, Dr. Enoch Opeyemi from Nigeria made an oral presentation titled “A Matrix That Generates the Point Spectral of the Riemann Zeta Function” where he had presented the proof of the Riemann Hypothesis.
    The method of proof is entirely original and the construction of the proof is clear and elegant.”
    Dr. Nina Ringo
    There you have it folks!!

    • Aah Atiga, but you paa how can an African lecturer in an African college have solved this mathematical problem that we couldn’t for centuries? That means Africans are intelligent, capable human beings, and that goes against the script. ?. Congratulations to Dr. Enoch Opeyemi. You have done us proud!

      • For the past two centuries, at least, the propaganda for our enslavement, colonization and subjugation has been rooted in nothing but the wanton rhetoric that Africans are subhuman, or not even human. That we don’t have a history, culture or even language. That we loiter around the continent like savages, jumping, climbing and beating our chests, bleating and murmuring drum beats all day long. This effort is not some peccadillo. Opeyemi throws the past 200 years in their face and amplifies the African origins of modern civilization. It’s a beautiful day.

  7. This is great news! This is awesome. Kudos to Dr. Opeyemi, he has done Nigeria proud, he has done Africa proud.

  8. As a Nigerian, I feel ashamed that this fraud came from a fellow Nigerian and Yoruba man. No proof, just a very dumb fellow mouthing off. I call him dumb because he should have been smart enough to know this false claim can’t stick.

  9. I am not surprised that some like Akindele Adebola Tewe would disagree and also question the integrity of a scientist. This is not new. There is a historical precedence. Galileo was laughed at, Kepler was mocked, Newton was called a bastard. It’s all fair but not new.

  10. Maybe Akindele also thinks that the other ternured professors at reputable universities who are on the editorial board are also fake because the west tells him so. The “mighty” west is now dependent on Chinese goods for their own comfort and is buying RD 180 rocket engines (the most powerful rocket engines in the world) to launch US military sattelites. Just some perspective

  11. People, get a bit factual. Nobody has seen this so called proof, but go ahead and celebrate if it makes you feel good.

  12. Did you even bother to check for the journal or you are now a mathematician and know a fake mathematican when you see one?? Maybe you a a jack of all trades. More grease to your elbows.

  13. The Clay Institute is the custodian of the solutions to the Theorem and other unsolved. The man himself has retracted his statement. Nigerians do not tolerate fraud. Free me and celebrate what you will.

  14. LOL, Akindele Adebola Tewe, the last I checked Nigeria is the biggest nation in Africa but I do not see many achievers lately. I see good people overshadowed and oppressed by fellow Nigerians in the same way fellow Nigerians sold their own people into slavery. What exactly is an achiever if you can’t even ward off Boko Haram on your own? What exactly is an achiever when you were colonized for more than 100 years and coaxed to sell yourself for cowries. What exactly is an achiever when most of you sink into poverty and destitution. No, I do not see achievers. I see sycophants overshadowing the prospects of a talented nation. You speak of Dr. Opeyemi in typical slave-selling terms! This also has historical precedence. Or?

  15. You have no clue how mathematics works, the clay is institute is the custodian to the solutions? This is bullshit and crap. When Perelman published his preprints to his solution of the Poincare conjecture, I was then in grad school. We were reading his preprints and other mathematicans were doing so also. Seminars and conferences began to be held in the space of two years or so after his preprints appeared. Once the mathematical community agreed that he had solved the problem, then the Clay insititute got involved.

  16. If the Clay institute is the custodian, then they should release the proof. You have no clue what mathematics is!

  17. I think Ghana with the famous point of no return is the land of achievers. No slavery ever took place in Ghana, even as the name is borrowed from the actual historical Ghana that is quite a different nation. You have demonstrated crass ignorance and stupidity by insulting my country. I will descend on you and your manner less generation that failed to teach you respect.

  18. Ghana is at least an African name choosen by Nkrumah. A white woman Lady Lugard on a whim chose the name Nigeria. Please relearn some history if you are capable of it.

  19. We celebrate the achievements of Nigerians like Wole Soyinka, Chinua Achebe, Opeyemi and countless others. But people like you are a pathetic disgrace to your country.

  20. You lack the ability to investigate and make intelligent conclusions. You instead insult and cow people to accept your ignorance. You are dumb, uneducated and suffering from congenital insanity.

  21. You lack the ability to investigate and make intelligent conclusions. You instead insult and cow people to accept your ignorance. You are dumb, uneducated and suffering from congenital insanity.

  22. Akindele Adebola Tewe, you have no idea how much you demonstrate within the span of minutes the rot of African intellectualism. You do no research and you speak as if you should already be respected without any concrete perspective. I put my countrymen in their place when they bloviate about Ghana. I will, for any African man. You remind me of colonial Ghana also. Yes you do. You will sell me into slavery if you had a chance. And that’s a fact. But I am your nemesis. African men have been under-achieving since Songhai, Asante and Dahomey. That is a fact. So when you say Nigerians are achievers, it’s a silly. But I realize your perspectives are as parochial as the perspectives of your ancestors who accepted cowries for their own flesh and blood. Or?

  23. Sure, it would be fair if you had read Opeyemi’s paper. Have you? No! I am yet to read it myself, that’s why Grandmother Africa reached out to the chair of that conference. But you, Akindele Adebola Tewe, are the one who was quick to denounce the proof without reading and denounce the conference that many African mathematicians attend. If you started with: I read it but I don’t think he proved it, we would have had decent conversation. When you threaten achievers on my continent with nonsense, I jump at your throat. This is who I am, and I got it from a great great grandmother – Yaa Asantewaa! Or?

  24. When a student is ready, a master will appear. If you simply asked for proof that this guy is fake, I will educate you out of your ignorance. However go and be jolly with your merry band of ignoramus.

  25. Mr. Akindele Adebola Tewe, you’re STILL not reading (and understanding). Start with the regulars of English comprehension and when you master that, move on. You’re not ready yet. Start at the beginning (way above with the article) and take your time. Read it ALL and THINK about what it says.

    Then, and only then, read my “standard concerns” of your vituperative support for Clay, and try it for yourself. It works every time.

    If I had you in a 6th grade English class, I’d have you seeing it in no time. I’d make you do what I say or I’d send you to the principal’s office. You’d get it.

    Plus Akindele Adebola Tewe do not start with me about asking your opinion on the Riemann Hypothesis. I have enough Mathematicians in my own house. Please, you? After your nonsense from above? You? Please! Move on.

    Isn’t this interesting that Ghanaians throw their support behind a fellow African scientist, a Nigerian. But a Nigerian, a megalomaniac, and a sociopath side with a Clay Institute that has yet to read, let alone comprehend what Dr. Opeyemi has done? A Nigerian, if I may, disparages the character of another Nigerian, and for what? For Blow, I guess, to continue in the mass tintinnabulation of western scholars! What independence!

    Akindele Adebola Tewe – IF YOU CARE, and this limited evidence doesn’t indicate that you do, you have a lot of catching-up to do. It’s a complicated but interesting subject – Mathematics. You might start by a more-careful reading of what Advanced Algebra is in Grad School (which anyone of normal intelligence can comprehend). You are walking on water!

  26. Let us leave some people alone my friends – Akosua M. Abeka and Jonathan Nukpezah. Sometimes some people cannot pass the examination. We can feel sorry for them, but that’s the world. “Killing ain’t fair, but somebody gotta do it.” ~ Tupac.

  27. Hmm, mr Akindele, you are drippingly pathetic beyond measure. May your ancestors bow their heads in shame at you and your wannabe US airforce pilot picture

  28. I am very scared now! Woooooo!!!!!!!

    My friends let us stop, lest someone sends a drone for us. You more than matter my best friend, Akindele Adebola Tewe!

  29. His masters have been droning innocent people in Africa and around the world, so i guess he might run to his masters to have them drone Africans who dont’t drink his favorite western kool aid.

  30. To fools who speak what they don’t know. That picture was taken in space , and it was chosen to illustrate the fact that we are on just a planet. Some see things beyond the village level. Now I will not scare anyone with talks about galaxies, star formation, galaxy clusters, etc. Be very afraid of your ignorance.

  31. Ha ha ha, scare people with talks about galaxies, star formation and bla bla. One of my favorite books in grad school was the mathematical theory of black holes by Chandrasekhar. Please go try read that and enjoy it if you can smile emoticon Warning: The mathematics is very hard:)

  32. This man desn’t even know that planes do not fly in space. This guy Akindele Adebola Tewe, obviously has no idea who he is talking to. Very typical US foreign policy!

  33. Wow wow guys i am not sure how i missed this but it has to STOP. We are here ONLY to spread knowledge in a spirit of brotherliness and unity. We expect a fair degree of Philosophical and ideological disagreements periodically. But it should never get this low.
    This kind of behavior is just plain wrong. Especially for a platform such as this.
    Let us try as much as possible to maintain an optimum level of decorum throughout our literary discussions at ALL times. Please!!

  34. I voiced my opinion about the truth of this claim, only to be insulted along with my country . I respect Ghana but unloaded fully on the offensive person. No regrets .

  35. Let me put it rather humbly: Sometimes if is better to keep silent, and risk exposing stupidity rather than continue on, and eventually remove every doubt of it. On the contrary, I strongly disagree with folks who seem to have a problem with this line of debate. I adore it actually. This is what I live for. Otherwise what is the point in posting articles that say the following and are LIKED by us:

    “The white establishment is skilled in flattering and cultivating emerging leaders. It presses its own image on them and finally, from imitation of manners, dress and style of living, a deeper strain of corruption develops. This kind of Negro leader acquires the white man’s contempt for the ordinary Negro [Dr. Opeyemi]. He is often more at home with the middle-class white then he is among his own people [Dr. Opeyemi and us]. His language changes, his location changes, and ultimately he changes from the representative of the Negro to the white man into the white man’s representative to the Negro [Dr. Opeyemi]. The tragedy is that too often he does not recognize what has happened to him.”

    What is the point in LIKING this statement on a post if we can’t even recognize ourselves and them? We need to point out when anyone amongst us starts acting like the “white man’s representative to the Negro.” Why shy away from the responsibility. Frankly, this is our calling.

    Let us not imitate their manners, dress like them and adopt their style of living, lest we contract a deeper strain of corruption among ourselves. Grow some balls.

  36. Positive to hear this…..This clarification is extremely needed. I hope he has submitted his findings to the Clay Mathematics Institute for confirmation and the ultimate reward…..I can’t wait for news on this issue following the clarification from the conference chair.

  37. Kekeli, the conference chair has confirmed that the Riemann Hypothesis is solved. I wonder why we need the Clay Mathematics Institute to confirm, except that we want them to give Dr Opeyemi the money. I am not sure if Dr. Opeyemi really cares what Clay thinks. If Clay had the mathematicians to understand so quickly Dr. Opeyemi’s proof, they would have solved the problem already.

  38. Narmer Amenuti, No. The conference chair confirmed that he presented his results at the conference and that he used methods that were in use in such field. If you work in the academia, you would realise this is a great achievement and worth every publicity. This maths. problem has been in existence for over 150 years and it is only right that such claims are verified. Because it has implications for science( pls read the comment from the conference chair again). As a course example, if I claim to have found a drug that cures HIV infections in a 15-20 minutes talk at a conference of medical researchers, do you think it is just okay for a the conference chair to confirm I made the presentation and therefore by your inference I have solved the problem? seriously no ridicule here! He must happily submit his claim for verification. What is his contribution to science if he keeps this ‘charge the world’ finding to himself. And trust me, $$$$$$ for research is every researchers dream. Do you get it?

  39. Yes Kekeli! Yes. Your analogy with a cure for HIV is correct though you seem to ignore how it fits here. If I present a cure for HIV with the clinical trials (we can go into how this works) supporting the cure, yes, I have found the cure. And yes, I have read, the chair’s remarks. Did you perchance miss this part: Right now the Proof of Riemann Hypothesis by Dr. Enoch Opeyemi has been published in the International Scientific Journal – Journal of Mathematics Vol 1, Issue 2, 2015, ISBN-13: 978-1519389695, ISBN-10: 1519389698 and is available to purchase on Amazon? Dr. Opeyemi presented a proof, and then he published the paper of his proof in detail in a journal. So, yes, he has more then happily submitted his claims for verification. First, to the reviewers of that journal and second, to the rest of ‘mathematically ignorant’ world. You pick. Mathematicians around the world are pouring over this as we speak. I can safely recall what I said: If Clay had the mathematicians to understand Opeyemi’s proof so quickly, they would have solved the problem themselves. The mathematics is hard, and it is elegant (that is, it requires artistry even). But no matter, you think Clay Mathematicians are the custodians of the solutions to these problems. Why because they have dollars? I beg to differ. If they were so smart, they would have solved the problems. Now, all they can do is teach, learn, reteach, relearn, whine and whimper and finally beat their chests and say, yes, dear Lord Opeyemi, you have solved the problem. Mind you, this can take years. But why wait for people with such small minds to charter my cause of history?

  40. hi all. I am a mathematician and can tell you that the work of this guy Enoch Opeyemi is rubbish. This is not racism. There is no need to buy the article and waste money. Just have a look to the abstract of his presentation, which is freely available: anyone would immediately recognize the nonsense and illogical mixture of words. The fancy formulas that are mentioned are not even fitting together, making unclear the formulation of the problem and the results achieved. I would have something more to add, but Akindele Tewe already did that, and I can only support his answers above.


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